Yet it’s got all the options, including a high refresh rate high resolution, display a mechanical keyboard and monster specs, oh and also it’s, super fast because it has rgb and stickers. So let’s take a look at what that beast can do so. The slim book titan, is basically the most powerful laptop you can get from slimbook. It uses a ryzen 5 5900 hx with an nvidia rtx 3070 it’s, a powerhouse paired to an amazing 1440p 15 inch. Ips display with freesync and an opto mechanical keyboard and rgb everywhere. It comes with 16 gigabytes of ram and 500 gigabytes of ssd, with the ability to go up to 64 gigabytes of ram and 4 terabytes of storage. Of course, it’s not a cheap device, starting at 1900 euros taxes included. Fortunately, you get what you pay for in terms of build quality, the chassis is made of black aluminium for the most part, with only the bottom plate being made out of black plastic it’s, a hefty laptop at 2.2 kilograms and it’s a thick boy at 26. Millimeters still a lot thinner than the aurora gaming laptop that i received and reviewed a while ago, and it has better space as well. The build quality is really really good. There is absolutely no flex or give on the keyboard all around it like you can push in the middle, where most laptops tend to bend and you’ll, get nothing it’s super sturdy and feels extremely premium.

It’S, probably the most solid chassis, i’ve reviewed. As of yet including the kd slim book, which was already excellent in terms of build quality and that i’m gon na be using to completely replace my current huawei mate book 13., that chassis is marred by the usual stickers, though five in that case for thx rtx. Radeon ryzen and gnu slash linux seriously. At that point i think they’re just adding more stickers on just to troll me. The branding on the back is nice and minimal, which i like it gives a classy professional look, but under the screen it’s a bit too big for my tests. I’Ve said it before, but your screen should be your area of focus. I would either make that logo a lot smaller or replace it with the slimbook penguin logo. On my own, my logo would definitely look good in there still it’s got great. I o with a usb 3.1 gen 2 port, an audio and a microphone jack on the left side, a full size, sd card reader and two usb 3.1 ports on the right side and a usbc 3.2 gen, 2 port with video out an hdmi 2.1 port. A 2.5 gigs ethernet jack and a barrel charger on the back that’s more than enough to plug in anything you’d like the display itself, is a thing of beauty. First, the 1440p resolution on a 15 inch makes sense, even though it might be a bit small for some people.

Second, it can go up to 165 hertz, refresh rate, which makes it an excellent display for gaming and third it’s freesync compatible, which means no screen tearing, and if you didn’t know you can use a freesync monitor as intended using the nvidia settings app. It will recognize it as a g sync compatible display, so you get the benefits of this 3 sync display, whether you use the amd, integrated graphics or the rtx 3070 that’s, pretty cool. The bezels are all right, except for the bottom, one, which is pretty big but it’s a really good panel. Viewing angles are perfect, brightness is really high and the contrast is quite nice too. One weird thing is that gnome detects the display as being a 40 hertz. One, so you can either use 40hz or 165hz. So basically, this laptop lets. You experience what it is to be a console gamer and then you can move back to the magnificent pc side and stop the bleedings in your eyes. By moving to 165 hertz now let’s talk about that keyboard, it’s an optomechanical one, which means that the switches are mechanical but they’re, not using contacts to actuate the key press by using a light beam that triggers the key press when it’s interrupted. Supposedly it should guarantee a faster response time: it’s got a real nice feel to it with a decent two millimeters key travel, very good key stability and the keycaps are nice and big, so typing is really easy on that thing.

The sound is just right for me, but it might be a bit too clacky for some people who, like their keyboards, quiet Applause, it’s, probably one of the best laptop keyboards i’ve used in a while. I really really like it. So speaking of keyboards, a small tangent slim book sent me their slimbook rgb keyboard, it’s, a 30 euros mechanical membrane keyboard with customizable rgb and a braided cable plus a tux key i’ve been using it as my daily keyboard for about a month, and i really enjoy It the keys, will feel a bit too mushy for real mechanical keyboard enthusiasts as they aren’t truly mechanical, but you get that long, key travel and typing on it sounds really nice to me for some reason. Also, you can light that thing up like a christmas tree. Okay back to the slim book titan and to keep with the rgb theme, the titan comes with perky led rgb, which means that you can get some pretty crazy rgb effects in that keyboard, either choosing from a solid color or going completely nuts, with some weird effects Which only light up each key individually or even a gamer mode that lets you only light up the wasd keys and the arrow keys, and if that’s, not enough rgb for you, there is also a light bar in the front that you can also customize with a Rainbow effect or with a solid color now, if you want to feel like you’re an acid, this laptop lets, you do that legally and without your teeth, falling off.

Moving on the touchpad feels nice smooth and responsive it’s, precise and supports gestures out of the box. Slim book os allows for three fingers up swipe to get to the gnome activities and a three finger swipe left or right to get back and forward inside of firefox it’s, pretty cool stuff it’s still based on a hinge design. So you can only really click it up until the middle of the thing, but it’s a very nice touch pad. Nonetheless, oh, and also you can remove the back plate and upgrade the storage and the ram yourself. So this thing is pretty future proof as well. The 93 watt hour battery and the wi fi card can also be swapped out. If you like, right to repair mode okay, so we have a nice looking device, but how well does it perform? I pushed it to the maximum settings using the slimbook ryzen controller, an app they ship by default to control the power profile of the cpu running geekbench 5. This device got up to 1511 in single core and 8170 in multicore, which is pretty freaking high, destroying the ryzen 7 4800h of the kd slim book, which had scored 3707 in multi core, and it even beats my desktop ryzen 7 5800 x in single core still That’S, an impressive cpu with some serious horsepower now in terms of gaming, i ran my usual benchmarks: shadow of the tomb raider at max settings and at the native resolution, got 71 fps on average.

So it’s going to be very comfortable to play on this laptop donov43, an older game but not well. Optimized on linux got at the same native resolution and at max settings 59.16 fps, so you’re, basically going to run that game at 60fps on ultra total war. Warhammer 2: a very demanding games in terms of battle when you push it to the max, got 58.4 fps on the battle benchmark at max settings impressive. Considering that my current desktop with a desktop rtx 3070 achieves only 67 fps on average at these settings. On a 1440p ultra wide resolution as well, on that note, i really need some more recent games that have integrated benchmarks in them native or running through proton. I don’t really care it’s just to compare, but i need something a bit more recent to do those benchmarks. So if you have an idea, let me know so: this laptop is a really really good performer. You can take it out for a spin for a whole gaming session. Do some 3d modeling video, rendering whatever it’s going to handle anything, really really well now, it’s. Also, a really really noisy device at full speed, you’re gon na feel the whole room with sound now. This might also give away the fact that you’re gaming at work, not that this is a thing i would do or ever did not me now in terms of battery life with the screen at half, brightness wi fi turned on and playing youtube videos back to back Inside of firefox, the laptop only lasted for three hours, which is pretty low, especially considering that you have a 93 watt hour battery inside but there’s an explanation for that.

So it turns out that the linux kernel doesn’t seem to know how to handle those dual graphics. For now, this processor is relatively recent and combined with another dedicated gpu. It seems that the linux kernel doesn’t really know how to handle them. So if you enable both gpus, you basically can’t change. The screen brightness anymore, so slimbook had turned that integrated amd graphics chip down off in the bios. I re enabled that graphics chip in the bios and with screen at 100 brightness, because i couldn’t turn it down. It lasted for four and a half hours, so i’d expect at 50 brightness you’re gon na get up to six, maybe six and a half hours with the same test playing youtube videos back to back on firefox, which is actually not bad. So the titan will definitely not be a very enduring laptop but that’s also not its goal and anyways it doesn’t matter how long it lasts as long as it’s a good time right right in terms of software. My review unit shipped with slimbook os a tweaked ubuntu 20.04, with the slimbook apps pre installed. These apps include the aforementioned slimbook rgb, the slimbook amd controller that lets you select a performance profile, slimbook gestures that enable touchpad gestures out of the box and slimbook welcome, which is basically a shortcut to all slimbook apps there’s, also slimbookface, which is an interesting one. It uses your face to log into the computer with an ir camera and it uses an open source, app called howdy to do so.

The problem is that it’s really not straightforward to set up, and even once the setup is complete, the app systematically failed to add my face, so i couldn’t check if it worked or not. Why wouldn’t you register this beautiful beautiful face now this thing really needs to be pre configured out of the box, and the setup needs to be a lot more straightforward for that app to be useful. The slimbook gestures app works a lot better. It gives you touchpad gestures out of the box and a graphical user interface to configure them it’s really nice, even though they are not one to one gestures like you get on wayland or elementary os with touch egg. They look more like stuff that you could do with lib input gestures still it’s nice to have that kind of gesture support out of the box. Finally, there is slim book makeup, which is an app that will let you select themes and icons out of the box from a selection of various light and dark themes, it’s a nice addition in the end, i think most, if not all, of these apps should be Integrated into a single slimbook control center application that would be easier to ship easier to use and maybe work a little bit more on the graphical user interface and the pre out of the box configuration okay. So just a quick note on the slim book titan before we wrap up this thing apparently has been selling like hotcakes, and the batch that they ordered that is to arrive next month is already completely sold out before it even arrived, so they weren’t expecting as many Sales for that laptop, basically, they were caught off guard, and so they scheduled another batch of titans to try and keep sales going, but these won’t make it over until september.

So, if you’re interested in that laptop, basically you’re gon na have to wait a little bit before you can buy it. Okay, so let’s wrap this review up. The slimbook titan is a high end, laptop with amazing horsepower. It will let you do basically anything. You can dream of on a laptop from gaming to serious professional workloads all while looking pretty good and with one of the most robust chassis i’ve ever seen in a laptop print style, with linux. I’M still as annoyed as ever by the stickers and the big frontal branding under the display, but these are nitpicks, so sure it’s an expensive device, but for that price you get really good, build quality, a really great keyboard. An amazing display, a good touchpad, very good. I o and the usual mediocre webcam now the source part for now is the battery life, but slimbook told me that they were already working on a fix to make sure that you can use the hybrid graphics mode and still control your screen brightness. So it should be fixed in no time and that should basically solve the issue with form six to seven hours battery life when you’re, using mostly the amd, integrated graphics. So, basically the hardware pretty much flawless. The software needs a little bit more work for the slimbook face app to work for the fix for the screen brightness when you’re using hybrid graphics, but those are things that can be fixed in time.

The base laptop itself is really good upgradable. If you have the money and you’re looking for a beast with a lot of horsepower, you could do a lot worse than this one it’s it’s a really good device. So that concludes it for this video. I hope you enjoyed if you did don’t stay to like or dislike. If you didn’t, you can also subscribe and turn on notifications to get more videos like this one, and you can also go watch all of my videos on rsa.