Yet a listing on amazon says usb webcam is adjustable light 360 degrees or title pc camera for video chat, online learning, video conference webcast for desktop laptop and so on, it’s listed for only around ‘ dollars, so it’s. Rather on the cheap side. It has pretty good reviews so forth, so i thought i’ll give it a try uh. It looks like it’s, not an auto focal thing, but it looks really good. It’S large it comes in this nice packaging. By the way it has been sealed, i’ve been removing the seal. So when you buy it, you can be sure that you get a new one it’s available in different colors. As you can see, gray, white and gray light that’s. The thing here so i’m going to take it out of the box, and then we see what we get and i’m going to show you the images and also some audio samples. So you know how good the microphone is. Okay, so here we have everything we have. The camera, you have to make sure that you remove this cover here to get the best image here’s the access to the power and data microphone speaker, i think, most of it. Maybe there are some openings here for microphones, but the good thing is it. Has this really modern up to date, clamp which most of the manufacturers are using these days? So this is what i really like. So you have the possibility to put it on an even larger or thicker monitor screen, but you can also use it for thinner ones.

So let’s say that’s a monitor and we can just put it on top and then secure it from the back and we have it safe on top, but we can also use it for thinner things, so we can make it really really thin here. If you have a thin monitor, so it fits for almost everything, and it comes even with this standard tripod mount. If you want to use it with a mount there or some really small nice things around something like that, i mean you would have to take this away, then you could mount it on top of this with this standard adapter. So i really like that. So we are totally flexible regarding that, then, regarding safety, it’s important that we have some possibility to make sure nobody can record you when you don’t know it uh here there’s nothing built in, but we have two possibilities: it’s coming with this nice cover here, you can See you can open and close this. This comes with some kind of 3m tape. You can stick it on top and then you can open and close if you want that, but you can also go without and just turn it to the side. This is actually what i prefer. Usually i have it on top of my monitor, like this and i’m, just pointing it to the side or even to the back. So nobody can see me, but if you are even more worried you can attach this flap here it’s.

Your decision, we have also the lighting control, which i’m going to show you later, and here we have also the instructions manual which i’m always going to show you to give you the opportunity to make a better buy decision or, if you both used or just lost The instructions, by the way here we have the model w 2. Here we have some specification product description here we have some installation instructions, faq and the rest of it. I think it should be in nice focus. So now we take the usb cable, which was in the box, and we are going to connect what’s good here. We have this safety thing here to reduce some interference and we have standard usb a plug, and here we have the usb c plug, which already indicates that we have a newer device here. So first we plug it in here in the back so i’m. Turning it a little bit to the back, maybe we can see then something and i’m plugging it here in into the normal usb outlet, and usually we get a message here: it’s saying setting up a device, we are setting up webcam, so let’s wait for a little Bit after a couple of seconds, there should be a confirmation if everything has been working good. So here we are device is ready. Webcam is set up and ready to go. If you don’t have something that you can use no specific program, i can highly recommend to download the camera app from the microsoft store, which is free and it’s it’s a nice start for such a webcam.

So if you don’t get an image, you have to make sure that you’re on the right camera. Sometimes we have to click here and then we should get an image yeah. So here we are. We have already an image here. So let’s see how clear we can get this image, so you can see the image is really good. It has a nice color, really sharp uh, but only as long as we are staying away a little bit from the real object. When we go too close, it gets a little bit blurred, of course, so we need to maintain a little bit of a distance, but as soon as we are a little bit more away, the picture is pretty good. So i hope you can see that from here. As well so i’m going to move around the camera a little bit, so we can also see my laptop. I think you can see that the image is really really good. I’M, going up here a little bit to one image and i i can tell you yeah, it’s, pretty clear, so yeah. I think this is as good as it gets as long as we are not getting too close, so it’s definitely an indication that we don’t have an autofocus here, but at least we have a really good quality, so it looks like it’s some kind of new style Camera usually, when we don’t have autofocus, we have to deal with bad image, but here there’s, really really good quality.

Yeah i’m really really surprised what we can see. I hope you can see that as well. How good this is. This is really nice and clear. So this will be definitely perfect for streaming or conferences or those things so i’m going to test the microphone now as well. So you get an idea how good this is so i’ve been transferring the video and audio file to my normal, desktop and been checking, and i was really surprised by the quality quality – looks really really good image, video really good. So, regarding the microphone, it looks like it’s, not the most sensitive microphone, but he picks up the voice, really natural, which is really really important. When you do some conference call, you definitely want that. Other people will hear some natural, sound and that’s. Definitely the case here. So i’m also adding this video and audio section to this uh video here, so you can watch it and listen to that now, microphone test, one two: three: four: five microphone test: one: two: three: four: five and it’s also important to say that regarding the audio quality, There was absolutely no interference to here. At least i didn’t notice that, with some other microphones with cheaper cables, i have been noticing some interviews, especially with this computer here. So it looks like we really get a good cable here, usb cable, so there’s. A reason why i have turned off the light now, because we have the light here.

You can see that we can have the light in three different settings here. Here’S the brightest one – and you can see it’s – definitely a difference here compared to when we have it’s turned off. So this can definitely help and it has some kind of nice diffuser as well yeah here you can see it from the side, so everything is nicely illuminated. It has some nice protection which works as a diffuser, so there’s no sharp lines in your face and it should be possible to have some really nice image of your face as well. Uh that’s cool yeah. I haven’t seen that before and that’s probably also the reason why it is so large it’s not for the camera but it’s for the light to give you a wider view, a wider illumination that absolutely makes sense and then, of course, you want to also check for The maximum settings here with the camera for the photo quality we can choose up to 2.1 megapixels with a 16 by 9., so go a little bit closer. It doesn’t make any sense to be further away. So for the video quality you can see, we can have up to 1080p also 16 by 9, with 30 frames from this camera. So definitely everything works and it’s hard to find anything which is not perfect. The only thing which i have found so far, which is not perfect that’s, maybe the angle here you can see when you have it on your screen – it’s hard to really point it down.

So take it a little bit away. So you can see that so this is the range where you can put it to the back. You can see you can point it a little bit up and down that’s the maximum down. So if you have it on top of a monitor, it’s, maybe a little bit difficult to point it down enough, i mean depends a little bit on the dimensions of your monitor, but you can definitely use it on a tripod or on your desk that’s. Definitely going to work so i’ve put it here as a sample for a rather thin monitor. You can see how this would work and that’s the maximum angle to point it down. You can point it down, but it’s, definitely at a rather flat angle. Apart from that, everything looks really really good, solid, solid, sound, solid audio, solid microphone, solid camera, yeah that’s, definitely a good value for the price. We cannot complain about that so i’m really super happy with it and i’ll put down the link to the amazon listing down into the description. So you can check it out order drive from there if you like it and i hope i’ve been able to help you a little bit with this video.