Today, we’ve got the skylux, the ultra fast wireless 4k hdmi transmitter now we’re gon na start with the unboxing as usual, just to see what is in the box and surprisingly enough, there is actually quite a lot happening inside the box. I have to admit i like the packaging. It makes it look quite premium. Okay, so we’ve got both units. Now one is a transmitter. The other one is a receiver which i’ll explain to you um shortly what’s the difference. What goes where and so on so on. Then we’ve got the user guide, which is basically four pages long, but it explains everything in detail. Then we’ve got the plug adapters, so you’ve got the uk one um, both of them obviously for both units. Then you’ve got the standard post, brexit european one um, so yeah it’s pretty convenient that you get all of them in the box. So you don’t have to look for additional a travel adapters or anything like that. Then we’ve got two micro usb cables to power on both units. Then there are two plugs and two hdmi cables. Now the hdmi cables are color coded, one is green and the other one is red, because the green one goes into the transmitter unit and the red one goes into the receiver. I’Ll show you that in a second which one switch and so on so yeah, you are fully equipped. We get everything you need in the box, which is always nice, because you know they could have just give you.

The cables and you’d have to look for your own um plugs, so we’ve got the hdmi port. The micro, usb port we’ve got these nice rubber feet which help to keep the device steady. So it doesn’t slide down or anything like that and on the bottom. It also says that one unit is a transmitter and the other one is a receiver, so if you ever forget which ones which that’s, what that’s, how it’s um that’s how you can identify them, apart from that, they look pretty much identical um to each other. So that’s that let’s get all the required cables out plugs and adapters. So let’s assemble that that just slides in pretty neat pretty sturdy as well. Obviously, you can use it as a phone charger if you ever need to, if you’re in a hotel – and you forget your own plug and then you’ve got the micro usb cable, which goes into the micro usb port, surprise, surprise and then, because this is the transmitter. We’Re gon na plug in the as you can see the green color coded hdmi, so you can see the green um color on it on the cable itself and then we’re gon na connect this to the alienware r13 laptop, so that’s, the laptop i’m gon na use. So you can, you can see the green color on both ends of the hdmi cable, which is nice, and the same applies to the receiver but it’s red color, so it’s plugged into the alienware um, r13 laptop and then obviously the screen is duplicated.

On my samsung 58 inch tele, and so what is the best way to test the latency and the picture quality of skylarks? Obviously, playing video games racing games to be precise because that’s, where the picture quality, the latency? The responsiveness is all that matters which is very pronounced in, for example, google stadia. So this is grid 2019, one of my favorite racing games and, in my opinion, the best test for skylark’s performance. Okay, let’s get this running three two one and go let’s. Have a look? Okay, as you can see not much difference now. The skylux supports up to 4k at 60 hertz, but the brilliant. The biggest thing for me is that, as you can see, my daughter can go easily to the fridge and it doesn’t interfere with the picture. Well, it she doesn’t interfere with the picture. Whatever is happening on the telly whatever is going on. There is absolutely no interference. No lag, no stutter. I can still play exactly same game with her moving in between the devices, because there’s, obviously no cables no danger of tripping over or anything like that. There is no hdmi lead, nothing like that in between the tele and the laptop it’s. All wireless and in here we’ve got the lightning to hdmi adapter as well just to show you that it doesn’t work with the laptops only if you’ve got a smartphone that supports a that can output picture via the its own type c, or in that case lightning.

Port, you can obviously cast that as well to your telly, which is brilliant in my opinion, because if you, for example, if you’re in a hotel and let’s say you are, i don’t know you don’t have a smart telly, but you’ve got your skylarks with you. Obviously, if you want to watch netflix or anything like that, you just plug in no wires required, you just plug it into the um tv in the hotel or if you want to do a presentation from your phone again it’s just a case of plugging it into Your phone and then the other end to the screen and that’s that’s it that’s that’s that’s. All you need and, like i said it, doesn’t always resolve around gaming. If you want to use it for browsing or anything like that, whatever you do on your screen or sorry on your device will be obviously duplicated on the screen of your choice.