They have over 1 000 channels, 6 000 movies, that’s, updated weekly. They have 17 000 tv show episodes that’s updated daily. They have a seven day, catch up service for 60 channels. They do have local networks and news. They will also have all of your pay per view. Events and all of your sports, everything included. You can check them out and get a free trial. You can check them out for 59 for three month service five connections or you can check them out month to month for 24 still, five connections, it’s a no brainer 24 a month for five tvs in your household it’s, a beautiful thing like i said they got. Video on demand, ppv and sports movies, tv shows and ketchup. What more can you ask for? So if you want to check it out, let’s click right into it. Next hello and welcome back so tonight, i’m going to be showcasing. The skrn stream iptv service i’ve already gone ahead and loaded everything up. If you stick around in the next part of the video, i will show you how to download and install it also. I know people are going to ask this service is not ip locked, which is a beautiful thing for five connections. So, keep that in mind now bringing everything up once you load it up, you’re going to be exactly like this in the system whatever newest movie is out, is going to be right on top.

So if you scroll down once you’re going to be in trending series, you can scroll through and see all of the trending tv shows that are on currently that people are loving to watch, keep scrolling down you’re going to be in your latest movies. So all of the latest movies will be right here and if you keep going down a little more you’re going to see recommended channels scroll once down again and you’re going to be down below inside of the bottom menus now right at the edge over here is Going to be the little icon for your account, if you click on that it’s going to bring up all of your account information scroll once over. If you click on home it’s going to bring you back to this screen scroll over again and you’re, going to have your channels list, so if you click on channels list, it will come up all of the channels. So currently i am looking at a to z. If i scroll up – and i click it – one time – it’s going to toggle the view into alphabetical order, so starting with a all the way down to z, all the channels will be in alphabetical order. I know this is a good thing. If you’re looking for a certain channel – and you only know the first letter scrolling – it back up – clicking it again and it’s going to bring it back to normal, look now scrolling all the way up and scrolling over.

You can also toggle the view of each channel. So if you click on toggle view, it’ll bring up the icons a little bit bigger and let you know which ones has ketchup which ones do not and which tv show is playing at the time on each one, with a little bit of a mini tv guide. Now, if you scroll up again and toggle the view it’s going to minimize the channels once again and just bring everything up and let you know a little icon of what the channel is keep going over and you have usa, 187 channels right now, i have zero Favorites in my channels, but this is where your favorites is located scrolling over. You have 206 sports channels. You have 26 news and weather channels, 58, currently ketchup channels. Then you have canadian channels. 95. You have 16 kids channels, you have 98 local channels, i’m, assuming that’s local channels where i am or it’s local channels across the country. So you pick and choose where your local channel is scrolling. Over again, you have 15 religious channels, 23, music channels. You have eight 24 7 channels. You have three international channels. You have a hundred and six canales de espanol keep going over 25 pay per view channels. You have also 25 adult channels, and that is it. So if you scroll all the way over we’re just going to pick really quick usa channels i’m going to click it one time – and i believe it already is in the usa channels, even though i did click it, it switched up a little bit.

So we will scroll down and scroll around let’s pick a channel that i know will be good for me, which is always amc little rhyme for you, so channel 27 amc i’m going to highlight it i’m, going to click it. One time comes up. The channel says: live replay 135 minutes into it. Let me just click it once again. If you click down on select, it comes up and you can scroll through all of your channels, just like a set top box. So let’s go to uh boomerang i’m gon na click on boomerang it’s gon na come up on boomerang the mini tv guide, what’s playing right now, i’m gon na keep it there and click that it should automatically switch channels and bring you to boomerang and the tom And jerry cartoon now, if i click the back button, one time Music, it brings you back to the main group of channels and you’re going to be highlighted on the current channel that you were just watching so let’s, just scroll back up we’ll go over to amc Again and click on amc and down and below it has the time the length and it has a little synopsis of what is actually playing now, if you click the play pause button, you can actually pause. It go to the bathroom, go make yourself. Some popcorn come back hit the play pause button again and it will automatically start the movie or tv show over again just give a few seconds to re catch up to itself, and you should be good to go backing out i’m going to scroll up i’m going To go over to say some local channels, i know a lot of people like local channels, but i highlight it and it has a bunch of different news, local channels from all over the usa.

It looks like, since they are usa channels, so you can pick and choose whichever channel that you want to watch locally as far as news, if they have it, for your state scrolling all the way down again into the main channels scroll over to the right. Once again and hit on television and click it, and it just goes into whatever channel you are currently on at that moment, backing out from television scroll over to tv guide and click it give a few seconds and it will come up with a tv guide shows You the date, the channel little synapses of what’s going on and every tv guide, according to the time, it’s posted so backing out of that when you click the back button, it brings you up to the action menu. You have home search groups today, 24 hours behind and 24 hours ahead in the tv guide to see. Maybe you missed something or something in the future. So, if you’re into sports – and you want to see what time has a game on click 24 hours plus and you will see when your tv show or sports game is going to play, click on the home button brings you back to home scrolling over from tv Guide, you can click on movies, bring up all of your movies. They have different categories: all movies, new releases, animation action, comedy documentary, fantasy horror, family movies, romance sci, fi, thriller and criterion. Keep scrolling down from movies scroll over to series click on series.

Once again, all series kid shows cartoons and comic books from siri scroll over to music click on music. For me, nothing’s coming up for music, so we’ll definitely see what’s going on with that, but scrolling over for music next to ketchup, tv and clicking it. It will come up all of the 58 channels that has ketchup, so you can go through and see exactly what you want. So you have nbc abc the cw, keep going through all of the channels, and you can see exactly what you want to catch up on scrolling back down catch up. Then you scroll over to log out, if you don’t, want anybody checking this out while you’re, not home, say friends, family or young children. You click on log out and you should be good to go. So this is the showcasing of skrn stream iptv service. If you want to stick around in the next part of video i’ll show you how to pick it up now tonight i will be using the amazon fire stick light with the newest version of the android operating system. I will also be using the file linked app with yours, truly dr venture’s file linked store. So if you do not already have the app check out the links up above in order to pick up the file linked application on any null of your device, nvidia shield fire sticks and google chromecast. So, if you’re good to go – and you already have the file linked app scroll over to the application icon highlight it and click it allow it to load in.

If you do not already have the doctor venture code, it is going to be 272 zero. 56340. That code click on next, you should already be highlighted on continue, so keep it there and click it once you do you’re going to be in the doc. Adventure store you’re. First going to see my pop up. You can read all this if you like, otherwise, just click on dismiss and before you scroll around, give it between two and five more seconds, you’re going to get another pop up directly from file linked there. It is so from click here scroll once over to the left onto dismiss and click it, and now you are in the doctor, venture filing store. Now i do have everything categorized so if you want to scroll through it beautiful, but if you want to skip through all of the categories, just click the fast forward button, you can go all the way through all of the categories and scroll all the way down To you come to iptv service apps in here you’re, going to find all of the iptv services and right up top. I have the skrn iptv service, so scroll once down, highlight the download icon on the right hand, side and click it allow to download once it downloads. The download icon is then going to turn into the play icon so keep it highlighted and click it once you do. If you are on the newest operating system, you’re going to get this white screen, if you’re still using the old operating system, you’re going to get the installation menu in the center, both are pretty much exactly the same.

Just look a little bit different, so you can see. Do you want to install this application? It does not require any special access, scroll twice down to cancel and then once to the right onto install and click it you’re going to see it’s now installing, once it installs you’re going to get the checkmark app installed and then it’s going to say ready to Launch and you’re going to see the x symbol, but do not launch it as of yet right behind there you’re going to be highlighted on done, keep it there and click it one time it’s going to bring you back into the filing store. Now you can scroll around and pick and choose whatever else that you want. However, for video purposes, we’re going to click the back button. One time you’re going to get enter a new code, keep it highlighted on yes and click it’s. Once you do on the new operating system, you’re already going to be highlighted on the question mark, if you’re not there, just scroll over and up all the way over to the garbage pill with the x through it and click it once you do you’re going to Hit delete files, keep it highlighted on yes and click it, and what you’ve done is delete the installation files that you no longer need, since you already have the app installed on your device. So, if you’re good to go hit the amazon home screen button, one time brings you back to the amazon home screen from wherever you are click and hold the amazon home screen button down between two and five seconds.

Did it correctly you’re gon na get the time a few categories and right in the front, highlighted on profiles scroll once to the right onto apps and click it you do gon na, be in your apps and channels menu list right in the front from whatever icon. You have scroll once to the left, you’re gon na, be on all your apps and scroll once more to the left and you’re gon na see. Unfortunately, these screen streams app does not come up on the newest operating system, but this is definitely the grayed out app icon. So, if you so choose to move it, you want to highlight it. You want to click the three dashes on your remote you’re, going to get options, move move to front, remove from your apps or uninstall scroll once down to move to front and click it, and then it automatically brings the app icon all the way to the front Of your apps and channels click the amazon home screen button. One time brings you back to the amazon home screen from home start to scroll over one by one. All the way to you go to the grayed out app, keep it highlighted and click it. If you did it correctly, you’re going to get the x when you first load it up you’re, going to see language selection, so choose your correct language i’m, going to pick up english and click it and then right here is going to be your service id now.

From the links down below in the video description, i will post all of the links in order for you to access their website, create an account pay them for their services. Once your payment has processed, you are then going to receive an email from the company with completely new login credentials, totally different from the login credentials that you made on the website. Okay, so keep that in mind once your payment is processed and you receive the email and you get your login credentials, then you come back to this part of the video. You add your service id, you add your password, whatever they give you and then you will be in the system. So let me add mine and i will be right back once you add your service id you’re, then going to add your username and password once again. Once payment is processed and you receive that email you will get all of these credentials. So let me add mine, and i will be right back if you did everything correctly. You inputted the correct credentials, service id username and password you’re going to come up to this screen and you’re going to see. It is loading in everything that you need for your service to run properly you’re, going to see your profile now. Mine says rt, because this is the profile that i’m using for video purposes. Yours might say something different, so keep it highlighted on your profile and click. It once you do you’re going to be inside of your account, which is a beautiful thing, and everything looks exactly like this.

So if you watched at the beginning of the video and saw the showcasing, you should know exactly what to do from this point on. As always, any problems or questions feel free to hit me up at any time on any of my social media accounts. Send me a message, and i will get back to my soonest convenience if you do have any problems with the service. Once again, i will post all of the links down below for their website for their help or anything that you require in order to gain access to customer support, so hope you enjoy your newfound iptv service. I hope you enjoyed this video and, as always, i thank you for watching.