I want to talk a bit about the microsoft surface, pro 8 that i bought recently, while i sketch my one month old daughter who is the model today and shes having hiccups, this video is not the full artist review. I will make a separate, detailed review for this, hopefully soon today. I just want to talk about the main things you should know before you buy the surface pro 8 for drawing purposes the app ill be using for drawing is concepts, and there is actually a lot. I want to talk about in the full artists review. The main thing to note here is the drawing performance of the pen has improved significantly to the point that it can actually compete with the apple pencil and some song s pen, so the drawing performance is now so much better. More specifically, the pen is now more sensitive, more accurate and its a huge improvement over the surface pen that microsoft was selling for several years. For the surface pro one two three up to seven. So, with surface pro 8, they have switched to this new pen and its a huge improvement that i can actually recommend this when drawing diagonal lines slowly, there is no longer the wobble and jitter, so that is actually a huge improvement, its quite difficult to draw my Baby on my lap, because she is now awake again, alright, so check out this diagonal line that im drawing slowly. Let me just tilt this canvas so that im actually drawing a diagonal line, so the line has no wobble.

It has no jitter the pen, its really accurate this time. Huge improvement concepts is a really easy app to use, and this app is available on android and windows and on the ipad as well. Okay, my baby is awake. You can probably hear that the pen has this pretty cool haptic feedback feature where it will vibrate slightly when you are drawing and as you apply more pressure, the pen will vibrate more to simulate friction. But the thing is, this is still a plastic tape on glass. So the pen tape is still very smooth on the glass its not that slippery, but its definitely quite smooth. So, even though you get the illusion of friction, its not true friction, but in terms of control, i can get good control of the pen on the glass. It just takes some time to get used to how smooth the pen is, but its not really that slippery, which is the main thing. So i am able to join all the lines without the lines overshooting, so the pen is very accurate. Haptic feedback unfortunately only works with selected apps and it works with concepts. It doesnt work with clip, studio, photoshop and many other apps. Okay. One thing i notice about the touch gesture is sometimes when i double tap, i dont get the undo, it happens occasionally, and it can be notice that i try to undo it doesnt happen, so it can be quite irritating when it happens.

You have to be very conscious when it comes to double tapping on the display with your two fingers. If you want to undo the downside of this app is, there is no fill bucket tool so to color shapes. I have to redraw the shape if youre looking to buy a tablet to replace your computer. I highly recommend you get the model with 16 gigs of ram ram is not user upgradable, unfortunately, but the ssd is, if you have intention to buy the model with 128 gigs of storage. That may not be enough for professional use because in the real world youre going to get 112 or 117 gigs of storage and after you account for windows, 11 youre going to be left with less than 90 or 80 gigs of storage so definitely get more storage. If you can, but that would of course mean that you have to spend more money as a computer or laptop replacement this year, the surface pro 8 um its really good, because japan is really good. The official retail price of the base model, which is 1099 us dollar thats the same price as the 12.9 inch ipad pro and samsung tab as it ultra, but in terms of versatility. Since this is running windows 11, its going to be more versatile compared to the ipad and samsung tablet. So if youre looking for a computer replacement, this is probably the better choice. The downside for the surface pro 8 is battery life, ill say with auto brightness and typical usage, drawing, for example, you can get maybe up to five hours of battery life, which is actually not a lot.

If youre just web browsing doing, documents, then probably six to seven hours but its definitely not i mean the battery life is definitely not as long compared to what you can find or what you can get from ipads and from their samsung tablets. Lets draw some bananas for this monkeys. This tablet that i purchased actually has some hardware issues theres some flickering here and the lcd has some blemishes beneath the glass so its quite disappointing to see these effects out of the box. So i will definitely have to send this for servicing, because its actually flickering not when the screen is bright like this, but when this part is gray or less bright, then the flickering is very obvious. Microsoft, surface products more specifically, the surface pros, have a long history of flickering problems, and microsoft has fixed that with the surface pro 8, its just that, unfortunately, for me, my unit has some flickering here and im glad to report that the auto brightness now works. So much better and the face unlock also works also works so much better. Those were issues um. Those were problematic with earlier surface pros as well, and now i just need to add some shadows, so this is the completed sketch.