So please like it. If you find it helpful, wacom, XP, pen and huion is the three well known brand in the drawing tablet Market. Of course, there are other brand too, but I dont have enough money to buy anything else, so the one by welcome is the cheapest, smaller tablet, XP pen, Deco, 1, V2, a medium in both side and prices and finally, the huion 13 kanvas a cheaper screen. Drawing tablet, of course, all this is in my country, price range, so the price might different in yours keep in mind. This is not a review nor a comparison between these three. I just list out the tablet. I use to give you an idea of what I have used in this guide. I want to give you an idea to which brand is the best with tablet size. Should you get and do you even need a screen tablet or not? I do want to know if it is possible to make good artwork and even became a professional with just these tablet or not, and yes, you can, because I have found professional artists that use tablet that is similar to this anyway. Lets start with the most important question the size matter, no, that what he said, but really, in my opinion and the time I use the wacom one, I never feel uncomfortable with the space that I have. If anything, I feel more comfortable drawing on a smaller Surface tablet, rather than a bigger one.

But then again, I think this is like a personal thing where you have to use it like really draw on one for more than at least two months to get used to it, and I think after that it just feels the same. To be honest, there is one factor that I find more important than the tablet itself, which is the stylus or the pen. I thought, because of the wacom pen is more like an actual pen. That is why my hand hurt after holding it for a few hours of drawing, but when I use the other pen, huion and XP, which is very similar in design, I still had hand cream cramp after drawing so yeah is not the pen fault, its just my Hand and the XP pen is the worst one out of the three, because it had this very noticeable distance nip in the pen and you can actually feel the nib moving separately when using the pen. This is The Wiggles test that I do to show you guys what I mean see when I wiggle the pen in a very small distance. The wacom and huion can register, but the XP pen does not. I dont know if thats gon na affect your drawing or not, but I do tend to wiggle my pen when I draw like with a real pencil. However, when I use the XP pen, I do realize how I tend to scribble useless line. So, in the end, like I said, you have to use it to get used to it, and i completely fine with that.

I just need some time to adjust to that pen, but anyway, the bigger question is: do you need a screen? Well, the huion kanvas 13 price is definitely not a cheap one. A simple monitor, plus a drawing tablet, is equal to the price of the cheapest. Drawing screen tablet let that sink in, but does it worth the price well for a beginner? I dont think so. For a beginner who want to become a professional again, I dont think so, even if you travel all the time, I think you can just draw on your laptop screen with a tablet. I havent used a screen tablet on an Android phone yet, but I think the majority of artist would draw on a laptop or a PC more than on the phone. Also, on the ergonomic side, the screen tablet will force you to look down on it which hurt your neck. So you need to invest a lot of money on the stand and your desk, so you will need to invest a lot more money than just a screen to draw on it. So its just not a really good choice. Remember there are other cheaper way like pen, watercolor, oil and more were cheaper. In quotation I mean technically, it is cheaper right and let me know in the comments I do want to try a Copic Marker. If you are on a budget just get these drawing tablet. There is no reason why you should get those screen drawing tablets.

Yes, professionals tend to draw on screen, but they draw on a very good, expensive screen. These cheap one may not work the money you put into it and I dont even want to talk about like the quality of the huion kanvas, its good, but its just. I dont know its not that good its all. I can say and youre just starting out. You are not able to make money yet and to be able to draw on a screen wont help much on improving your art. There are other things that really matter. If you think drawing on the screen will help you improve faster, then just go with pen on paper, the pen pressure doesnt matter, because my coloring on the 2000 pen pressure is as bad as the 8 000 pen. Pressure till 60 degree is a useless feature. Shortcut button may sound like a plus, but it never need to be there. In the first place the hand, placement is quite awkward compare to one handed a screen, the other hand on your mom, okay, just kidding on a keyboard, even though this is a guide to buying a drawing tablets for beginner its just a video saying, Hey skill issue. Thats it, and if this is a very big, if, if you want to become a professional and very determined to do so, plus you have the money you can just buy those Pro Series screen tablets like those big one and grind the F out of those thing.

Any brand is fine. I wasnt able to get my hand on those screen tablet because Im cool, but I think they are somewhat similar in performing term speaking of performance. A screen tablet requires some GPU power when youre draw on it, so expect your PC or laptop to get a little toasty for a while, or maybe you can just use it as an extra monitor. A very wasteful second monitor, but still even though I quite regret buying the screen tablet. It gave me motivation to pick up the pen and draw so I dont waste my money, and I also can stream now on Twitch while drawing so. Please check me out. I also want to talk about the software, so wacom is the superior one, because you only need to install the program configure it once and you never have to open it again. So this is only one by welcome. I dont know if the other Wacom tablet also do this or not, but I have to open the program to use the other two tablet or they will just act like a mouse like you cannot draw or use the button unless you open their program, and I Cannot use two different tablet program in one computer. This happens when I try to use the wacom with huion and the wagon with XP, both of the time fail, and I have to reinstall the program again. I dont know about the huion and XP pen.

At the same time, though, but Im too lazy to try out in terms of cable, its the same mostly even if you have a laptop with a mouse and an extra cable plug in the huion screen, tablet only need one USB port to power and for my Laptop it is a pretty old Lenovo laptop, but it is a gaming one. So I dont know if the other laptop brand need 2 cable to power the screen or not, but then again like the screen. Tablet needs some GPU power, so its still better. If your laptop have a decent graphical, USB C is nice, but you will do fine without it. The price is just too much for me to get one. You know grandma doesnt, mind: 2 extra cable. If you know what I mean, one or three plug are the same at her age, to be honest and when you buy a screen tablet and its usually a hassle, because you will need stand and extra desk by so I think it just be best to start Out your digital, drawing with a simple tablet in conclusion: the tool doesnt matter its the skill that you have most tablet is good as long as you use it to learn and get better at drawing, even if you have the money pay for the knowledge, not the Tool, my suggestion for on what to get as a beginner who want to get into drawing is a Wacom tablet for digital drawing pen and pencil on the side for fun and when you want to give your laptop a rest after continuously using it for 16 hours.

Remember any knowledge that you learn with any tool will help you, whether its traditional or digital. The most important thing is that you use them to learn. If you are considered buying an expensive tablet, thinking about what youre gon na use it for, do you really need it as a hobby or professional work, because those tablet it will stick around for a very long time, like my horrible online shopping list thats all I Could give for my experience, I hope that you are able to buy a good drawing tablet that will have you on your art Journey.