Food, but Today is about The food that I love and the food is chicken soup and needs Zul ia write down. What are the ingredients such screenshot, kondisi video, so you can listening will explain. What are the ingredients hear? The ingredients for simple just need her Carroll chicken, with with Or Without about Android, on your flight, garlic and Celosse. All the ingredients join it. Actually, You can add more PC tablet here, but I just have karet dari Syaikh SME, even you just for ingredients. It is already it was nice, MS Word and your heart to me. Kid and yeah Let’s cekidot hai, hai Hai endoprosthesis damage is very simple guys as the title simple chicken song with night out of the pen and at work and the more the fridge, kalian sealer food paper, flowers and mouth and Dewi Yull. Just wait until it foiling encok Wow immingham work. Well, that’s. All the project was me, and this is my favorite food Musik hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai, hai, hai, hai, hai, hai, hai, Musik, hai, hai, hai, hai, Hai, Hendrawati yupour. Instead, the green onion guys and the shop is ready You can enjoy this week of family or just be yourself like me, Arai guys thank you for watching my Vlog Don’t forget to subscribe like and share video, so much so make new video.