This feels rather solid. I will it will just slide in here. It is wow i’m surprised by the quality i’m. Actually surprised. To recap: you will get by the way before we get started. If you want to see all my videos about the tango tab, then just type in chris viral tango tab in the youtube search press enter, and you will find all the videos back to my daily grind. Create yourself is what you’ll find me doing every day and every night no time to lose one day, one step in the right direction: i’m, chris and i’m. Only here to show you, if i can do it, you can do it too. Welcome back to the vlog. It is monday another day and our chance to push out on a topic for this. Vlog is the tangotab unboxing and company background check, so let’s get it by the way all the product reviews right here. Watch them all, but before we get started, of course out to all my subscribers, thank you for making my life special and worth living into the max. So let me try to get back with a sweet, sweet video. So here we go. This is the third item that i got through my tech magnet collab the tango tab by sim bands let’s get right to the unboxing. It will come in this box right here, neat design, nothing on the sides except this barcode right here. Nothing backside made in china model name and all of that.

Oh nice, it’s, matching let’s, open up this side and also this one brining right here by the way let’s open it up. First of all this you can read the backside on your own, but i like that. I will put this aside for now. This will come with a few installed apps and also how to connect or remove the keyboard quick setup guide – and this is the tablet and keyboard edition, and these are the contents of the box. Okay. So here we have the keyboard wrapped in this plastic there. It is, there is a divider, and here we have the tablet, sticking to this other divider nice and secure, also wrapped in plastic, and then here we have the manual the quick start guide. This is the back side right here and, lastly, the box with all the accessories. This is it the manual contents. Thank you note, tablet, keyboard accessories and this let’s take a look at this. These are actually stickers that you can put on the keyboard with different layouts. So france, this one is spain for germany and another one for italy. So four sets of these stickers and the keyboard itself comes in the english layout right here. Let’S put this aside for now: let’s check out the accessories first inside this box is a cable. The charger and different power plugs one for the eu and this one for the uk. This is the charging brake right here. So i will slide in this.

One seems like this is non removable, so keep that in mind and right here we have two cables. One of them is usb a2 micro usb and the other one is usb to their proprietary charger. This plug right here both of them are 1.5 meters long. So this was the content of this box and finally well actually we will take a look at that first page, three, four: five and six, seven and eight. Oh. This is really small here and here here here here: oh that’s, it actually the rest are other languages. Ports and buttons charger configurations, data transfer and charging all right. Let’S put all of that aside next up let’s remove this cover that is, protecting the mouse pad. So this is it it’s a matte black smooth touch surface don’t, know what to think about that. It looks and feels amazing, but the long term durability is an unknown factor. Some of those surfaces get really sticky back here you get four of these rubber pads. The quality of this thing is definitely a surprise to me. This feels rather solid, as you can see when we place it here, it will stick – and here we have the tablet braining right here, this camera up here – and these are all the parts there are many. This is the same surface finish. This thing is looking great. Comes with a screen protector, let’s, remove it carefully. So look at that. This tablet actually came with a screen.

Protector pre installed. Okay, so here it is nice. The port for the keyboard is right here. This can swivel and it will lock in place right here. Support right here and these two sockets well, it will just slide in here. It is wow i’m surprised by the quality i’m. Actually surprised. To recap: you will get the keyboard. The tablet two cables, the charger with an optional plug, and this paperwork and the stickers one cover that i’ve missed. Is this one on the main camera here we go? This is surprisingly well built. It is amazing, anyways let’s get to the company background check. If you want to see a more in depth background check, then check out the tech magnet review right here, but yeah. What i’ve heard so far is that this is an well established company on amazon at least, but as you saw, this is not their first device. They seem to just keep on improving the hardware, which is a good thing, an established seller, so nothing weird going on on this front as well, so that’s a good thing for sure in my next vlog. You can check it out right here. I will turn it on, for the first time, go through the setup through the apps customization and all of that good stuff. So i guess i will see you there because that’s it for this. One smash that, like button the way the build quality of this thing is smashing off something like to never miss product reviews and check the recent news on chris viral.

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