Expand adt against the jabra speak 810, both of them here in front of me and of course we are going to test the speakers, the microphones, so you can see how they sound and you can compare them for yourself and see the sound quality differences. I’M, david merritt – and this is the channel where we review and compare all of the latest business headsets, speaker, phones and webcams, so consider hitting that subscribe button. Alright, now let’s get started on this review all right now, just looking at these two units, uh the speak. 810’S been out for quite some time at this point, so i think the design is a little bit outdated compared to the epos, the epos. Let me just lift these up for you, so you can take a quick look at them, so i think the epos just has a better looking design. It has the metal bezel on the outside. It has a cloth cover covering the speaker, holes where the jabra doesn’t just has a more up to date. Look, but it is a newer product, so i mean that’s kind of to be expected. I’M sure jabra is working on a updated model here very soon. So the actual physical sizing uh, the epos – is quite a bit smaller, so i’m curious to find out in this video how the audio quality compares, especially being that the e post is a lot smaller it’s, like i don’t, know three inches or two inches shorter.

This way and another i don’t, know four inches three inches less width, but the epos is uh significantly heavier and i’m, not sure if that’s just to help it stay on the desk or just to make it feel like it’s a really premium product. But of course, in this video that’s what we do we’re going to test them, so you can hear for yourself how these products compare. So both of these products are designed to connect to your computer via usb cable, and then they also are designed to connect to your mobile phones via bluetooth. Now the jabra does have an additional 3.5 millimeter cable, but i know like my iphone uh without an extra adapter. I can’t connect it with that 3.5 millimeter jack, but some of your phones out there do still connect with a 3.5 millimeter jack and you’re actually going to get better audio quality when you plug in via usb or that 3.5 millimeter jack, whereas bluetooth, you typically don’t, Have as good of audio but it’s almost indistinguishable, unless you have you’re an audiophile and you have a really trained ear. But i just want to get that front off the table here and then also with the epos. It does come included standard with this usb dongle, and what this is going to be used for is let’s, say your computer is too far away. Uh with the included. Cable is only five or six feet, so you can be wireless up to 30 to 50 feet with this usb dongle.

But this is not. It does not have a battery inside this speakerphone, so you still have to have this cable plugged into the wall in order to get power so they’re both wired speaker phones, but the epos does have that extra option to connect to your computer with that usb dongle. Just in case you don’t want an extra cable laying on the table or it’s just uh, maybe a further distance. You know 30 to 50 feet away from the computer that you can pair this up to. So that is a nice feature to have now both of them are rated uh jabra says 15 participants that it’s rated for where the epos says 16.. Of course they got a one up jabra. You know that’s just what these manufacturers have to do, but if you think about it, you know this unit is only like eight inches wide. If you have 16 people, you probably have a table that is 10 15 feet uh in length. So you got to think about the logistics of people being huddled around this speakerphone. The epos has additional microphones that can plug into the base so that you have mic pods actually extended here and can actually pick up your voice. So, in my opinion, you’re going to be able to have better pickup range on the epos when you have those extended microphones when compared to the jabra but we’re going to see uh in this room, it’s about 15 feet in length so i’m going to test.

Both of these with the microphone in this environment, so that you can see how well the pickup range is with the speaker, phones alone, so that kidney gives you a quick summary of these units. Let’S get to the fun stuff, let’s get them uh hooked up, so that you can hear how they sound now before i do that make sure you hit that thumbs up button and hit that subscribe button, so you don’t miss out on future videos. Just like this. One all right, let’s get them plugged in and let’s get started all right. So we have our decibel reader here and we have both the speaker – phones on max volume, so you’re going to get a comparison. Uh, like for like comparison between the two units, we’re going to play two audios, the first one and i apologize in advance – is gon na be boring, it’s, just a uh, a meeting like a zoom meeting with a variety of people talking and that’s. Just so, you can hear what it sounds like through the speaker when you’re actually on a conference call so uh. I appreciate everybody who makes uh youtube comments. We do look at them and this is based on the feedback that you’re providing so um. If you don’t like it well, you can blame the other youtube commenters in the video description below, otherwise, i think it’s very useful, as this is a practical application now. The second thing we’re going to test is music uh coming through both these speakers and we’ll, go side by side, so that you can hear them back to back and you can get an idea of how uh music sounds now.

Obviously, these are gon na be more used for uh meetings and talking and uh conversing, but it’s helpful to get an idea of how much bass and tone and everything that the speakers produce so jeff get the meeting started. So we can get an idea of what it sounds like. Mr chairman. Okay. Thank you. The first item is approval of the agenda and uh. I would like to move the health insurance renewal presentation to 8 a and the budget update to 8b so that we could spend more time on the budget update, hopefully than the insurance. So i would propose that amendment to the agenda. Are there any other changes from staff? Miss mccoy no changes, mr chair. Okay, can i have a motion with that uh amendment that’s proposed to approve is amended uh, mr chairman, okay, thank you. The first item is approval of the agenda and uh. I would like to move the health insurance renewal presentation to 8 a and the budget update to 8b so that we could spend more time on the budget update, hopefully than the insurance. So i would propose that amendment to the agenda. Are there any other changes from staff? Miss mccoy no changes, mr chair. Okay, can i have a motion with that uh amendment that’s proposed to approve is amended Music, Music uh, all right, so uh. There is uh side by side of both of these units. Now i had to listen to it quite a few times, so you may need to rewind and go forward on it.

But my overall opinion is the epos was cleaner audio, so you had more crisp highs. I would say you didn’t have as much bass, but it was just an overall cleaner, sound where the jabra sounded a little bit muddy as far as the highs and the bases. So you had a little bit of distortion when you had the music, but it had a little bit more bass, sound to it as well. So um, i would say for conversations. Epos is going to sound, clearer and crisper, which is what you want for a conference. Call for sure 100 for music it’s dependent if you’re somebody that really is an audiophile and you want a crisp, clear sound. I would say the epos is the winner on that side as well, but the jobber had a little bit more bass and a little bit more bump to it. So it’s just kind of personal preference, but i would say epos is the uh better for conferences and probably my preference for music as well. So now let’s get to the microphones in both these, which is a vital importance when you’re talking to somebody at another location or remote employees or whatever kind of video conference or audio conference you’re uh. Having so let’s, see how they compare side by side here. All right so now my voice is going directly through the epos, and this is with me being one to two foot away from the speakerphone here and we’re, going to do a few more tests and switch back and forth between the jobber and the epos.

So you can get a good idea of what they sound like. So this is uh what it sounds like if you’re really close to the speakerphone. This is again about one to two feet away and then we’ll switch over to the jabra and then keep going back and forth as we do these tests here now. Uh again, the epos says the rated up to 16 participants, and this is through the usb connection, and you can tell, by this online indicator here on the speakerphone, that you have that you’re active right there on a phone call all right. So now my voice is going through the jabra speak 810 and i’m, one to two feet away from the jobber unit here, so you can get a good idea of what it sounds like when you’re speaking close to this speakerphone now before we get to the next Test here i do want to let you know that the price point on both of these units – the jabra, is just over six hundred dollars msrp and the epos is just over seven hundred dollars, but you’re gon na get your biggest discount on our website. Uh go there. Headset advisor.com i’ll, put a link in the video description below um and also on the card above, for both these products make sure you use coupon code youtube. All one word youtube that’s going to get you the best discount possible on these products. We greatly appreciate your support and we’ll just ship, you, a box like other people out there.

We actually take the time to help you and be there for support, as we have technical staff here ready to go in case, you run into any troubles or need help, of course, so uh all right now, let’s get to the next test, uh stepping about five To eight feet away, which is typically what you’ll have when you’re uh at a conference table, especially a larger conference room, all right so now, i’m about five feet away, maybe eight feet away from the speakerphone. This is the epos here and you’re gon na be able to uh experience what it’s like on your typical uh office or typical conference table. Most people are probably gon na, be about five to eight feet, away from the speakerphone or with the epos. You have the little mic pods, so you can have uh somebody five feet away from the mic pod. So this is what somebody’s going to sound like then. What we’re going to do next is go about 10 to 15 feet away from the speakerphone, so you can hear what the pickup range is like there, all right so now, i’m about 10 to 15 feet away from the conference table and i’m going to turn from The camera here – and this is what the pickup range is going to look like and sound like when you’re 10 to 15 feet away and i’m talking uh, maybe slightly louder than i was when i was close to the camera to the speakerphone.

As you know, you’re going to have to speak a little bit louder in order to be picked up from this far away. But this is going through the epos speakerphone at about 10 to 15 feet away from the speakerphone all right now, i’m about five to eight feet away from the speakerphone here in the corner. And this is what it sounds like when you’re away from the speakerphone. What you’re looking for really is a pickup range of the microphones. The epos has like nine microphones built in so in theory. It should have better pickup, but this is the jabra speak 810 um and you’re gon na be able to compare it side by side with the epos, so you can see how well it picks up, and what we’re going to do. Next is uh step about 10 to 15 feet away, so we can hear how the pickup range is when you’re really far away from the speakerphone all right now we are 10 to 15 feet away from the driver’s, speak 810 speakerphone i’m going to turn so my Voice is projecting toward the speakerphone here. This is what the pickup sounds like being this far away, and this is probably further than you want to be away from the speakerphone as a typical office table, you’re – probably going to be five to eight feet more than likely, but this is what it sounds like In case somebody isn’t, maybe right next to the table or is presenting or something like that.

This is what it’s going to sound like when they’re speaking through this java – speaker – phones, all right so now we’re going to take this uh to the next level. Here we got our blender and we have our little decibel reader here. So we’re going to be able to tell how much noise cancelling each of these fake speakers do or don’t do so. Imagine you’re in a office and you have a call center outside that could be really noisy. Maybe you have air conditioning units outside of your conference room or maybe a busy road going by so this is going to just simulate uh, quite a bit of extreme noise. Close to the speakerphone and see if it cancels out any of the noise, so let’s get started here, i’m going to go ahead and fire this up, and this is what it sounds like on. The jabra and i’ll be quiet. So you can see how much decibels this blender is putting on next to me so it’s about that 74 decibel reading here, and you want to be able to hear my voice out and clear and not the blender here, and this is going through the job room. All right so now this is the e post i put on top of the speak 810, so it’s the same exact test and location it’s about three to four feet away from the blender here, and this is what it sounds like when you have a lot of Noise and i’ll be quiet, so you can see if you can pick up any of that background noise still that same 73, 74 decibel reading here all right.

So this is where i need help from you. What did you think between the two models? The epos or the jabra: how did it overall perform for the microphone as it varies quite a bit and i’m curious to get your feedback so put your thoughts in the comment section below would love to get your feedback overall. These are two awesome usb speaker phones, but if i’m being candid with you on which one i would choose between the two, if price was not a concern, i would go with epos. Why? Well? Just because it has this included usb dongle that you can have for a wireless connection to your computer in case you don’t want this usb cable connected up and the sound quality was better it’s, smaller and it visually looks a little bit better, so i’d, rather have This you know design on my desk rather than the speak 8 10, which i think is a little bit outdated at this point, but that’s just my opinion on that. Assuming price is not a concern, then you also have another consideration to consider is if you’re, using microsoft teams. This is the expand adt model which t stands for microsoft, teams, which just means that it has the software for microsoft teams built into this speakerphone. You don’t have to download or install anything extra and some larger companies restrict their computers, especially if you’re in banking or some kind of more secure type company they won’t allow you to download software to your computer.

So you have to have a device like this. In order to work, uh be optimized for microsoft team. So what that’s going to do for you? You press the microsoft teams, button it’ll pop up your microsoft teams, client or if you get a phone call, you can simply just press the answer button or hang up button it’s going to answer and end your call so you’re going to be optimized for that microsoft. Teams, which is really nice, if you have that, and you have some of those considerations all right, so i hope you enjoyed this video. Both these speaker phones are great and if you need help finding a specific headset, speakerphone or webcam that’s, what our team does all day long, please reach out to us. I’Ll put our contact information on the screen and in the video description below so don’t hesitate to reach out it’s, absolutely free. We just love helping out that’s what we do every single day well, other than that. I really hope you enjoyed this video again. If you need either of these products, make sure you use coupon code youtube all one word on our website. The link is on the description or in the cards throughout the video, and i just did a recent video uh review of the bose vb1, which stands for video bar and it’s, an all inclusive speaker, microphone and camera check that out right here. I think you might like that video otherwise make sure you hit that subscribe button, so you don’t miss out on future videos like that.

Well, that’s, all i have for you this time.