If you should either wait for the new 2021 amazon fire, hd 10 or an hd 10 plus it’s coming out on may 26th so end of this month or if you should go just go ahead and buy the current version, which is what i have here. The 2019 amazon fire hd 10. uh, but before i do that, i wanted to talk about what was gon na, be different and was pretty much gon na be the same. So let’s talk about. First was going to be changing on the 2021 version uh compared to the 2019 version. So first thing: first thing here is it’s, going to look more like the hd8 and hda plus from last year to 2020 versions of these one of the biggest thing and the camera’s gon na go from up top here to the side like it is on the Eight right here so we’ll go on this side over here and then the bezel should shrink a little bit, as you see here, they’re a little bit smaller, so they’re going to look a little bit different. Another difference is the biggest difference. The best difference is they’re. Changing over from only 2 gigabytes of ram that’s on the 2019 version here up to three gigs of ram for the nine plus or four gigabytes of ram for the plus version, that is huge. That is awesome. That is the pretty much the biggest reason why you’d want to not get a 2019 and get the 2021 is for that extra one or two gigabytes of ram uh.

So if you have multiple things open and you want to switch between them uh so now i actually have youtube and prime open uh having more ram just lets. You keep stuff open without it having to restart it. Oh yeah, and that is especially when you’re playing a game and i have other apps open, so you can switch from the side game to say: google, chrome uh. You can do that without them. Resetting uh we’re right now, with only two places ram this thing: resets or resets, your apps and yeah uh. Quite often, another thing too that i’ve had issues with on this. One is one using absolute cards that come here for more than say: 20 30 minutes. It starts to slow way down and then it’ll, eventually just reset on you, which means you lose your progress on where you were and looking at different colors uh. So that part is very annoying too um and the 2018. The 2020 version here of the eight excuse me is with the plus, which has three gigabytes of ram uh. This is way better. It doesn’t have any of those issues that this guy has uh. So, just going from two gigs to three gigs of ram should help with that immensely and especially going up to four gigabytes of ram that’s just going to future proof the hd tens uh even more so so that is the biggest thing here. Another change is, they are changing the uh the screen they are using.

Some new fancy type of screen eye that’s that’s supposed to make it even more durable than it already is as right now guys correct me if i’m wrong. I believe this is pretty much just kind of like a plastic screen uh, but they’re supposed to be changing that up to a more durable screen. Uh. You know this one’s really pretty dang durable, especially compared to like the ipad, which is what they always compare to. What amazon always compares it to now for 2021? You can get either the hd 10 or the hd 10 plus, and on top of that, you can get the pro productivity. Amazon called kit that comes with a bluetooth keyboard as well, as i think, it’s like one year subscription to microsoft 365 as well, which they’ve not done that in the past, and i think it might also come with a case as well. So that’s that’s pretty cool um. Most people are probably not going to do that package because you can just get a probably cheaper bluetooth keyboard in case off of amazon, but there is an option for that this year as well, then one more big thing, big difference is going to be that they Are now supposed to be adding in a split screen view, so i mean you can have a couple different apps open on the same screen at one time, because again, currently you have to just switch back and forth between the two like this, but now they’re supposed To be you’re, going to be able to have it two apps open on at the same time, uh yeah, so split screening apps now i don’t know if it’s just gon na be certain apps or if it’s gon na be every app, but that is gon na.

Be a big difference, too, is that you can now do that uh, whereas on the 2028, you cannot do that. Those might be because this is a small screen. Uh so didn’t change it for and they are adding on to the 20 21 10 and 10 pluses uh, so that’s really cool as well. Uh now let’s talk about what is not going to be different, so it’s still going to be 10.1 inches just like it is now it’s still going to be 1080p resolution. They are not bumping that up to 4k again this is a 150 device. So it is a pretty cheap tablet, uh so of course, you’re not going to add that into 4k uh, so it does still have the 1080p which to me this is actually a pretty nice display. I have no issues with this display whatsoever. Uh, the cameras are going to be the same. It looks like so. You have a two megapixel on the front: a five megapixel on the back gon na blow back and record and believe it’s up to 720p video recording, i don’t, know who’s going to be using a tablet in general uh, but especially a an amazon using an amazon Tablet like this, that has really bad cameras. You can take pictures anyway uh, so the camera is going to be the same. This is the same resolution in the cameras uh. Of course, you can use this to like scan documents and stuff onto your tablet, but for taking pictures and actual videos it’s, not really that good, but that’s going to be the same uh.

The screen going back to the screen here is still going to have the 224 ppi just like it has now, which again, i think, is actually pretty decent, but it would be nice if they would bump that up. But with that said, this is a nicer display than what is on the 20 28 or any of the eights for that matter and a pluses this is only 720p. This is this. Will this is and will be 1080p still going, of course, have usb type c. Uh, which i’m guessing is not going to be able to connect it to a monitor or tv to see what your, what see what’s on your on your tablet screen on the mine monitor or tv uh. Currently you cannot do that i’m. I wouldn’t doubt they keep it that way, uh to where it’s just for charging uh. But that said, it is still nice to have usb type c to charge because it charges pretty dang fast. So that is not going to change either so let’s talk about. Should you buy it or not, we should upgrade or not uh, so currently, this the 2019 version is about actually a little bit less than 100 on sale. Right now on amazon.com, at least in the us uh, so it’ll be about 50 cheaper than when the new one comes out. Uh, which is gon na, be starting at 150 bucks and, i believe, is 180 for the plus version uh.

So right now you can save 50 if you go ahead and buy the 2019 version uh. But with that said, i have pre ordered and i will do be doing many. Many many videos on the 2021 fire hd 10 plus i pre, ordered the plus version. Get that extra gigs of ram again to future proof it, and i really do like these tablets quite a bit uh check out my channel because i’m last seen i have many videos on different amazon tablets uh. So personally, that is what i’ve done. I pre ordered the 10 plus now do i think you guys should or not. I think it depends on what you do with it. If you are someone who uses a bunch of apps at the same time and especially, could benefit from the split screen viewing, i would say, go ahead and do that i don’t know i don’t imagine that they’re going to be adding that feature to the 2019 versions. Again, 2 gigabytes of ram is not a lot of ram whatsoever. Uh, i imagine split screening. Two apps would probably like knock this tablet out of out, and you know it would just give up on you uh. So if you’re, someone who uses multiple apps at the same time, especially on a split screen that would benefit you, i would say definitely go ahead and pre order. Uh, the new one, especially the plus version, with the four gigs of ram or, if you just like to switch between apps and have them all open at the same time again go ahead and pre order that new one, especially the plus version that ram it will Benefit you greatly uh it’s again this guy, not so good, at keeping multiple apps open without refreshing them on yeah restarting manual.

But now, if you are someone who just needs it as a normal youtube machine, maybe do some reading on it with kindle or just do some general internet browsing if you don’t need that extra ram, that’s really going to be the biggest thing here. Is the extra ram and that’s supposed to screen possibilities here? If you just need for normal youtube browsing, maybe some netflix some streaming uh do it for emails, general general internet browsing – maybe i said, maybe go ahead and save that 50 bucks for now go ahead and get one of these 2019 versions so again they’re decent uh. I mean they’re they’re, actually pretty quick, they’re, actually not too bad they’re, not as quick as the ipad in the base ipad, but it’s also, half the price of one um so for general, viewing and general internet browsing. These are fantastic, go ahead and save yourself that 50 bucks or more and go ahead and buy one of these or keep the one you already have yeah so that’s my thoughts. One thing i did not mention one thing that is going to be big too. I don’t know how i forgot this, but is another thing that doesn’t look like it’s changing? Is the processor that’s in these they use the mediatek processor, two gigahertz mediatek processor and uh blaze octa core and they don’t actually tell you on amazon what mediatek processor they use. What model of that processor they use? Actually, i don’t think they can tell you that it’s media attack, you can find it on other websites uh, but it looks like at least as of right now it looks like it is going to be the same processor uh, because it has the same wording on It as what the 2019 version has just says, you know powerful two gigahertz octa core processor, something like that there’s no mention of it being more powerful, though uh.

So that is another thing uh. So really the biggest things here is the ram, the extra gig or two of ram and then the exposed screen and then a little bit different. Look because it’s gon na be a little bit. You know. Camera will be on the side like his iron. The eight and those will be that’s will be a bit smaller uh. Let me know what you what you guys are doing again. I’Ve already pre ordered my eight. Hopefully i don’t know why i keep saying eight the 10 plus hopefully be here on the 26th that’s. When they’re supposed to be shipping them out – hopefully i actually get here then, or sooner i know. Let me know you guys, thoughts, ideas and opinions on this uh. I cannot wait personally. I cannot wait for this to come out uh until next time. Guys hope you have a good one.