I think they are the future im, a big tablet user and since getting the fold too, i really havent been using my tablets as much, and i prefer to actually do a lot of it. Just on this, with the large screen, of course, so as you know, the fold 3 is out and to me really, it should actually be called the fold 2s and youll see why, in this particular video, but the question that im putting forward here is: should you Upgrade to the fold three, if you are a fold, two user – and i hope this video will be helpful for some of you out there ill give you a bit of a spoiler that theres really only one or two reasons to upgrade as youll find out in This well a bit of a comparison in my experiences of using both the fold three and the fold two here and here we are with the fold two fold three, so i would show you the contents of the box, but theres nothing, okay, theres, just a little Bit of paperwork in a sim tray tool that is it and theres no charger included, so you can buy that additional 25 watt charging. You need to spend a little bit more on it, uh yeah its the way, the future. It means the box. Yes is smaller, but its all marketing just to make a little bit more money, so differences here with the finish so weve got the glossy gorilla glass victus.

This is grilled glass victus front and back with the fold three – and i like the matte finish to it. It still does pick up fingerprints, but it just feels a little bit better in hand slightly different camera layout, but the cameras are identical: theyre using the same hardware, so the three 12 megapixel sensors for the zoom camera, the main camera and the ultra wide – and it Does stick out a little bit so slightly thinner, a matte finish to the frame and in hand yeah. It does feel a little bit more refined thats. What were talking about here refinement of the fold two, and i really think this is more like a fold. Two s or a 2s plus not really a three, so the side fingerprint reader very fast. It is accurate. The glass doesnt bend around the side here anymore and the sim tray just pulled that out because it actually takes two sims, as you can see here now, the original model only takes one sum, and then you need to use a virtual sim with it. So that is another change there. We can see the antenna lines on the side. The frame and the middle used is stronger. Now the hinge on this when opening it, it does feel a little bit better here: okay, when you open it up uh, but not by much. It just seems a little bit stiffer to me and that could be down to age, because my folder here this one ive been using for quite some time and maybe its just loosened up a little bit and ive never had any lines or problems with the screen.

With this one at all and the spine on it supposedly stronger here with the fold too, so ever so slightly slimmer, but really they are the same there so down the bottom. Here you can see that theyve increased the width of the loudspeaker on the fold. Three slightly wider, but not by much ill, be giving you a sample of how they sound later on the two type c ports. So usb 3.1 video out support, samsungs desktop mode. Is there too as well and then the top of both of them youll see? There is an additional little bit of a change here, but not really a lot theres, an additional microphone and some extra antenna lines and again slightly wider there so super similar, and then the outer screen change, of course, its the same resolution as before. This is all the same, the same, odd, weird cramped aspect ratio. I dont really use the outer screens much so this doesnt really bother me that much its a slight improvement. 120 hertz now versus the 60, but we still got the same problem. The typing on it is really quite cramped and i dont particularly like it too much. I get a lot of typos typing on this small little narrow screen, and so there is absolutely no difference here now. Huawei did a much better job at this with their mate x2, which, for me still is the best foldable you can buy. However, it doesnt have google play services and its super expensive really hard to get hold of, but it uses a proper whip there with like a normal phone.

So i find that when youve got it and youre typing away its just a little bit too narrow. Now, looking at the inner screens now, the crease on both of these has not changed at all. It seems the same so its identical again really exactly the same here, so the 120 hertz 120 hertz same exact size there, and i really wish they had changed this and made this perhaps say an 8 inch screen would have been a little bit better for me. So i do like typing on these keyboards. The inner keyboard is a lot better there. So are the bezels different theyre not, but ive noticed that the plastic lip around the outside right here is slightly thinner. It doesnt stick out as much as what we have on the fold too, so thats a minor, very minor difference, and you can see here look at the cutouts the inner cut out, even though this does have the brand new under display camera tech. You still see it, you still notice it right now and looking at an angle, its more obvious. Now, if i was just to swipe down here and bring up a notification thing like that things, like that, with the white background there, we can see a bit of a difference. Now you see, oh, hang on yeah yeah, okay, its hidden away, but it still has the pattern to it which ill show you now and you can see what i mean here.

You can see that checkered pattern over where the camera is so its not as good as the second gen ones that were seeing like with the axon 30 that hides it theres that checkerboard pattern covering that under display camera. This is another area because of that new. Under display camera, we are taking a bit of a hit on the quality. So with the fold three here we only have 1080p so full hd. We get 4k video on the inner camera. If you did actually want to use that or with the fold too. So this is why its a downgrade there, even though right now they look identical exactly the same but ill give you a sample from each of them and youll see the obvious difference in quality. First up is the fold 2, so this can record in 4k and it looks sharp its clear and i think this quality is very good, not bad at all and now ill move over to the new fold. Three with that under display camera. Now i can see the big drop down and the quality here see how the image looks a lot grainier its not just because weve gone from 4k now to 1080p its because well the cameras looking through and around those pixels there, so thats a difference. Now, of course, you can just fold it and use the outer camera, which is a lot better than this inner one or you can flip it right around and use the rear cameras too, which i often do it is quite handy, then, our software difference.

So we got one ui, which is version 3.1.1 and its more of a tablet set up here. You can see with the separate menus – and this is more like a phone stretched out on the fold too. So this one of course android 11 android, 11, one ui, 3.1 and android updates. They will come through on this eventually, of course, and we should be able to get android 12.. So there is a difference here with that and the way youre seeing things now, both of them do the same kind of things when you are not really in menus like that. So when you go split screen applications any app or whatever youre going to run. So you can just go on there hold and then you just tap here on the icon. You can then do split screen and you can put it on one side, the other you can swap it over and then you can do the same. Exact split screen thing. So really the software is kind of identical. However, the fold three does have one big game changer, and that is this: the s pen, so weve got s pen support now and because were not gon na have a new note series. I think a lot of people would be interested now in the fold three. So what i did end up getting is what they call the note package. They sell you this as an extra of course, 25 watt, charger and weve got this new case now.

The case for the fold 2, i didnt, like its only half a case. I mean look at it, its just half a case that you clip on the end: thats the leather one super expensive, really overpriced and well. You could say the same for this probably too. As well now, i do like the way that the pen weve got some spare tips in here too. By the way, i like the way that the pin here it just clips into the side. So you slot that in okay – and you hear it like clip into place and its got a nice feel to it: theres like a fake leather that theyre, using with it and ill show you how it just fits in there. So theres. Of course, the fold three clips into place, and now weve got a little bit of protection for the screen, because my screen here on the fold too, this thing ive got the screen protector on it original one now after owning this, for i dont know what it Is now like 10 months scratch to bits, so that is going to help out, but it gives us a bit of a chunky kind of package now that it is a little bit thicker. Still i dont mind this too much. It does add that extra bolt of having that pin there so when you hold it just above the screen, youll see the little dot there. The point now i have noticed that this stylus is very, very accurate and we get similar functions and feels exactly the same.

Really, as that of when ive used it on the note devices before or the the same s pen, with, of course, the tab, uh s7 plus so just going into samsung notes here, i just wanted to show you uh very quickly, just how fast this is so Youre in the pin mode here i have just selected that, but look at this, the latency on this pin excellent. It is so quick, theres no lag so if you needed that pen support and you wanted to jot down – not notes and things with it. Of course, this is probably the main reason and the only real reason why you should end up getting this. So just do a quick little test, so it does have palm rejection once it ticks the slightest there, of course, and just messy writing hello world. But i really do like how fast this is uh me personally, i probably will not actually be using this s pen a lot, and what about our audio so on the left? Weve got the fold two on the right. Is the fold three and ill play the fold two first followed up by the fold three, so we can listen to see if its actually any better the speakers in the fold three did they make any changes? Okay, so theres another downgrade to me and my ears here. Definitely the fold two speakers sound clearer and a little bit bitter in a fraction louder.

Why is that thats? Probably to do with the fold threes ipx8 ratings so theyd be like a super fine mesh across those speakers to stop any splashes and water. Getting in but thats the trade off weve lost a little bit there on the loudspeaker quality onto our performance. Now again, i apologize for the banding were seeing these screens are so hard to capture for some reason, because theres no dc dimming, so ufs 3.1 versus ufs, 3.1 storage speeds. They are very, very similar. Both have 12 gigabytes of ram and, of course we have the difference in the chipset this one, the fold three with the latest generation snapdragon triple eight, so really not much in it. Okay, not amazing a difference here, but i just have to point out as well that ive got 512 gigabytes on this versus 256 okay, so that probably accounts for why this ones faster too there. So is this a noticeable difference in real world use? No, definitely not you cant, see the difference and then a very quick 3d mark test here. This is the wildlife benchmark, so the snapdragon 865 plus versus the snapdragon triple eight both have the eight gigabytes of ram same resolution, everything. So this should be a really interesting test here to see if the triple eight is that much better and we are looking at quite a bit more there. Okay, so thats a nice increase there of about 14 hundred points there over the older fold.

Two with the fold three average frame rate here is 33.9 versus 25.5. One last time i wanted to show you the under display camera of the fold three, which is right here and this one here. This is the second gen. This is the axon 30 that ive just reviewed recently in the channel, and you can barely see the cutout on this one. It is really really good see where is it wheres that front facing camera 16 mega pixel, one thats in this thats, four megapixels? So if zte can do it, why cant samsung here well, it seems theyre just falling behind when it comes to these under display cameras. So when you hold it up, youll see there that checkered pattern and watch when i do the same here with the exon 30 from zte that no its very very hard to see where that under display camera is on this model and thats the way. The fold three should be okay, so lets talk a little bit about the cameras, ive taken a few test, snaps and im honestly, not seeing really any difference. Maybe some slight software color science differences between the two with the different software versions, but theyre using the hardware that is from the fold to so the same. Three 12 megapixel rear cameras, the same front facing outer one, its just the in the camera. As i showed you before, that is the downgrade with the fold three. So we know that weve got now the ipx8 rating.

If you needed that it is now there, the snapdragon triple eight yes, uh 3d performance, especially for gamers. It is faster and you do notice that and the one that i didnt get for some reason. I missed it from the presentation, was dual sim support: well, proper, dual sim support, not just the single sim tray that i have with my fold too the fold three. Now has support for two nano sims, which is great to see that there battery life. Now i can talk a little bit about that im, seeing the same kind of battery life so around four to five hours, maximum on screen time with the inner screen, thats all youre, going to really get. These are not phones that are going to have amazing battery life. Okay, because the fold 2, i will sometimes struggle to make it through a full day, but most of the time ill get to the end of the day and im quite a heavy user. I will still have around about 20 30 left and for me, thats fine, if i can make it through a full day, then im still happy now the 25 watt charging its still not really quick. Its still going to take like oh well over an hour to charge and really they should be coming up now, with 65 watt charging or 50 watt charging, or something like that, better, improved charging tech, the disappointments well, even though the build quality is refined slightly better.

There is the loudspeakers okay, so the loudspeakers on the fold three sound slightly worse to my ears compared to the fold two because of the ipx8 rating, because of that waterproofing splash resistance, they had to add there the mesh with those speakers thats. Probably the reason why it doesnt sound quite as good, it seems to distort a little bit too more at higher volumes and most people thats not going to be an issue there at all. And the other thing, which is the downright of course, as mentioned, is the inner camera. Now i find that, under the display camera on the fold 3 compared to the axon 30 that ive just been reviewing and what ive already seen from other people, i know with the xiaomi mix 4 with the same kind of tech. It does look disappointing. It is a very poor attempt to me that, as and hiding the inner camera – and i dont think it is worth what were getting with the inner camera performance – and i know yet you fold it – you can use the outer camera – hey whats, the big deal, its Nitpicking. Yes, yes, yes, i understand so that question that i asked at the beginning was: should you upgrade if youre fold to owner? I would only upgrade for two reasons and really only one, and that is this. Of course you knew. I was going to say that right, the s pen, its all about the s pen thats, basically it, but it should still be called in my eyes at least a galaxy fold, a zed fold 2s or a 2 plus or the 2ss pen.

For the s pen. The s is perfect right, so thats why you would get it. I do like the new case. Theyve got for it. The pin works really good on the screen. Its super fast, the latency, is really low, it is accurate and it does make a bit of a chunky package. But when i compare that to putting the leather case half case of the fold, two similar its just the extra width that weve gathered from that s, pen, but its a nice full size, the nib is rubber. You can change it over and yeah. That is the big key reason to get. This is, of course, that s pen, apart from that, the snapdragon 8 performance has increased storage performance, maybe slightly better wireless is really about the same, so really its not worth it. Okay, so youre probably asking me: well, then why did you buy it? Am i an idiot? Well i possibly, I am the reason i went for it is the trade in deals. Okay, very, very good. Now i waited and got my full two about two months after the release of it, and i managed to get it for a really good price. I paid like 1100 euros and the trade and offer that i got from samsung with all the coupons and the early bird and the members option, and all that and the samsung care turns out that they give me around 969 euros back for this phone.

In its current state used now for about 10 months or so thats actually really good a really good offer, then, with the coupons and everything else, i managed to get the 512 gigabyte version here of the fold 3 for only 800 euros more once. Of course, you calculate that trade and im going to get on the fold too, so thats not a bad deal if youre new to foldables, then of course you just go in straight away and get the fold three. I would not get the fold two because well you get the slightly better, build stronger frame around there outside the ipx rating. Remember it still has the wireless charging. I think the cameras in this phone and with the fold too, which is exactly the same, i think they are decent cameras. I know a lot of people rubbish them, saying: yeah, theyre, not flagship performance, then no s21 ultra sure, but it still takes a very, very good photo. The main camera has that dual phase detection pixel autofocus, which works really well. The ultrawide is still sharp and looks good, even though its 12 megapixels, i dont, find its bad in the zoom camera as well, decent enough for portraits, so im still happy with it so end up. Really, i think that i will probably yes, i will be keeping the fold three here for those reasons for the trade and only if they didnt have that trade in deal. I can tell you now: i would not have bothered upgrading it all, because it simply isnt enough – and i say it again – it should actually be called the fold to s.

I dont think its enough to be a fold three with those changes.