Just so i’d. You know fight the abyss in the background, while you guys can watch also just want to say, even though the vending banner hasn’t started i’m doing the venti giveaway, because i just wanted to get it started up early. So if you want to enter that um it’s down in the link in the description, obviously venti is a very good character easily as tia and obviously with him being a five star character. He is harder to obtain and with that he is a limited character. Even more harder to obtain the one reason i think venti is easily one of the best supports in the game is because of his alt up time and how he can just suck up tons and tons of enemies. Um right into a ball where you could switch to a different character and um absolutely demolish all of them in the ball, and you can change the element of the ball. So if you look at the bottom right of my screen, you can see that energy recharge go just pile up literally i’ll, get it only after like two elemental skills, i believe and then by the time you’ve like finished those elemental skills um, you know, you’ll get Them all in the ball and you can carry on doing it and obviously you know these enemies just spawned in there getting dragged into it. It’S almost 100 uptime more or less well. It basically is, if only if you carry on, like you know attacking enemies.

So you know, obviously we could use it now and the just the great thing about venti is you know you can change the the element and then i can use like d luke deal a bit of vaporized damage or whatever so now, i’m. Gon na give the honest review on venti and why, i think, he’s a great support but i’m also gon na talk about some flaws about him. So first of all, we’ve talked about that he’s, a great support character. He easily deserves it as his spot, but i mean, like honestly, let’s just give a whole like complete overview of him. I suggest venti for anyone that needs a good support, um, a good uh battery and just general good, like enemy management, because he’s very good. You know with keeping enemies all packed up together apart from against the bigger enemies. So obviously you know with the hilly chills and the slimes um and the abyss mages without the shields it’s fine, but as you can see, it’s not really sucking in the meter chills. It doesn’t suck in the ruined guards they can literally just walk out of it. I’Ll show a little example here so that’s one of the massive flaws we’ll just wait for this guy to run, i’ll shoot the all, and obviously you know he will. He can walk out of it if he wants he’s getting dragged in very slowly um. I don’t know i just that’s one of the little down flaws, but other than that he’s, absolutely amazing for any other, like type of enemies.

So the big factor about venti is obviously he’s like the most supportive character ever if you’re not looking for a support, character and you’re looking for dps only. I really do not suggest venti um wait for child honestly. If you just want dps and that’s it honestly. Just wait for child, the only thing venti really can do and or well is best at doing is supporting he’s just amazing at it. Um and you wouldn’t really want to use him anything else, other than support and sort of battery, maybe for like zhao and another great factor about venti is he is highly free to play friendly, obviously, i’m going to show you right now. I am running the fevonius warbow on him, which is literally the free weapon you get by uh, defeating divalen in the um one of the quests. You do, i believe, it’s our ar20 uh. You get venti’s free, bow uh, which is basically his bow. I mean it fits with him um and it’s, also like his best in slot four star weapon for energy recharge or it could be the sacrificial blow kind of forgot, so obviously uh with him just being overall amazing support and you wouldn’t really want to use him For anything else, otherwise than that um i am gon na say venti is amazing and i would suggest him to anyone, and i some people say he is a – must pull like a a character. You have to get he’s just so amazing.

I wouldn’t really say he is a must pull with other characters is in the game like sucrose and even the main uh mc character with the animal vision, because, obviously you know he can shoot the hurricane that does that does have some enemy control: men um, if You’Re trying to keep them away, especially it works. A lot like better in floor uh, floor 11 chamber two, so i’m kind of done um, with just talking about vendi now but i’m gon na give him a full overview. So we can close this video off because i know um when people watch these videos they’re just here to get the general gist of him. So without a doubt i would say um it’s very safe to summon for venti. He is easily built as free to play. Um he has a good early um early game, build. He has a good end game build. He can deal tons of damage uh when leveled up with a good weapon. His all up time is amazing. He is a great support, character and he’s overall, just amazing. So, yes, i would suggest him to anyone that wants to get him and, along with that, i think he also looks really cool. Uh could just be me, but i think he has some great artwork so other than that. I think i’m going to close the video off here, but i just want to thank everyone that decided to watch till the end um and just wanted to give a little overview on venti, and why is so good? So thank you.