One of the more recent entries is eternal Evolution from HK hero games, the game. This reminds me of the most is AFK Arena, which is an excellent Idol. Hero collector with an interesting Art Deco design at the aesthetic and solid gameplay Eternal Evolution takes that contact concept, switches it from portrait to landscape orientation and puts it all in outer space. But while Eternal Evolution has a science fiction theme, it still cant completely shake its fantasy roots of the Gosha genre. Some Heroes ride around on Horseback shoot, Fireballs from the Weaponry, use Shields and swords, and generally fight monsters in the wilderness for combat. This really just feels like standard fantasy fare with different costumes from what Ive seen so far. The game doesnt really take advantage of advanced technology in any meaningful way. There is a spaceship, but it just moves you from static game area to static Game Area. The ship itself doesnt serve much of a purpose, theres a self assembling tower where you can unlock various futuristic buildings that support it. But this is again just a reskin of the Town hubs you often find in these games. Thats fine, but I do feel like there was a real missed opportunity to innovate by taking advantage of things that might make sense in a futuristic world, but may not in a fantasy world, perhaps something with inventions or science or even Communications for gameplay. I think the Blended fantasy future concept Works reasonably.

Well, though, I do think the Reliance on fantasy tropes may be part of why the game feels more like a reskin of existing games, rather than something new and innovative. That said, there is a lot to like about eternal Evolution on a large screen like a tablet or personal computer. The detailed graphics and color choices are beautiful, kudos to the arc team. On this, I do find when playing on my phone, even my oversized, iPhone that it may be a bit too detailed. If that makes sense, the heroes are a little small and can be difficult for me to figure out whats going on. Sometimes, if youve played this type of game before youll be right at home, almost immediately, you use summon resources to summon Heroes and hope that the random number generator favors you with some of the more powerful Heroes. You then spend resources to level them up, increase their power and skills, and additional resources are required to get past specific bottleneck levels and improve overall play player power. You feed weaker Heroes into the strong Heroes that you want to focus on in the pursuit of reaching the Pinnacle of that power and along the way, the game will try to tempt you to spend actual cash for various advantages. To make this process go just a little bit faster. There are a variety of gameplay modes, including a campaign. Some single and multi use dungeons, individual boss, mobs to fight as well as PVP, nothing that Ive seen so far has been particularly new or Innovative, but everything Ive seen has had a fair amount of Polish and been reasonably enjoyable.

So should you play this game right now? The player base is strong. The Google Play Store is showing over a half million downloads, theres a number of good content creators out there, building YouTube videos on tactics and strategies and the developers are actively engaged with the community, which is all good news. If you enjoy the game, you arent likely to be playing an orphaned game anytime soon, however, the game doesnt bring anything truly new to the genre and given the amount of time that is required in gotcha games to accumulate power, the time investment to progress is not Insubstantial, which is to say that if youve never played the genre and are interested in it, I might recommend one of the more established Games. First, as theyve had longer to work on the inevitable hero, balance, issues and theres also going to be a lot more guidance and help out there to ramp up the learning curve quickly. If you are already familiar with this space and you arent deeply engrossed in another game or just looking for something new and shiny, then yeah, I dont think that Eternal Evolutions will disappoint with enough support. The developers May extend it into unexpected directions as well. For me, Im a little on the fence and I think, Im, probably gon na pass first Im already playing similar games and have ramped up most of their learning curve. I dont feel particularly motivated to switch to as Eternal Evolutions is not bringing anything new.

Second, I dont think the game is providing enough help on figuring out which Heroes to invest in while the tutorial itself is quite long. It is mostly just focused on driving through the initial trivial campaign scenarios, where you really couldnt lose. If you tried, the hero is set to begin with the game the hero set at the beginning of the game. Isnt all that large and there also isnt much Clarity on how I should value the various types. Tanks, vanguards assassins support here Hunter energy and Summoners across three different factions. While it sounds like some excellent design space option, the game doesnt provide any tools to help figure out whats important or how I should really be constructing my team. In truth, gotcha games arent always friendly in that area, and they do rely a lot on trial and error. However, trial and error and gotcha games typically uses resources that are hard to replace later, leaving many a player to find themselves re rolling and just giving up and watching guides that spoon feed them on how to play. That combined with just missing the mark on the setting and not taking it taking advantage of the potential that a space faring high tech Society might bring to the game, leads me to think there are better options out there right now. As far as the games stability goes, it has been Rock Solid on my iPhone, but playing under the BlueStacks Android emulator has been fairly challenging the game randomly freezes quite often, which makes it frustrating to play and thats a shame really because the game is quite gorgeous On the larger screens, the game also lacks much in the way of backstory and fiction, thats, something normal for gotcha games.

After all, these are hero. Collector games not full fledged story, driven RPGs, but just a little more on who these heroes are, why they are here and what everything is about would help with the immersion a little. I know that when I play I like to create little backstories for my team to make them feel a little more real and a little less digital Id love to see Eternal Evolutions expand a bit here overall Ill give the game a b or a B plus It is a well executed clone that does a pretty decent job of what it of what the games it is mimicking do but Im not sure it does enough new to really stand out from the crowd. If you were looking for something new but completely predictable, you might find this game fits the bill, otherwise Id probably pass and perhaps return in a few months to see what the game has become with time, with the relative crowding in the hero collector space right now. I dont expect that all of the games Will Survive, but those that do will continue to get better and better. You agree with my review or not.