Now the Zenbook is a lightweight portable device which comes with an Intel Core i5 processor and an integrated Intel Iris XE graphic card. So let us start with this review and find out whether this laptop is worth its price or not. You can find this laptop on the Amazon website, the link for which is in the description below, like always well start with the review of CPU graphic card and the ram first and then one by one. We will review other specs as well. The Asus Zenbook 14 OLED comes with an Intel Core i5 1240p processor. Now this is a mid range processor, designed for ultra light ultra thin laptops. This processor is a 12th generation Intel Core i5 processor. It is based on Elder Lake P family and was announced in early 2022. It contains total 12 cores out of which 4 Hour performance, cores and 8 are efficient cores. This processor has a total 60 number of threads. The clock speed ranges from 1.7 gigahertz to 4.4 gigahertz for performance cluster and 1.2 gigahertz to 3.3 gigahertz for efficient cluster. The 1240p comes with 12 Mb of Intel smart cache and supports 64 GB of maximum memory size. It also provides support to ddr5, which is the new generation memory type now. This processor is mostly comparable to amds ryzen 55600u processor. So let us compare these two processors to see which is a better processor. As far as CPU performance is concerned, starting with the ram speed Ram, speed is an essential specification, especially if you have an integrated graphic card, because it shares the main memory of the system.

Therefore, higher Ram speed is better here. The Intel Core i5 1240p has 5200 megahertz of ram speed, whereas the ryzen 55600u has 4266 megahertz of ram speed. The Intel Core i5 1240p is a clear winner here, as it has 934 megahertz higher Ram speed compared to AMD ryzen 5 5600u. Now, coming to the GPU turbo speed in the GPU turbo speed boost the speed of CPUs fastest course individually, so faster is better now here, Intel Core i5 1240p has 1300 megahertz of GPU turbo speed, whereas ryzen 5 5600u has 1800 megahertz of GPU turbo speed. Here. Clearly, ryzen 5 beats Intel Core I5 1240p by being 500 megahertz faster. As far as GPU turbo speed is concerned, coming to the cache memory, we should know that a larger cache results in Faster CPU and system wide performance. Here we can see in this chart that Intel Core i5 1240p has a larger L1 and L2 cache compared to ryzen 5, which is very good. But as far as the L3 cache is concerned, Intel i5 falls short by 4mb compared to ryzen 55600u, but no need to worry, as that wont really affect our routine tasks. Now, coming to the CPU course Intel Core i5 1240p has 12 CPU cores compared to ryzen 5 5600u, which has 6 CPU. Cores 1240p has 6 more CPU cores, which allows us to have more programs running at the same time and also allows us to switch from one program to other with more ease.

As far as CPU threads are concerned, Intel Core i5 1240p has 16 CPU threads compared to ryzen 5 5600u, which has 12 CPU threads. The 1240p has 4 more CPU threads, resulting in Faster performance and better multitasking. Now talking about the graphic card, this laptop comes with an integrated Intel Iris, xcg, 780eu graphic adapter. This graphic adapter is the next gen 12 architecture with 80 execution units. The clock rate depends on the processor model. In this case, it ranges from 1.7 gigahertz to 4.4 gigahertz. This igpu is loaded with modern features such as av1 video recording capability and can support up to two 4K external displays. Simultaneously. Performance of the iris XC is similar to the performance of some entry level, dedicated graphic cards like the Nvidia GeForce MX series, heres a benchmark score of Intel Iris XC, compared to some of the widely used graphic processors for laptops in this price range. The iris XC is fairly comfortable when it comes to Casual gaming. Most modern Games should be playable at 1080P or at low settings. Here we see some of the games tested on the laptop with Intel i5, 1240p processor and Iris XC graphic adapter, the Intel i5 1240p. With Iris XC graphic adapter, although running at 720p and lower setting, can play most of the latest games out there with ease so casual gamers can rejoice. Music Asus Zenbook 14 OLED comes with a 16gb ddr5 Ram with ram speed of 5200 megahertz when it comes to integrated graphic adapter.

In this case an iris xe. A faster Ram is a prerequisite for decent performance because the igpu uses the main memory so 5200. Megahertz of ram speed serves this purpose very well, so faster, the ram better will be the performance of the GPU Music. The other important specs of this laptop includes a 512gb nbme EPC, ie4 performance, SSD storage. The nvme SSD, is significantly faster than any SATA SSD. Zenbook has 14 inch OLED panel with 2880 into 1800 of max resolution at 90 Hertz. This laptop comes with a 75 work hours, 3 Cell lithium ion battery and offers an excellent battery life of up to 18 hours. Laptop comes with a 19.05 mm full sized backlit chiclet keyboard with Asus ergosense technology. The keyboard comes with 0.2 mm dist keycaps. The wide touch pad is very smooth to touch and comes with a backlit number pad Music. It has a fingerprint sensor, integrated with power key. You can also lay the lead flat thanks to the 180 degree. Ergo left hinge. The 720P HD camera comes with Asus noise reduction technology, which offers a real time crisp and clear image quality in connectivity. You get an USB port on one side and a Micro SD card reader, 200 volt, USB type c ports and audio jack and a HDMI port on the other side, with an overall thickness of 1.6 millimeter and weighing around 1.’ kgs. This Zenbook is extremely thin and light coming to the verdict: Asus zenbox 14 OLED with the 12th generation Intel Core i5, 1240p processor and and Iris XC graphic adapter cannot only easily handle day to day tasks such as browsing streaming and using office productivity softwares.

But due to the faster RAM and the latest nvme SSD, this laptop can handle more demanding tasks such as code, compiling 3D, rendering video and photo editing as well. This laptop also has 18 hours of excellent battery life, which allows you to work for longer hours without being confined to one space. So overall Asus Zenbook, 14 OLED is worth its price hope you find this video informative.