It is chuwi’s ipad plus it’s their new tablet from them, so it runs android 10.. It is an 11 inch tablet with a very high resolution of 2176 by 1600 sharp looking panel, that it’s also very bright and, of course, it’s. The 4×3 aspect ratio. So this is a bit of an ipad clone here, but you could say a cheap android version of an ipad clone, so it has a unibody housing which is actually really quite good, it’s high quality, very nice feeling to it. There’S, a 7000 milliamp hour battery type c micro, sd card support, all powered by the mediatek 81 83, with 4 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. So it chips in chewy’s, typical brown box, no frills packaging. We get only a usb type, a to type c cable and a 10 watt charger. This is the european plug charge. Time is very slow, as you can imagine at 10 watts. It will take well over three hours it’s in this little protective slip. So we have a pre applied screen protector, which is good because i’m, absolutely terrible at applying screen protectors myself, so the glass on top of this. This will just be soda lime, glass. It does not have any gorilla glass protection, no dragon tail. Nothing like that! So they’ve got a few other specs outlined there. The gpu is the g72 mp3. Now there are a couple of cutouts right here at the top. Well three of them.

This is our five megapixel camera right there. Then we have an ambient light sensor and possibly another sensor there, two as well, but maybe only one of them, is for the ambulant light sensor and let’s have a look at the back of this, so it feels very, very good in hand. In fact, i’m gon na give it a bit of a flex. Oh wow that’s, really solid, very, very solid there, so this does have a 7000mah battery. Inside this we have five poke, pin connectors for, i believe, a keyboard attachment. Although i haven’t seen any information about that and then right here, we do have a 13 megapixel camera and an led flash so great, thickness and good build on this one they’re using some cnc machining. This is a uni body, alloy housing, with this matte gray, finish to it, two microphones up the top right here: type c port and our metal power button. Now the thickness this is 6.9 millimeters and where the camera is where that sticks out. That, then brings it up to about nine, so it does bulge out a little bit that 13 megapixel rear camera. Now that type c port here this one it does not support video out, so there is no hdmi out and there is no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Sadly, you will have to use a type c to 3.5 adapter, which is a real shame so down the bottom. Absolutely no ports there on the right side of this tablet, if you’re looking at it holding it in portrait, we’ve got two volume up and down buttons made out of metal and, yes, it does have a bit of an ipad, feel and look to it doesn’t.

It now four speakers here but it’s, not actually four speakers i’ve tested this out already so i’ve kind of cheated, but the lower ones are the only ones that have sound coming out of them. On my unit here i put my ear up to it. I hear sound coming out of this. I don’t hear any sound out of that one, and the same goes for this side here too, on the left, so sound, no sound out of that sound just coming out of this and our sim tray there, which sorry micro, sd card tray, there’s. No some support in this, so only just micro sds for this, but very very good, build and it’s flexing this again. That is that’s absolutely solid, very, very good feel to it in hand, it feels really quite premium, so chewie has done an excellent job with the finish on this tablet. So we have a very good screen in this particular model here fully laminated. It has over 250 ppi, so very good, pixel density, thanks to that 2176 by 1600 resolution, 4×3 aspect ratio. So does it feel laggy? No, the ui performance doesn’t feel laggy it’s, not bad at all, it’s quite good, so the screen’s maximum brightness does top out to be a very bright 460 nits. That is very, very good. Now you’ll see that i’ve noticed that when i use the toggles let’s see this little glitching happening there at the bottom. I don’t think that’s a hardware issue.

I think that’s just software, i don’t know if it’s just my unit that is causing that it’s. Just one minor thing with the rom: the other thing to do with the launcher that i don’t particularly like, is sometimes it’s very hard to trigger recent gestures. I’Ve got full screen, gestures enabled and they do work well, but right now i want to go to recent apps and i can’t until i open another app, for example, here: i’ll storage benchmark and then i can go. You can see go back to recent and i even have running in the background, or i did have a game running. Okay, a lot of things running yeah, dude, there’s, counter sorry call of duty in there not counter strike and everything seems to be pretty fast and fluid, so that is great there, but more on the topic of that particular screen here. So it is really really good. Fully laminated, however, there are a couple of settings that are missing that i will get onto so touch. Response has been pretty good, you can see. Sometimes i do have to go back and tap again and that’s, probably because i’m running a few things there. In the background, just to also test out our performance, so looking at it like here with the display tester, the blacks, do look quite good and it’s, just that sharpness and overall really high quality, build that chili’s gone with. So, look at those blacks, they’re not actually too bad at all for an ips panel and they’re, not as deep, of course as oled or an amoled panel, but they look good now.

The settings that are missing in display are some very essential to me settings. It should always be there, so when you jump in here, you can see that hang on. Where is contrast, where is the white balance? Nothing is available to us, so you need to use then third party apps for that which you can get now one of them. I have downloaded already, which is called color calibrator there’s a lot out there on the market, and then i can adjust those settings so that’s, just a minor, the out of the box calibration of the screen is quite good. Now the rom is android 10 we’re running the security patch level is from november, so it’s not exactly recent we’re in march now. So i hope chewie will update that and yes, they do have a wireless update system and i am on the latest firmware at the time of this video. The ipad plus has 4 gigabytes of ram it’s in dual channel 1800 megahertz, so it’s low power, there’s, lp, ddr4x and available free storage is somewhere on first boot around about 112 gigabytes or so so it is an octa core that it’s in this one here. So we’ve got the four cortex a53s four of the a 73s and the graphics is handled by the mali, g72 mp3 and later on in this video, i will show you just how well this particular tablet games or not. Is it going to be a choppy and laggy mess, because when you take a look at the antutu score here, it’s, not exactly amazing, the weakness being yes that gpu there only 28 000 points and an overall score of 161 000 means that, yes, this is a Low end chipset, that is powering the high pad plus – and here are the internal storage speeds.

So we do have 128 gigabytes, emmc 5.1 spec on this and 256 megabytes per second read sequential 141, right, sequential and then the random reads are 40 megabytes per. Second random rights are 20.. This is not actually too bad, so this won’t, be. The bottleneck of this particular tablet, it’s the chipset, that is, the bottleneck, not the storage, if you’re wondering did, this tablet have hardware, gps and a compass in it, no it doesn’t so there’s, no gps at all. So don’t even bother buying it if you intended to use it for navigation because it’s not going to work so the screen now in landscape just looks really really good, really sharp, so you’re seeing this funny banding on the screen right here or in 4k, you might Notice this that there’s, these funny lines and some analyzing coming through to do with the screen, but trust me in person. You do not see that at all there’s, a very very nice screen here now there’s a little bit of light, bleed that comes through just on the corners when the screen is just showing complete black and it’s very hard for me to to pick it up and Show you there and you don’t notice it it’s not really an issue because you’re not going to be looking at just black screens. Are we well at least i’m? Not now the auto rotation of the accelerometer that’s detected very quick, and would you believe some of the cheap tablets.

I just recently reviewed the ones that only cost about 1′ us dollars or 160 us dollars, we’re very, very slow to respond to that quite laggy. In that aspect, but here it’s quite good, so drm info, what are we going to have with this uh? I we can place beds here. You all know the result is going to be level three and it is level three. So that means netflix amazon. Prime video stuck sadly in standard definition. Now they are here, you can install them. You can run them disney, plus as well. That can be installed, but yep. You cannot get anything above just standard definition which, on such a nice screen, was such a great resolution and well over over 250 ppi pixel density. There it’s a real shame that we don’t have that i’ll. Take a look now at google play books just how it will run a pdf file here. So this one is a large pdf file and i don’t even think i have it completely downloaded on the storage. No, i do and the speed of it is okay. So at your normal pace, it’s going to be just fine and it does look really good, very, very good with this screen the double tapping, of course, that it brings things up to zoom in and it’s very, very sharp. So if you look at the screen closely, you’re not really going to see any pixels unless you get really really close away from it: i’m talking about 10 centimeters close there and then an e book.

This does look good on this particular screen, no problems there too. So if you swipe down from the top, if i can trigger that toggle correctly, we’ve got night light and night light mode is what removes and filters out the blue from the screen. So that is good, that we have that on board flashlight. Is there too, as well so it’s going to enable that flashlight in the rear? You can just see it coming on at the top there if you needed that well, it’s, there it’s an option, and this is what this tablet is really ideal for light tasks. So internet browsing chrome, youtube videos ebooks things like that is what this tablet is ideal for brief. Look at youtube performance, so i’m surprised to see that they do allow us with the youtube app to run the setting of 4k 60, which i’m doing right now. But i can see that it’s dropping a lot of frames it’s only around about 10 15 frames per second here when running at 4k. So if i change this option over now to just make it, i think 1080p60 is sufficient enough. You see that there we go things start to run, then a lot smoother, but even now, i’m seeing it’s still a little bit. Laggy and let’s just go and skip to another place of my video right here just to the end. Hopefully, this is not lagging so it’s a few seconds to load in okay, so that’s fine, so 1080p 60 good.

But when i stick it onto that, i’ll do it again 4k and you watch when it swaps over to 4k, which will take a few seconds there. We go look at that lag coming through, so keep it at 1080p onto our speakers, so it doesn’t have quad speakers, even though it looks like it does. As i showed you when we looked at the design of this tablet, they’ve got the little gap there, but maybe their plans changed. They decided that. No, you know we’ll just go with the two speakers, but the good news is they allow. They have a tiny little bit of bass and for a tablet, especially the last budget or cheaper tablets. I’Ve been reviewing these speakers aren’t too bad. Now, they’re not going to be a samsung galaxy s plus or an ipad. No, but for the price of this they’re, not bad and here’s a sample at 100 volume and moving on to a sample of the front facing camera. This one is five megapixels and, as you can see from this video quality it’s, not amazing, it’s very very average, and the audio quality is also being recorded on the ipad plus. So it is average quality here to poor, and at least we do have the cameras. If you want to use this for skype, calls or zoom or whatever the option is there, but i am sure your mobile phone, like i always say, will do a much better job than the cameras in this tablet now call of duty.

This one is on the lowest possible visuals and the high frame rate option, and i have not actually seen any problem at all with any major stutters or lag. It is running surprisingly good. So, looking down the scope here, you can move about, you can zoom in and it doesn’t lag no problems at all, definitely faster than the chipset that i just looked at and the last two tablets, which was the unisock t610, at least the chipset, and this one. The 8176 73 sorry is performing well i’m able to get kills and no massive frame dip. So that is really what we want. So as long as you keep the settings on the lowest possible visuals for these demanding games, they should be playable on this chipset. On the ipad plus here – and that brings me on to one of the more important things too and a tablet is the battery life, which is, thankfully, very, very good in this. So the 12 nanometer low end chip paired up with that 7 000 milliamp hour battery, which does take well over three hours to fully charge by the way. Very, very slow charging does go for about 10 hours, 11 hours, it’s really quite good, so you lose depending on your screen, brightness of course, but you will be losing about 10 every hour, so that’s great, so the battery life very decent on this, the build quality Really good, that is a huge positive here.

This has no creeks or flex. It feels like a premium high quality tablet. The build is is really that good. Now we only have the two speakers, even though it has what looks like well. It’S got the four grilles and i thought it would have the four speakers in there, but no only two, but not like the typical tablets at least the last two tablets i reviewed in the channel, which weren’t that good, these ones aren’t bad. So the volume is decent, it is loud, there’s, a tiny little bit of bass and then the screen, the screen is definitely the star of the show the slim side bezels. It has a very nice high resolution and it just looks great there’s, no contrast, adjustment or white balance adjustment in the settings, however, which i hope they can add with software updates now in terms of the rom well, it does also need some software updates. I think, because my one’s got a bit of a glitch that is when i swipe down. I sometimes see when i swap down with the toggles a little bit of colors flashing at the bottom of my screen. I believe it’s. Only software only the launch is causing it now. The screen brightness the lowest screen brightness – is that right there, which is it’s actually too bright uh. It should be a lot dimmer for me but i’m, not seeing any pulse modulation flicker. The full brightness, of course, is the very decent 460 nits there, which is great, so you can actually make it out in direct sunlight now.

The launcher has another annoying thing about it. I’Ve got apps running in the background right now and i swipe up to recent apps and i simply cannot do it now. There is no other air update yet there’s the system on board. So if i want to go to another recent app, i have to select or load another app up and then i can swipe and hold and then go over to my recent apps, which you can see are still all there. That is quite an annoyance there. So i will probably be running nova launcher until chewie fix the launcher, with a firmware update with this one. So as a tablet that sells for around about 269 us on special and then the normal price of 299 that’s a little too expensive, i think for the kind of spec that’s on offer, because it is a low end. Chipset gaming performance is okay on low settings. You saw call of duty was just fine, quite smooth and playable there, but don’t expect to play the demanding games on high settings because you won’t be able to do it with this particular chipset. So all up, it is a good tablet. The build the screen. The speakers that is the super positives there, then the iffy areas that i will mention there as listed all my pros and cons.