This is Tech. Check well were already into 2023 and Ive not wished anyone a happy New Year yet so happy New Year to each and every one of my subscribers, its officially the first video of 2023. Last weeks, video was one that I recorded at the back end of 2022. Just never got around to actually editing it, so were gon na set off on the right foot. From now on and Im gon na start making sure that weve got videos each week on a Sunday, so this week guys were going to review this product from orico. They reached out to me and said weve done a bit of a new reiteration of our five port docking station. This ones a six in one docking station. Would you be interested in reviewing, I said, absolutely lets have a look so were going to unbox. It were going to review it well test it and then well give you that civil approval is it actually worth it lets do this, so there we go guys Oracle. Six in one docking station pw11, 6p, essentially actually its an upgrade from their pw11 5p with one extra Port lets get in it. So first impressions then guys its quite a smart nice looking docking station. It comes in this gunmetal gray, finish on this aluminum shroud, the cable that it comes with is 0.2 meters, its a USB type c cable. It is limited to five gigabits per second. So please be aware of that.

On this side. Here we have got 100 watt charging port, which is fantastic. For instance, if youve got a tablet or a laptop thats only got one charging point and youve got multiple other connections that youd like to charge. At the same time, maybe you want to get your mobile phone plugged in you dont have all day, then this would do a really good job to charge. Those really quickly. Weve got a 4K HDMI port here. That being said, this 4K Port here is limited to 4K 30, so dont think youre going to get 60 FPS from this input. Here weve got a USB type c again: five gigabits per second and, on the other end, weve got three type. A USB ports as well at five gigabits per second in the middle weve got a light. Thats gon na obviously turn on tell us whether weve got any actual connections or connectivity. I would have liked to have seen an SD card reader for me having so many cameras, SD cards filming all the time, its an absolute ball eight to reach over the back of the monitor plug it into a docking station, thats dangling from a USBC port at The front of my computer with this I could have got an extension cable run it down the back of the computer and stuck it under the desk and then youve got an Andy device which you can plug and connect everything to so its a bit of a Shame not to see either an RJ45 connection or an SD card reader on this um.

That being said, I do do a little bit of due diligence and Ive just checked oracles website, and this is one variation. The other variation does get rid of the actual five gigabit USBC port and replaces it with an RJ45. So there is going to be two different options, so just a Pity, theyre missing out on the SD card reader lets, give it a test, see whether we actually get five gigabits per second on these A and C ports. So there we have it guys Ive, just Jerry rigged here weve got our USBC connected to our docking station. Thats then connected to the front panel USBC connector on my Leon Lee case well now open Crystal dismark, which is here guys and well press uh. Basically, one gigabyte were going to transfer this to a Gen 4 drive on my actual computer. Well, put it in gigabits per second well press all so, as you can see there guys not too bad at all, just getting under five gigabits per second on the top two and on both read and write. So absolutely fine, thats, interesting guys so Ive just connected my USB charger to the actual 100 watt charge point on this connected this to a tablet that was very low, very, very low on battery. I did it on purpose, just to actually see whether it would work, as you can see, were on zero. A second ago is now charging this tablet at one percent, when I charged it through the actual charger itself through the USBC.

Well, it didnt want to actually work lets, charge it and see it one more time, so its providing sufficient power to the actual docking station and then well plug that into the actual tablet itself. There we go so its not getting enough power to actually charge the tablet, while its plugged in through the actual docking station itself. I know when this cable is actually charging, because it provides me with a red light here and when its charged, it goes. Blue yeah see theres no problems at all with the actual cable, so just something to be mindful of just there. One thing I want to try is: I have another docking station now this ones a little bit more expensive, again comes with this 0.2 meter. Uh, USBC, cable and Ill talk a little bit more about this one just after, but I just want to try and see whether this one actually charges it. Because again, this ones got 100 Watts pass through as well no problems whatsoever so again red light indicating providing sufficient power to the actual um all in one here and then thats connected to this particular tablet and apologies, if you cant see, but essentially its now providing Power enough power to actually charge the battery inside this tab, a from Samsung, so very, very straightforward, simple, test, two separate little docking stations, this one slightly different to this one, because this one actually does provide enough power to charge this so again, not a great start For this one, so there you have it guys.

Absolutely no problem with regards to read and write speeds on the advertised. Five gigabits per second youll have no issue with regards to the type A all the type C ports whatsoever. Ive got no reason to disbelieve a 4K HDMI port, but just obviously do your due diligence. It will all depend on obviously screen type and stuff like that. If youve got a 1920, 1080P or uh 1440p panel, then its not going to make any difference whatsoever its just stipulating 4K 30., so it was a little bit disappointing. With regards to the 100 watt charge point Im not gon na lie, I would have loved for that to have actually worked but thats the beauty about reviewing particular products. Sometimes if this was the absolute reason that you was going to get the this particular docking station and on this occasion it didnt provide enough power to charge that Samsung tablet. There then well youve, just got your own answer so lets move on to the last point, then guys, which is obviously price. Essentially this retails normally for 29.99. One thing I can tell you guys is: there is actually 60 coupon at this moment in time. I will leave a link down in the description for this particular product, but when Ive just gone to checkout on Amazon, it made it about 15 16 pounds and thats a pretty good deal now, obviously its a bit of a deal breaker. With regards to the charge point, now again, I will hold my hands up if this particular cable didnt provide enough power or for whatever reason, but one thing I can say is we also tried this one here from a competitor and it had no issues whatsoever.

So the main difference between this one here and this one here is this one – is around sixty dollars. This one well, as Ive just said, is about 15 16. on offer, at this moment in time or 30 or 60., so its twice the cost, but with that twice the cost, you do get your USB type, A ports. You get your RJ45 plug. You get your 100 watt USB type c connection, you get your SD card readers and you also get two HDMI: 4K 60 hertz outputs as well, so again, still cable, its the same length, Etc, but its a little larger in terms of width and diameter. So this one here, I think, if youre just looking for a docking station thats going to provide you with a few more USBS thats got five gigabits per second, that works really really well and its got an HDMI out then its absolutely fine, especially if you can Pick it up for a bargain price of around fifteen sixteen dollars. I dont think you can go wrong. It feels well built, looks quite nice and, as you saw on the test Crystal this Mark actually said it provided up to five gigabits per second, so no problems there. So, overall guys for me, I think Im going to give it a Miss thats, primarily because its missing these SD card readers, its nice, to have that 4K 60 and its also nice to know that the USB pass through to provide Power actually does work.

So Im hoping you found it insightful if you have dont forget to leave a like on the video guys if youve not done already smash that subscriber button loads more coming up on the channel.