Okay lets get right into it. This is the microsoft surface, pro 8. As i said, this is the latest generation of microsofts flagship reference style machine for the windows. 11 operating system windows has elevated itself to windows 11 and its new version is kind of more like a cosmetic upgrade in many ways, but it also has some stuff under the hood more on that a little bit later. So, to give you a kind of an idea of how much horsepower is in what weve got today, what weve got in front of us is a core i7, the 11th generation processor on board. This tablet, its got 13 inch screen, runs at 3.0 gigahertz, which is quite quick and its quad core. It also has a 512 gigabyte ssd on board 16 gigabytes of memory, and it has wi fi, six and bluetooth all pretty standard. And if you watch some of our previous reviews on intel, evo, notebooks. Well guess what this is very much an intel evo platform notebook, which is not surprising, considering that microsoft and intel work together, hand in hand to create a lot of these different platform. Experiences: pricing on the surface pro 8 – you know, starts at 1’9 and, to be honest, theres a lot of different notebooks out there. That could give you similar to almost the same specs for about the same price point, but the one that were reviewing today – and i did preface this – is that its quite expensive, its 2’0 for this model right here with all the specs that i stated and it Doesnt include the best part of the windows, microsoft, surface, lineup and thats the keyboard.

This is probably one of my favorite things about this platform, but its also not cheap its 349 dollars for this. But it does give you the microsoft surface pen, which also charges in this little cradle here and when you connect it to the microsoft surface itself, and it clicks in it gives you a place to put uh the pen. It just kind of hides just like that. Its pretty cool, to be honest for that 2’9., you also get a 5 megapixel front camera, and this is something thats becoming a lot more important these days, mainly because we have been behind the screens for so long now that everyone on a 720p camera its its Looking its looking a little old here, so microsoft has taken the pawn themselves to add a 1080p camera which, in my experience, looks pretty good. It also has dual mics to pick up your voice and everything like that. So something like that is also improved and it supports windows hello, so it does have facial recognition so that you can quickly sign into your meetings by looking at the screen. This is the front facing camera on the microsoft surface pro 8.. This is a 1080p camera with a 5 megapixel resolution recording at you. How does it look so one of the most compelling things about the microsoft surface platform overall is the fact that it does have this detachable keyboard. It is a tablet. It has this neat kickstand setup, which is now improved to allow you to flip it all the way down.

So you can work like this form factor and functionality, and also you know. Overall, the ability to adapt to different situations is what the microsoft surface is all about, and the surface pro 8 takes that to another level, its got two thunderbolt 4 ports on it. What that means is that it gives you the ability to connect at very high speeds to anything from your standard peripherals like printers scanners, other devices like cameras, but it also gives you the ability to connect high speed storage systems. So if youre editing, video or photos you get that benefit, but on top of that you also get the ability to upgrade to external gpus, which allows you to turn this into a gaming machine or a very high class high end creator studio. So you can render those files a lot faster. I also really like the fact that its also running a clean version of microsoft. Now you hear a lot about that when it comes to uh the google pixel line of phones from android or theyre, a vanilla version of android thats installed without any bloatware. This is microsofts vision of what windows 11 should be so in terms of performance snappiness, and everything like that youre going to get like for, like with the same specs, probably in in all likelihood, a much smoother performance out of a microsoft surface, pro 8 device. Now the surface pro 8 is lightweight. The tablet itself weighs about 891 grams, which is about 2 pounds.

The keyboard. The kickstand here adds another couple hundred grams on top of that, so overall youre getting a under three pound setup. That is quite well built. I mean this is not the lightest laptop, and the other thing that i really like about this is that the microsoft has slowly uh changed from the original angular design of their first generation into something thats a lot more smooth a little bit more organic because original Designs were a lot more angular, and i found that even with my original surface, which ive had for a few years now, its just a lot easier to hold, it doesnt feel like its digging into my hands anymore, its just a more ergonomic experience with this latest Version all right so lets talk about the screen here. This is a laptop, but its also a tablet, and what i love about this particular device is the 13 inch pixel sense screen its a full touch, screen its very, very responsive, but its got more of a non conventional laptop form factor. This is a three by two screen, meaning thats a little bit less rectangularish and a little bit more squarish. The resolution here is 2880 by 1920., so again, a little bit more height, a similar width to a lot of different laptops out there. That real estate gives you a lot more height to play with, but if youre consuming media keep in mind that there will be bars on the top and the bottom now, the screen is also color accurate, but it comes out of the box a little bit punchy.

The colors are very vibrant. I can see the potential in that, but for someone, thats editing, photos or video, you can adopt the srgb color profile, which you know tones things a little bit down, makes it a little bit more realistic for you when youre working the other thing, thats really important. When youre talking windows, 11 and well get into some of the other things i really like about that operating system is the fact that it does have up to 120 hertz refresh now out of the box, its not turned on so youre going to have to go To the display settings to change it from 60 hertz, all the way up to 120 hertz, and what that gives. You is just a very smooth, flowy experience. It almost feels like the machines snappier than it really is and its something that a lot of people thought that they didnt need in a smartphone when we went from 30 to 60 to 90 to 120 hertz. But once you look at a screen thats above 60hz, 90 or 120, you really dont want to go back and thats something i felt exactly the same about with this display now lets talk about performance here. This is a 2’9 laptop tablet and you have to add a keyboard to that. So what does that give you in terms of performance well lets just say that its super snappy now to kind of preface how i use it, and you know you can compare that to to my workload is.

I typically have two different sessions of chrome open using the new profile feature. I have one profile directly dedicated to work and i have another profile dedicated to home or other administrative things. I run both sessions simultaneously, which means that its crunching up a lot of cycles working in the background, so in total i have about 40 tabs open at any given time. I also have slack open. I also have other utilities open. I check social media profiles for get connected. I look at all the stats and everything like that. Im writing its just its just a quagmire of things going on on this laptop and for what its worth, even under those workload conditions its still very, very snappy. I i have not seen this thing slow down. I love the way that the 120 hertz screen makes everything super fluid and smooth and to be honest, um performance overall in a office, administrative work, setting shouldnt be a problem for you. The one thing that i was really surprised about was its performance when working with creative applications. Now this doesnt have an internal nvidia or amd gpu. It has whats called iris, xc graphics, which is part of the intel evo platform, its built into the cpu, and, to be honest, i wasnt expecting a whole lot from it. But when i did a quick render test and quite often well take a lot of the blackmagic raw footage that we get from our cameras and well transcode it so that someone can view it on the other end and well upload that so that any machine can Look at the footage and take notes.

I was able to take a five gigabyte file and transcode it down to a mp4 file within 4 minutes and 48 seconds. My dell, which is an xps 15, its a few years old. It came out in 2016. that machine has internal nvidia graphics inside of it its got a 960m, so on paper you might think that it would be faster than this machine, but i was sorely mistaken. It did that same render in five minutes and 24 seconds. So, if youre, looking, if youre a creator that has a five year old laptop that you think is still pretty good, it just got owned by this machine that doesnt even have an external graphics card. So there you go. This might give you the impetus to kind of move up or move into something like this. Now, one of the things that a lot of people dont expect a lot out of a laptop or tablet is audio quality. You tend to want to put on your headphones, be it true wireless or something over the ears or even something that plugs in, which is getting a lot more rare these days and enjoy the sound that way. Well, i got ta say i was blown away by the speaker quality on this laptop. It has two watt speakers theres two of them on board and it supports dolby atmos and when i fired it up, it sounded really really good. Lets have a listen Applause.

Why? That came from this thing and thats pretty impressive. So if you wanted to listen to music off of this, you want to turn on spotify or amazon, music or any of your favorite music streaming apps or even just listen to a podcast. I i dont think you can be disappointed by the audio quality. It rolls off really nicely when it hits those bass notes it just it just. Has this really great warm sound and thats fantastic work, microsoft, so good job on that one other thing that you might appreciate is the fact that it does have a 3.5 mil headphone jack and a volume rocker right underneath that. So if you do have a set of high end headphones 75 ohms and you want to use them to listen to the best quality, sound wired – you can totally do that too. But of course, it also has bluetooth on board. 5.0 is supported. You can also hook up some of your high end wireless bluetooth headphones as well too, and get another great experience. Okay, so this surface pro 8, its small, its light, its got an external keyboard. It does a lot of things really well, but hows the battery life. Well, it is an intel evo platform laptop, which means that its shooting, for you know, hours of nine or above on paper. Microsoft, says that this will do up to 16 hours and, to be honest, im just a little bit skeptical about that.

In fact, even intels evo claims of nine hours, plus on their series of laptops that platform im, also very skeptical of so based on my usage alone, which is the multiple tabs. The two sections of chrome open all my apps and everything like that. The odd occasional render my daily usage is anywhere between five to six hours, but that might not be you you might be in the microsoft office platform all day, long, crunching, spreadsheets, writing. Word documents reviewing contracts using the pen, but in my experience thats, not something that i was able to achieve. I recognize that some of these claims are based on certain software packages and everything like that, but i just used it the way that i used it. Every single day, just like my other laptops and my other tablets, i just went to town – i went to work. I turned this into my daily driver and that time is accurate for myself a couple other examples that could trigger battery life warnings. For you, a lot quicker are zoom calls. I was on a zoom call with 72 battery life left. I spoke for about an hour and a half with a team, and what happened is that between that hour and a half it went from 72 down to 20 thats significant drain. So i guess, depending on the apps, that you have depending on their optimizations. You know your mileage will definitely vary a lot. So keep that in mind when youre, using the laptop that again, this is running a new operating system, windows 11, and there might be a lot more things that theyve got in store in terms of optimizations.

That will improve that battery life down the road, and you know honestly, im looking forward to seeing what they can do. So if youve been watching our videos for a while, you probably know that i like to upgrade things and i like to tease robin sometimes when hes upgrading things. But you know we. We have a good time and we learn a lot. So what i learned about this particular machine is that it is upgradable in one area that you probably wouldnt even think about and thats the ssd on the back of this device underneath the kickstand. Is this little hole right here that houses a replaceable ssd that you can pull out and replace or crush depending on your it needs right. Information like this on these devices can be recovered if you dont properly dispose of them. So a lot of it departments will be looking for stuff like this. Otherwise you have to crush the entire machine or destroy it because everythings glued together. So this is a very interesting it feature that also allows your regular job low consumer to upgrade to more storage. This particular machine has 512 gigabytes. What, if you need more on the road? Well, you can definitely upgrade it, but there is a catch. This uses a special version of whats called an nvme ssd. This is the faster version of the ssds that are out on the market and youll see them in high end gaming systems like the one we built in the past.

So what youre looking for is probably something that is more akin to what theyre, using in the new xbox series, x, consoles and theyre, very short, but theyre very fast, but theyre also very expensive right now, so, hopefully down the road. When you actually need that storage upgrade pieces like that parts like that, will be a little bit more inexpensive for you, so thats. One way that you can look at in terms of uh investment that there is something that you can upgrade down the road, whereas other laptops out there other tablets out there theres nothing that you can upgrade because its completely soldered together. The other thing that i absolutely love about the windows surface pro 8 is the fact that this keyboard – and this is one of the things that i found surprising, like ive – never ever felt this way about a keyboard – is the fact that the way that theyve built This keyboard, the spacing the action um just the overall feel when you type on it it makes me, go fast, im a touch typist. I dont want to look at the keyboard and i havent run into very many keyboards, except for the one that i have at home, which is plugged into my desktop, where i can just go to town and it responds to every key press without error. Someone at microsoft really looked at the way people typed and touch typos and really created a hot rod of a keyboard, even though its attached to something like this i mean if i was a novelist, if i was a writer and all day long, all i did Was type i would have no choice but to invest in a machine like this, even at the 1’9 starting price, because its just so much more productive, so overall im pretty impressed with microsofts vision of windows.

11. On the microsoft surface, pro 8., i just find it its a little bit of a hard pill to swallow. When you look at the price point, it is 2 ‘9 aspect, plus the 349 dollars for the keyboard youre, almost looking at three grand with the taxes. Now you can get into the market for 13.99, but you have to realize that you do lose. Specs like the quad core processor. You dont get as much memory and you know its not just its not going to be as powerful, but you still have to pay for the awesome keyboard, which i think is worth it if youre going to dive in.