What we have here today is the aio from asus. This is a v241e and let’s see what kind of stuff we can expect from this aio and, most importantly, whether if this is a viable option for you to purchase as opposed to a laptop, so here’s the thing about uh unboxing, this kind of uh aio pcs, Because you have a big, a device that need to take it out and express is a big monitor, so you have to like, take extra care and follow the instructions. Okay, so that’s uh pretty much what all you get inside the box, the aio you need, as well as an accessory box, which i believe you should get everything you need to get started with. So, yes, what you get inside the box number one is a full size keyboard. Very. It looks very similar to a imax keyboard, a wireless mouse and a double a battery for the wireless mouse. I believe so and of course, lastly, is the power adapter to power up this entire aio user manuals and documentation and stuff like that i’m, not going to touch the user manual for time being. How do i put a battery in it? Oh, oh, but it is kinda okay, so the double a battery is actually for the mouse and it is a bit tricky to open the bottom uh cover here. But one thing is good about having a cover that you can remove, because the receiver is actually can be stored under the mouse over here.

Battery for this keyboard is, i think, is here so this one. I i don’t understand why they use triple a battery for keyboards and then double a battery for a mouse like you can at least try to standardize the i mean the battery size for keyboard. I don’t mind if you use double a because keyboards. Usually you just uh put it on the table and you don’t move it around that much so. Weight is not a concern, but for mouse really a a single double a i can accept. It would be better if they use a single aaa, because the lighter the mouse is less stressed on our wrist. Oh, by the way i forgot to mention about a single dongle is used to pair both of these keyboard and mouse. So one longer for both okay that’s fine let’s focus on the aio. Now the front is pretty straightforward. What we have here is just a 24 inch to be exact, is 23.8 inch, but well let’s just run it on 24 inch display with matte surface finish, so you will get less glare, but at the cost of, of course, the sharpness of the display and everything At the bottom here, interestingly, they place the webcam under the asus logo. Here generally, this is not really a good position to put a webcam, because it is either pointing at your chest or if you like, pointing upwards direct into a nose through, but let’s go around and see what kind of ports we get here.

Okay, here’s the thing about aios. Most of the time they sacrifice some usability for aesthetics. Of course, what we see here is all the ports located at one single location, the power adapter barrel, jack, the rj45 ethernet port, hdmi port and four usb type, a ports, and oh, they have another hdmi port. Interestingly, this one is input. That means you can use this aio as a monitor. Let’S say you have a console, you can put it as a another display, so you have cleaner, desktop setup. Most of the time we don’t really see this kind of support because aios they usually just treat it as a display for the computer and that’s it. You can’t really take any inputs, but this one okay, interesting. If you can support it good job basis over here, there are two parts that is hidden from here: actually it’s, positioned right, bottom here, there’s a 3.5 millimeter audio combo jack and a usb type, a port, but from what i can see in the spec list. This usb type, a is just usb 2.0, so i presume they made that port specially for this dongle okay. Another thing i want to highlight is the power button is located at the back yeah aesthetically, not not too shabby, but yeah. You just have to like get used to the power button location, many many minutes later. Okay, first of all, i have to share a little bit of my impressions on this entire configuration.

The mouse, like i mentioned earlier, the double a battery is a little bit on the heavy side and because of how they actually position the battery on the right side. So it is actually slightly heavier on the right side compared to the left, and i don’t know if it is a good thing or not, depending on how you use the mouse, i i sort of wish they actually just positioned the battery in the middle, even better. If they just use a triple a battery, the keyboard is a full size keyboard, so i mean it should satisfy. Most of your household needs typing feel it feels all right and for wireless setup, this kind of configuration it looks pretty clean. I should say there’s no wires around so yeah all good, and on top of that, in terms of the aesthetics uh, the one we have here is a silver color and i believe, asus also have another color, which is gold, which i believe the peripherals will also Follow the color screen now let’s talk a little bit about the specifications. The model we have here is the highest end model which comes with the intel core i5 e1135 g7 cpu nvidia geforce mx330, and the ram that comes within this body is eight gigs. I’M. Not too sure if you can actually access to the internal, but from what i can see at the back here, everything is enclosed and there is no special service door to open and change and upgrade the ram or ssd.

Now, when we speak about the storage, this one actually comes with a 512 gigs of ssd, so that should be plentiful for home usage. Okay, now just how we connected the wi, fi and everything. So one thing about this particular eio is that most of the time nowadays asus they have equipped their laptops, weaver books, land books with wi fi six. Unfortunately, this one still comes with wi fi, five uh i don’t know, but generally it is still pretty usable because uh, if you still use ac y5 most of households, they still have ac y5. So that should be all right and, as you can see from here, we try to do some gaming tests on this device. 11 gen chips are generally is better right now and even nvidia. Mx 330 is good enough for lightweight gaming, cs go overwatch and the display is 1080p ips, while asus did mention about. They have 100 srgb coverage, but we tested on our calorimeter. It is somewhere around 90 to 95 percent range. It is a little bit far off from the 99 or 100 range, but at least it is still pretty good from what i can see and, of course, for an aio. You also get built in speakers so which means you don’t have to worry about getting other speakers and whatnot, but you can’t expect a very good, sound quality from this speaker. It is just for you to save space on your desktop now, which brings us to the argument on this entire debate, whether you should get a aio like this or a laptop, such as the asus viewer book, because number one is.

The price is very, very near with each another. Even the configuration is almost similar, with the exception of, of course, aio will get bigger screen and you can’t really take it around now. Here’S the thing about this debate number one. It depends on your use case. For example, do you need your computer with you all the time whether you need it when you bring it out, let’s say you want to go to work? If you want to go for to a cafe and do well over there, if that’s the case, then a laptop is, of course the obvious choice for you, but for those users they don’t really need this kind of mobility, because i do know a lot of home Users, they purchase a laptop, but in fact they don’t really bring it out and most of the time they just use a laptop at home. So, in that case, i would suggest them to get an ai, oh because number one, it is way more, enjoyable to use with a 24 inch display, so the asus v241e comes in three different uh configuration and three pricing wise. The one we have here is the highest range is 3299, with intel: 11 gen core i5, 1135, g7 and nvidia geforce mx330. It is 200 ringgit more expensive to the next model, which don’t have the nvidia dedicated graphics card. And then, if you want a cheaper model, of course, they have at 2799, get that one.

You will have to sacrifice the cpu for an i3 model. I personally would recommend you to get the middle option, which is a 3099, even though that one doesn’t come with dedicated nvidia graphics card, but it is still very powerful for your everyday use if you use it for youtube web browsing and everything else. That model is the perfect balance between the money you spend and performance you get of course, if you want to do editing, live editing on premiere pro and whatnot. Of course you can fork out that extra 200 ringgit to get the nvidia mx graphics. So i hope this video somehow answers your question, whether why this thing exists and why some user would choose this one compared to a laptop you see, laptop is for portability, even though they both didn’t come with the same hardware configuration and, at the same price point Laptops you can bring it out and work on anywhere else, but you will not get the same enjoyment from watching this 24 inch display for entertainment and netflix things like that so yep. I guess that is a pretty clear cut between aio and laptop and yeah that’s. All i want to share about this asus aio v241e and if you guys have any questions you want to ask about this particular setup.