7 kids edition tablet. This is made by amazon.com, and i purchased this for my niece when she was about two two years old, getting ready to turn three and she really enjoyed this enjoyed. The other videos on here a lot of the adore, the explorer videos and some other uh videos that she likes, but i want to just tell you that it’s really a great purchase, especially if you can get it on sale like i did. There was two for ninety nine dollars and one of these goals for ninety nine dollars easy, but when it it comes in a regular box like this, and i just saved the box and wrote on it, but it comes in a box. It comes with free time. Unlimited that’s, what they used to call it, but i believe it’s called amazon kids now, so they get one year where they’ll have access to a lot of books and a lot of different features on the tablet: uh, videos, audiobooks and when it runs out after a Year, like mine, did it’s 299 a month. If you have prime it, it really does pay to get amazon. Prime it’s only 2.99, i think without amazon, prime it’s, 5.99 or 6.99 a month so make sure you you get. Prime it’ll really save you. You know in the long run it’s going to really save you a lot, even if it’s, not just this, but other items that you can purchase on amazon.

com, especially getting the free shipping and sometimes same day, shipping so check that out now this case you can sit Up like this put it like that or you can lay it down like that, it does have a sd card it’s on the other side, and i have a video if you want to know how to take off the case. It’S not real hard. You can just bend it back, really just bend it back in the sd card should be, should be on this side right down here. You just stick the sd card in there to give it extra memory. Excuse me you can use the tablet. Excuse me, i guess, then you can use the tablet either way this way or or this way, horizontal or vertical it’s up to you, however, you want to use it. This is a fully. This is a fully functional seven inch tablet. It just has the case for kids, you know to protect it and it comes with a two year. Warranty, so anything happens to the tablet. Amazon will take care of that, for you, you can call them and let them know what happened, and they should send you out another one free of charge. Let me just show you some of the things that are on here: uh when you first get the tablet. You’Ll have to set it up with an amazon account, so make sure you do that and i’m trying to think. Is there a way to do without a credit card? You’Ll probably want to do it with a credit card.

In case you want to purchase something. Now. The sections they have are downloads app and games movies and tv educational, announce that’s. If you want them to use the tablet to like call you in the house, i haven’t set it up like that, yet music, books and websites, when your amazon, the amazon kids, is over it’s a whole year. You get it for free one year for free you’re, going to just see a lot of youtube. Videos like this you’ll start seeing those and you’re not going to be able to access all of these other things. So make sure that you, if you want the amazon kids it’s 2.99 a month with prime and i believe, it’s about 599 or 6.99 without prime, but it really does pay to just go ahead and get prime, so you can Music. Have your kid? Keep these uh resources for them? Okay, so you have the apps and games and you just you just really click on whatever it is that you want you set it up using wi fi, of course, and then you can just see whatever they like and hit the go, go back button, there’s movies And tv – and you just you, know my niece – she loved bubble, guppies and dory explorer and some others, but all you need to do is just click let’s see. I know. Baby shark is was popular, okay, it’ll, low baby shark and then see which one you want.

I’M trying to see get it to play and then see if i have to adjust the volume your volume controls are on this side. Your you got a headphone jack too nice headphone jack. You got your plug and the power button all right. Let me let me see if i’ll, if i have to brighten this up, all the way, okay it’s up far enough and let me turn up the volume here there we go. Let me just has a nice volume. Okay, you want to just go back just right. You have, let me just go back here: okay, now it’s back online. There you got your features, section special to amazon kids, so you would just click on whatever it is that the kid would want to watch. And then you just pick it. You can download videos on here also, i believe, there’s another video. I have for that i’m not going to go over everything, but i just wanted to show you their product again and because you know birthdays come up and christmas will be coming up. I know it. May seem like it’s a it’s, a ways off because it’s only january but it’ll it’ll come up really quick and you’ll see but there’s. So many things that kids can do with this tablet. You have a fully functioned camera, so you have a camera there. You can take pictures with the camera. Let me get my thumb off of there, so you can see the take pictures.

You can do videos there’s a video option right there. I got to make sure it doesn’t. I don’t keep my you know. You have a video option there to do videos so it’s. Just like the regular tablet, you can use for the a child and you can switch profiles and if you want to use it as an adult, you would just you know, go down here and i believe you click on this little icon right here and then you Would set up, you would set up, it will say if you want to set up something, you know you just set it up and create a profile for like an adult, and you can use it as an adult, and then you can put whatever apps you want To have on it, because even right now, if you go on this page you’re, going to see that everything for youtube is going to be child related you’re not going to have access to adult sites or anything like that, everything’s going to be for kids, you can Change the age on the device for how old your child is. So if they’re like zero to one two to three three to four, then they’ll give you age, appropriate things for the child, okay games and apps and videos it’s gon na all, be excuse me age, appropriate for them, so there’s music, they can listen to. You got music stations, definitely uh, listen and take advantage of the audible books.

So if your child likes to you know, listen to books or they’re, getting ready for bedtime, you can open up a book for them and let them listen to it. You know they don’t have to see it, but you can let them listen to it. Just like audible, if you’re familiar with audible, it’s, the same exact thing just for kids they’ll be able to listen to the books like that. But i highly recommend this i’m. Not going to spend a lot of i’m not going to spend a whole bunch of time on here, because i got some other videos on here dealing with the fire kits tablet. But i just wanted to tell you that about the tablet. There’S so many things that they can do and you can keep them busy in a car just make sure you download before you um. Let me see yeah just hold your your your finger over whatever you want and hit download and it’s going to download it on. Here, if you want just make sure you get a sd card, if you think you’re going to download a lot so that way you don’t have to worry about, because i’m not sure how much memory is on here, i’d have to go back and go into an Adult profile to do that, and also there is you – can keep track of what your kid is doing on here. It’S called a parental um dashboard on amazon.

com. So it’ll tell you how much time they’re spending on every item that they open up the last time they’ve been on it. So if they’re not reading a lot of books or just watching a lot of video, then you can change things and make sure they’re reading books and you can turn off the controls. You can turn it off to where they don’t get to use the tablet right from your computer or from your phone. I think that’s really good, so that’s a real big plus. So you can, you know, go ahead and look at books and read the books or have the books. It’Ll. Have you like download the book you download the book and let your child see those see those little circles, letting you download it once it’s downloaded you’re able to go ahead and access the book and and read the book with your child or whoever else can read It with them, but you can do that and let’s see what else there’s there’s plenty of games for them to play plenty of games, but it’s a lot for them to do, and you may say well it’s, going to keep them too busy. But just remember they’re going to be doing a lot of learning and you can pick whatever you want them to do on here, so you can make it you can set it up to if you don’t want them to do certain things that they won’t be able To do certain things on here, okay, but a lot of these are going to be.

You know singing videos, learning, videos and – and things like that now, these these ones added for me – i’m, not even sure if these are for kids, but i think i think they may be – i think they may be for older kids remember this tablet is not just For like toddlers, babies it’s, you know primary kids, six, seven, eight eight year olds and nine year olds are using a tablet like this too, so give it a give it a try and see how you would like what i think you, the child will actually really Like it and you will too because you can switch it up and you know use it as your own all right. Well, if you have any questions, let me know in the description it costs about 99, but if you can get it for 1959, that is gon na be a real good deal, especially like around uh holidays start looking and seeing if um it is on sale battery Life doesn’t do too bad. You can probably use this i’m trying to see how many hours Music, i know, there’s a certain amount of hours, but you know how, even if they say you can use it for eight hours. I think it really depends on the bandwidth that you’re using and you know, because if you’re not telling it to save data, then you may use your battery a little bit quicker. But i know you can go somewhere and watch a full movie and come back home.

So i would say, like a four hour trip, you shouldn’t have any problems at all so and then time you get there. You can just charge it up again and come back home if you want to do that, but there’s. So many things for them to to do and learn. They even have a section school and learning. Okay, so don’t just think, like oh it’s, going to be a waste of time, we’re in a pandemic, kids are going through. A lot of stress. Parents are going through a lot of stress and, and i know parents may just give their kids a little bit more allowance for to you know, to use something to take their attention off of all the stress that we’re dealing with right now and they don’t have To spend a long time, it can just probably be 30 minutes a day or an hour a day depend on you know. It depends on what you want for your child, okay, but i think it’s a great tool and it’s gon na it’s gon na. I think really help. Let me look at some of the things that says: um i’ll, just let you look at the box. Look at the box right here. I have i’m gon na read something i know i was going to leave, but i want to read some things for you, so it has a 7 inch display and it’s really nice to display and then there’s a micro sd slot, like i said so, you can Go up to 512 gigabytes that’s a lot of space.

You have a quad core processor, a dual band, wi fi front and rear cameras. I didn’t mention that, but it is front and rear. So it says it has a quad core processor, dual cameras. We already said that a year of amazon free time unlimited, which is, i believe, is amazon, kids or amazon, kids plus one of those you have parental controls and it’s, just endless fun for kids and it’s even have free time in espanol. So if you’re, spanish speaking your children are spanish speaking, they have plenty of things for them to do on here too, and if it breaks it says they said, amazon will replace it so enjoy the peace of mind. Anything goes wrong with this in two years. They’Ll take care of it, so you know it’s, not a bad idea for an adult to buy a kid’s tablet too. Remember: it’s a full function, fully functional tablet. So, even if you don’t have to keep the case on it, but some some adults might you know be prone to dropping things. It may not be a bad idea. You’Re gon na get covered for two years, all right, so i believe these colors come in pink. The case pink, blue and i see pink blue and, i believe, yellow i believe i believe, yellow is one of the colors pink blue, yellow. I think so i think so, but if you have any questions, uh feel free to ask i’ll get back with you.

Okay have a great day, and thank you for watching again.