Shade x, is an effect tuning plug in that changes. The visual appearance and adds effects by using a shader based real time technology airsoft the developer of shadex promises that it will give x plane a completely new, realistic, look and create stunning screenshots in my review of this product today, i hope to provide you with an Insight as to what this product offers and whether it’s worth the investment or not so without further ado let’s get started shade x by airsoft is a plug in and therefore its installation is quite simple. All you need to do is move its contents to your resources. Plugins folder of your x, plane 11 installation once you’ve successfully done so you’ll be able to access the plugin from within the plugins menu let’s go ahead and do this plugins. This is the main control panel of shadex from within the control panel. You are able to toggle all the different features on and off we’re going to begin by taking a look at the predefined presets by clicking here, as you can see now we have the california preset. This is default and this is the california preset let’s. Take a look at the cockpit with the california preset loaded – and this is the california preset – and this is the default let’s – take a look at a few, more presets clarity, preset color focus flying with dof lifted, red lifted, yellow and so on and so forth.

Let’S go ahead and take a look at the next option. As you can see now we have the depth of field. The depth of field can be set to either manual or autofocus when it’s set to manual you’ll have granular control over how you want the effect to be rendered. Let’S. Take a look. This is now the lock stock, preset with manual focus for the depth of field. Let’S go ahead and play with these values a bit. You can see the fart layer changes as we change the slider here. The near layer can also change. As you can see, the bottom of the screen. The focal length can also be changed. The lens speed can also be changed, as you can see. With the manual focus you have granular control over the effect. This is specifically useful if you’re, making a screenshot of this scene let’s go and take a look at the next option. Now we’re going to introduce the field of view, as you can see now we can change the field of view and we can move the camera forward and backward next we’re going to introduce the colors. Now you can change the contrast. The lift the gamma gain temperature and the saturation of the scene. As you can see here, you can change the temperature. You can change the gain gamma. We can change the contrast and let’s move this now to autofocus let’s bring up the last option here and now we have access to more options to even have finer control over the effect and how the effect is rendered.

Now, in terms of fps, i have not noticed any change in performance whatsoever. Let’S take a look at those features inside the cockpit. As you can see now things are not looking very good if we change this to manual, focus and let’s go, for example, to the miami preset. We can change the field of view and you can see things are pretty dark now from the nord preset and we can change this to autofocus, and now you can see that as we move the mouse, the area of focus is automatically changed to where the air We are pointing our mouse at so this is what we’re looking at, and then we get the area of focus here. If we move on to old school, for example, psyched pure, you can of course, experiment with the presets that you like, but also you can change the preset to match. You know your preference, so here we can play with the gamma a little bit and, as you can see, the program functions kind of like blue fx or max fx from x aviation uh, it focu it operates in pretty much the same way. All right. So another feature available in shade x is in the advanced menu you’re able to bring up the effects control, and you can turn things here on and off. If you don’t want certain options to be available, then you can definitely turn them off from within the control menu here and those options will be automatically removed.

Uh from from the control panel, you can turn these off. I have changed the time to night time and this is to assess the existing presets uh during night time now. Please take notice that i am using a light mod for x, plane. 11.. If you are interested in this mod, it is available through the night commands channel on my discord, so let’s cycle through the different uh presets here: technical color, vibrant california. As you can see, this is probably not very suitable for nighttime clarity and color focus. This looks uh pretty good in my view, and if we go to the cockpit – and we can still see that this is looking pretty good and by the way you probably need to create your own presets, something that fits your liking and the application. In my personal view is feature rich, so it really gives you a lot of control over what you want to do now by the way this is autofocus with flying with. You can see that the focus is right here and it’s kind of blurred right there and, as i move the mouse up, it blurs this area. And then this area becomes the area of focus, so quite nice for creating cinematic videos without a doubt and quite useful for creating nice screenshots as well. Here are a few more presets, as you can see, things change dramatically in terms of the look and feel, and you have a lot of control over how you want your scene to look and how the effects are rendered.

My final remarks on shadex by airsoft for x, plane 11, is that the plug in works exactly as advertised in terms of the features it is feature rich and it definitely offers an edge over similar programs available in the market today, in terms of the price, i Feel it is slightly overpriced at fifteen dollars. It sells today at the org store for 14.99. I believe that a a fair price for what this program does is in the vicinity of seven to nine dollars. So the question is: do i recommend getting this plug in? For explain 11, and my answer is: if you are unhappy with all your freeware scenery, uh and all the tweaks available for free, then i would recommend that you buy this program. It is a set and forget kind of a plug in, so you are able to tweak the scene exactly the way you see fit. You can save that preset and you can forget about it. You can definitely change things on the fly, so it does change things in real time. You don’t need to worry about you know, shaders or anything like that, so it is lightweight, does not affect your fps from my extensive testing throughout the morning today. I did not see any degradation in performance uh, so in from that angle, i think you’re good to go if you’re unhappy with all the stuff that you have, and you still want to have that finer control over how your scene looks.

This plug in is definitely for you, my final score for shadex by airsoft. I give the program an 8 out of 10 and i’m subtracting two points here, simply because i believe that the program is overpriced well folks, this is what i wanted to share with you. In this short show, i hope that you found this insightful and useful. If you have any questions as usual, please do post them in the comments section below until next time. Please take care of yourselves and each other, and i will see you all very soon.