Um, like i said, i’ve had this for a year and after about a month of owning one of these, i end up having to get two of them, because my fiance wanted two of them because it’s, like i said it’s held up great, you don’t see any Scratches on the top, despite being i don’t, say abused, but it’s definitely been used, and i mean the base looks good as well. So the first thing i’m going to talk about is the general features, the measurements and impressions and then i’m, going to finish talking about my assembly of this product. So start with. This has a large surface area, this measures 23 and a half inches by 16 inches at its widest point, which is right in the middle. The top is made with plywood and it’s pretty obvious, because it’s not that heavy. If this was solid wood, this would be much heavier and you can see that has a pseudo finish on it, with probably some kind of light coating of polyurethane or something along that line, and it holds up really well. I have a few cats and you know their nails. Don’T scratch it i’ve. You know wrote with pencils on here before and just nothing’s really been scratching it i’m, not saying it can’t be scratched i’m. Just saying i’ve never experienced it now. The thing about this is by turning the knob and loosen this. You can actually take the top off and turn it 180 and it’ll actually angle, which i’m not going to show you because there’s pictures of it and it sits about, i would say about a 30 35 degree angle.

Now the problem with that is is i i never use that, because things just tend to slide right off of it. You know i, i really don’t see much use for it. If you put your laptop on there, it’s just going to fall right off so it’s. Just something we kind of keep in mind. This was actually really sturdy at first and i’m, going to kind of show you how it is now you can see that it has some give to it, which actually isn’t that bad part of the problem is is there’s. Some welding on the bottom, which i’ll show you and it actually broke for whatever reason. So, as you can see the welding here, uh i i don’t know what it is if it was just quickly done, or what the welding isn’t really of high quality. So, even without the welding it’s pretty sturdy, but when you first get it it’s going to be really sturdy to begin with, the other thing of note is – and this was on both of them. There was two very slightly raised parts right here and right here that correlate where that bar. I just showed you inserting into the wood, i guess when they press it in there. Somehow it raises it up it doesn’t damage it. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal i still write on this all the time and it hasn’t been issued, but i just wanted to make you aware of it.

As you can see here, size wise. This is actually uh. Pretty big i mean i can fit two books on here. You could probably imagine what your laptop would be like this moves from a height of about 20 inches to a height of about 33 inches it’s, so high that the camera’s not even capturing it anyways. The only thing is, if you get too high, it’s going to get a little wobbly, so the kind of point out here, as you can see the little knob that actually holds this end, actually does a really great job at holding this from falling down. So i was actually quite impressed. I would have guessed that it wouldn’t have held it, but it actually does. This has four wheels on the bottom that actually allow this move uh pretty good across the carpet or especially hardwood floor, but across carpet. I found that it moves pretty good unless, if you have like a shaggy carpet, i can see where that might be an issue. Now. You can also see here that there’s two tabs on two of the wheels and that actually allows you to put break the uh laptop cart, so it won’t move around it actually does a pretty decent job of it. I was quite impressed with it now. This actually sits about three, i would say about three and a half inches from the floor. So if you have to slide this underneath the couch you’re gon na need at least three and a half inches now you might be thinking well geez.

My couch is two inches tall, or something like that. Can i remove the wheels well, you definitely can now. The thing is, though, is if you remove the wheels how this is actually set up. Is these end caps here are actually held in by the bolt from the wheels? So if you get rid of the wheels these end caps are going to come off now, you might say: well i i then i don’t need the end caps. I can just let it be well, the metal tends to be a little sharp and if you accidentally bump your foot up against it, you might cut yourself so there’s a couple options. You can either go to home depot and get short bolts. Then i would have them match it, for you short bolts that can actually fit in here and then it’ll hold these end caps in or if you want uh. If you want to macgyver it, you could always just take plastic tape and cover right over it, and i know it’s a little silly but that’s what i did and it doesn’t look bad because nobody’s looking at the base anyways. So the assembly of this is actually pretty easy. If you don’t have a lot of technical skill, i think you should be fine, so the first thing that you’re, probably gon na do, is put these four bolts in here yeah. I guess you could put the wheels on first and then the end caps, but this is just the order.

I did it. I put these bolts in here which connects this bottom base with this middle bar. Here then, i took and took the top piece and connected it with these four uh bolts here as well, and it uses allen wrenches for these here and then all you got to do is put the wheels on if you haven’t already and then slide the two Pieces together and put the adjusting knob in and then you’re good to go, it’s really easy. So again. Overall, this is a great table if you’re indecisive, hopefully this review swayed you or at least help you, because obviously i don’t own any stock in this business. If you buy or not that’s your thing, but i think you’ll be happy with it. So hopefully this has helped. If it has, let me know – and if you have any questions, just leave a comment: hey everybody, i’m jeff from let’s, take a couple minutes and talk about the pros and cons of using a sit stand desk converter like this one. This is the flexispot35. I think you’ll be really interested to know what you’re getting and what you’re giving when you get one of these desks. So first let’s talk about the benefits of using a standing desk or a sit stand desk converter like this. The primary benefit you’re going to get is that your body is really going to feel better when you can choose to sit or stand at work and and move back and forth, and just you know if you’re feeling like you should sit down, you can sit down And if you’re feeling like you’re, more active and you’re more movie, you can stand it up and you can work up here, it’s great also for when people come by your desk it’s really easy to just turn your monitor.

If you’ve got an arm, it’s really easy to just turn your monitor toward them and collaborate and be able to stand and have a conversation up here instead of sitting down and they have to come and get down and everybody gets comfortable and meeting. Some conversations. Take a lot longer so you’re going to feel great. The collaboration of a desk like this is really excellent. Now there’s some things that aren’t as good about these desks for one you’re going to give up some significant desk space. As you stand up, you’re not really losing a lot of total desk space, but it’s going to feel more cramped when you’re in the down position. It’S going to feel like when you’re in the up position that you don’t have as much space to work with that’s. Definitely a negative to using a desk like this another is that you may not have enough depth in the desk. You want to put a sit. Stand desk converter on for something like this, so the flexi spot 35 requires about 20 22 inches of space. If your desk is not that deep, if you’re a really skinny desk, you might need to just find a converter that’s going to work for you there’s. Some other products that mount to the front of your desk and have an arm that comes up. You might need to do something like that, so the desk space you give up the the depth of your desk.

Those are both important considerations. Next is the number of monitors, so this is more of a buying tip than a pro or con. If you’ve got multiple monitors, if you have a lot of equipment that needs to be on your desk all the time, you need to make sure that you get a product that’s big enough for all of that. A lot of desk converters have limited capacity for weight that you can move up and down. Some of them are limited in how much weight you can put toward the back with monitor arms, and things like that. So just make sure that if you have heavy equipment or if you have multiple monitors or three monitors whatever it might be, that you’re buying a desk that can actually handle what you have there’s a lot of options when buying a sit stand desk converter. Some are cheap, some are expensive. The important thing is to figure out what you need and what’s going to work for you and then get this the cheapest desk that fits that need, if you have any questions about these sit, stand desk converters about what you should outfit them with. If, if one of them is going to work on your desk, any of that come to hit the chat button. Give me a call, send me an email, whatever works for you, i’m happy to help, you figure out something that works for you. If you like, these videos, there’s a whole bunch of them, if you like these videos, be sure to like or subscribe or share them, or ask your questions in the comments all that sort of thing.