I got my uh 100k play button right over here: there’s a door yep there’s, cock’s cage for the ones that don’t know. Yet this is my bird. Her name is hi yep. I also have this box this. This is basically where i stock all my boxes. You know all the useless so uh yeah. This is basically our setup, and this is my whole room. Come here. Come here clock come here, do not nibble on the cables come here. Please! Thank you! Hey come here! No stop nibbling on the okay. She just flew on my head here. Let me help you with that. Come here, go you want to go up there. Go there, you go there. You go all right guys, so this is basically my setup all right for the microphone. Let’S start with the mic for the microphone. I use the shure sm7b clock just flew on my head. Let me put her here again there you go okay, so for the microphone i use the shure sm7b it’s a great microphone. I use a rode mic arm. I don’t exactly know what the model is, but i’ll just put it down somewhere there for my mouse, i use the logitech g pro super light, my mousepad, which is the zoe gsr right now. This is my osu tablet. I sometimes play also my headset, which is the logitech g pro x wired. I don’t use the wireless one because i couldn’t find it my it’s uh, three months old, very cute, my keyboard, which is a steel series apex pro tkl.

I broke the the ducky one because i spilled coke all over it and she just took a no no good job, good job, good job, yeah good job. My gaming monitor yes, the benq 25 46 240 hertz. Whatever i don’t, i don’t really remember the name um. I can show you guys the monitor settings as well later um, so i have two other monitors. As you can see, this one is connected to my gaming pc as well and it’s a it’s a view sonic 144 hertz monitor. I don’t know why just flew over there same monitor here. Normally i use this one vertical, but i don’t know why it’s like this right now, i think for video purposes, so you guys understand back there. This is a preamp it’s. Basically, for my sound – and this is a stream back – elgato stream deck – this is all connected to my streaming pc. This is a go xlr it’s also the thing that makes you hear, uh the baby and when you uh, when you’re on my stream, for example, Music. Okay, that’s the wrong one. For example, i have a zoe fk2 connected to this pc as well. You know just to uh control it and yeah that’s, basically that that’s, basically, all my equipment open up the pc, so i can show you guys, the inside of the pc i had to put in her cage Applause: oh okay, all right, here’s, our food – that i Just arrived, um that’s why the bell ran so yeah.

This is basically how my food looks like for today, guys i’m going healthy, yeah, basically that’s the view here. Uh i’m, probably gon na get doxxed, but i don’t give a i’m gon na move anyway. Um my trash bag, where i put all the trash in uh, i don’t know what the that is. So this is basically my gaming pc and i haven’t cleaned it in like two years. Oh my god, but here’s the thing i am prepared. All right. You guys see all the dust there, yeah it’s, really up so i’m gon na take caulk out of this room right now, because it’s gon na get pretty dusty. You guys can say goodbye to bye right now the is gone we can keep on going. I wanted to use this baby right here. This basically blows air, but really hard so uh. Here we go Applause, oh my god. Oh my god, it’s all dust everywhere cool. I think everything is clean. I just got ta clean. This mess up Music, all right, that’s that now we can start up the pc again now some of you nerds might want to know what the hide and share this of my uh of my setup, the height of the desk, is 75 centimeters it’s pretty high. I guess i’m, a tall guy i’m uh i’m, six foot two. So this is basically all my setup looks like and uh yeah. I hope you guys like it.

I know i’m gon na get a lot of for the cable management, but i don’t give a no stay here. Stop nibbling on cables, please good girl! Okay, let me show you guys. The the gaming pc as well i’ll make sure to uh write everything down, as i am telling what they are: yep caulk, alright, so here’s the gaming pieces. This is where the magic happens, everybody, okay. So for the gpu i used the rtx 2080 it’s from gigabyte hours and it’s the extreme version for the cpu. I use the ryzen 9 ’00 x with a corsair cooler on it four times. Eight, i think yeah four times: eight sticks of um g skill, trident z, ram memory at the 3200 megahertz, so that’s, basically that and for the motherboard. I use the asus rockstrix 470f gaming and i use the corsair vs 650 650 watts for the psu. The case uh, i think, oh, let me uh look it up what the is new york doing on my screen hold on yeah. This is it so for the case, i use the corsair carbide 270r yeah that’s. Basically my pc now for the monitor settings. I’Ll show you guys the monitor settings real, quick, so for the diex settings i have it on premium. Black equalizers on eight color vibrance is on 13 low blue light, zero, instant mode on picture mode, fps one brightness 45. Contrast: 50 sharpness, 10 gamma, 3 color temperature, normal and ama premium, so that’s, basically that that’s, basically my monitor settings and guys i do not have any nvidia filters or whatever so uh yeah.

You guys can stop asking me that and uh yeah so that’s, basically it. I also want to tell you guys that stopped flying on my camera. I also wanted to tell you guys that i’m gon na do some sponsored content soon, since i am really in need of the money right now since i’m gon na move out uh to another country. So i hope you guys understand because it’s really tough without money. It’S not gon na work out without money and uh. You know that sponsors they’ll they’ll pay well, and i hope you guys understand. If not thank you anyway for watching and uh yeah. If this video does not reach 20k likes, i will eat my own yep. So you guys better, like the video subscribe, we’re gon na do a face reveal at 300k subscribers and uh yeah i’ll see you guys until then take care guys, bye, uh. I like it very much or stop eating the cable car. Come here no come here! No! No cables, no cables, they’re bad for you, why’d you get in your cage.