Here we go hey yo, guys, welcome um. Today, uh we are going to be working on some uh. Well, you set up review so it’s been so long. Actually, i uh. I got some new stuff, though uh i replaced a couple things, but uh we’re, just gon na to set for setup review now. First thing i just want to say is when i did my nintendo switch review before that i had a ps4. So if i kept that for a little more, i could have done a ps4 review, but well that’s the past. Well let’s get started. I still don’t have an intro, so let’s just start an intro all right, that’s enough. So first i have a keyboard. I got this off amazon um. It is not the same. It is a vinsync it’s, a gang keyboard, um it’s, pretty good uh, it’s uh, pretty good uh next thing: new mouse it’s in a t shirt: oh it’s, a acer! Oh! Oh i actually, okay. So this is an acer. It came with my brand new pc it’s, actually really good. I i really love it now. Um. I don’t make this video too long, but my classic nintendo switch now let’s get into the real stuff. So remember i did a face. Reveal, okay, so whoa, okay, so look! I have two monitors now: first motor second, water, smarter, you can kind of see, but it kind of mirrors it. This bar is my favorite.

This is my favorite one. So if i go here and i pull up my mouse – and i just oh open this – not google – i don’t open google okay. So if i open no, not if i open this uh edge and firefox and yes don’t bully me for using firefox. Okay, oh, what the heck – oh okay, oh it appeared on my other screen. Give me this got it. Okay, just do something real, quick! There we go so now we got it so i normally have double screen and then big screen, which is that way, is my regular. Now i have a brand new pc it’s, the uh it’s, an acer. Let me just it’s a uh i’m just going to go to amazon. I remember i got it. It was in. It was an acer tower. Okay, here it’s an acer asper desktop tc yada yada, yada, 12 gigabyte, uh, okay between 12 gigabytes and 512 gigabytes, uh there’s, a bunch of ones, but that was the one i got. It came with a mouse and everything that’s, probably the best. Now this video is already four minutes and 40 seconds, but uh setup, but we’re still doing setup review. So i actually do this for a design i have. This is not real. This is a fake diamond ring this one it’s a uh. This is leather covered in middle and then there’s just more metal. This is the one i found in montreal and yes, i live in canada.

It is a cobra with a tail. I did. A little bit of polishing looks very good. My iphone, if you’re wondering what yeah i put that sticker, it was dumb uh. It is a s e red, the second sc. I always do this. I always like putting my home screen to things. So i was the predator uh my phone case uh. I have it’s a wallet phone case, oh and then on top of my pc. I have some snacks and then i have my. This is not real gold. This is just painted. This is just painted metal it’s, a g shock protection. I love this watch. I was good for time and my water bottle for hydration it’s, just a little bit of water in there air pods. Now these are the regular i don’t uh. I do have my pair of airpods pros. I will grab those, but those are not normally. On my setup, just gon na go grab those yes i’m in shorts, don’t bully me uh. These are my airpod pros. These ones are matte black from uh bat pods batpod pro. I know that’s what it’s called i’m sure what okay that’s, not it there. You go now i can just enter your email address and just yeah. They already also admit let’s. Do this? Oh, oh, wait! Crosswalk doing this weird thing i don’t like okay, oh they’re, opening soon, oh okay, this shop will be powered by shopify.

com, so there’s an opening in a closing not to the store to the actual website. Oh uh yeah. So next thing i have my printer on a stand before it was on the floor or it would be right next to me. I have my 27 inch uh mask. You can see my lips that’s, not good. I want that high like that much so uh yeah. I think there’s a tiny one uh and then i have my camera for my camera review. This kind of looks like a turbo. Okay back to it, uh my hair, my hair, cold, um yeah. I think that’s it um. Oh, that doesn’t turn out, probably but uh. I have a light up on two of them, that’s enough um. So i changed so i remember i used to have this mouse. It was a gold mouse, but now i use this for my school computer because you know i still have school. I’M, not 13. All right, i know um, so i got ta. Do some laundry before uh which, before i get killed um. You probably saw him like two seconds ago, but uh it’s, nine minutes. I don’t. I don’t think anyone likes me hello, my hair’s not fixed, because i wasn’t ready for this.