That will allow you to visualize and interact with your smart home we’re, going to be doing that by you installing the fully kiosk browser and setting up our sharp tools on our amazon fire tablet. We are also going to install a live screen saver. That is actually an aquarium with fish in it, so it looks really cool when your sharp tools is not in use. You basically have a little aquarium on your wall. Music hi. This is justin from simply smart, where we make smart home technology as easy as one two three. So, if you’re interested in smart home technology consider subscribing for more content, like this also check out the video description for the three simple steps to start building your ultimate smart home, like i said in this video, what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to Be installing the fully kiosk browser on our amazon fire tablet? What the fully kiosk browser does is. It allows us to basically look at one thing: it kind of goes over all of the other applications and it lets you do one thing which is perfect for sharp tools, because you really want it to be full screen. So you can see all of your smart home and control it, and all that, so what we’re going to be doing is first we’re going to be installing the fully kiosk browser we are going to go through all of the optimal settings and i’ve actually changed this.

Since my last video so definitely want to make sure you get all of these settings set up correctly on the fully kiosk browser and then what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be installing a live screen. Saver that’s, basically an aquarium and then lastly, what we’ll be doing is we’ll, be installing sharp tools on the fully kiosk browser. That way, we don’t have this bar at the top that we don’t have any of this extra stuff and it just works so much better. So i’m, just going to tap on a new tab here and where we want to go is bit dot. L y slash fkb one two three, so f, k b, one two three and you have to have it all capitals, so it’s case sensitive, just type it in exactly like that and then select it it’s going to take you over to the fully and it’s Going to take you to the spot, where you can actually download, since we are on a fire tablet, we want to choose the option for the fire os and you can see at the bottom. It is downloading, and now we just need to tap on open and it will open that file, and now we just want to install this file all right and now our fully kiosk browser is now installed and we can tap on open. So here is the fully kiosk browser, as you can see, it’s basically taken over our fire tablet.

You can’t see anything else now. If we wanted to exit, we can slide over from the left and we can click on exit and just say yes, that’s fine, and now we have exit right. So we are going to be also installing that awesome screen saver. I talked about earlier all right so to download that video file we’re going to tap on the plus sign at the top here, just to get a new tab and we’re going to go to bit dot ly slash, and this is going to be cra in all Caps for coral reef aquarium and then one two three so bit dot, l y slash cra123, and then this is going to show you what the video is going to look like here, all right now to save this to our fire tablet. We just need to press and hold on the video itself and then just tap on download video, so that is now downloading and it’s going to take a little bit of time to actually download. And this i actually just downloaded a portion of this video from youtube and i’ll leave a link to the full video in the video description and we go to details. It does take some time. It’S, 158 megabytes. Alright. So we have downloaded that file which we’re going to be using for our screen saver. So now we can just go back out to the home screen and then what we want to do is choose the fully kiosk browser all right.

Now we just need to go through the optimal settings, so we’re just going to slide over and go to settings at the top. Now, when we go into web content settings – which is the first one here, so we just want to go down a little bit here and right here, where it says. Um pop ups enable pop ups we’re going to turn that to be on and a little bit further down open url schemes in other apps turn that to be on and one more down here open other url schemes right here turn that to be on that’s all We need to do in this section, so we can just go back now in the web browser settings just we want to load start url on home button that to be on, and another thing i like to do is enable the tap sound, which is right here That way, when you’re tapping on your dashboard, you actually get a tap sound. So you know if you actually tapped or not that’s, very important and that’s a very handy feature of the fully kiosk we’re done in this section. So let’s go ahead and go back, and then we can go into advanced web settings and in here what you want to do is you want to enable javascript interface, which is this option right here, tap that to be on all right, and that is all we Need to do in here, so we just tap the back button all right now screen saver.

This is one of the more important areas so we’re going to go into screen saver right here, and what we want to do is probably want to put the screen saver time up here to be around 30 seconds just do 20, and what we want to do Is we want to choose a screen saver playlist? So this is where we’re going to be choosing the file that we downloaded so we’re going to click, add file and we’re just going to tap, allow here and tap, add file again and then um. The download obviously went into our download folder, so we can tap on that and then we just want to choose the relax time. Coral reef, aquarium, mp4 and just hit select, and now you can see that that’s in the list. Now you could also have a bunch of different files in here. You can add as many as you want, or you can add a folder or you can even add youtube, but we’re just going to use this file. I have it there for you guys to use great for old people and young people. Everyone likes fish, alright, so we have um done the timer and we have done the playlist and the only other thing we need to do is let’s change. The fade in and out right here and let’s just take that to be zero, and that is all we need to do in this section, so we can go ahead and go back out of this section all right now.

The next section we want to do is the device management which is right here, and in this section we just want to turn off the unlock screen, return that to be off and a little bit further down. We want to turn on launch on boot if your fire tablet reboots or restarts, maybe because an update was installed. It’Ll relaunch the fully kiosk browser all right, and that is all we need to do in the device management section and go back out of that. And now we’re going to be going into the motion, detection plus right here now. What i had done in the past is enabled the visual motion detection at the top, but i found that to be annoying because, if it’s dark in the room, it can’t detect your motion. So what i have done, instead of using the visual motion detection, i have actually changed it to be enable acoustic motion, detection this option right here and what that does is when it hears sound. Then it wakes up this from the screen saver, which is awesome because say if you’re sitting across the room – and you want to look at your sharp tools, dashboard and obviously you’re not close enough to for it to detect motion, then what it’s going to do? Is you can clap or any sound will turn it on, and then you can check and make sure your doors are locked or whatever you want to look at on your sharp tools dashboard.

So now we can just tap on the back button and then there’s also device movement detection. I also do use this so just turn it on at the top right here and what that does is if the device moves it will wake up. So you can tap the screen and it will wake up all right now, we’re almost done with the settings so we’re just going to go into the other settings at the bottom right here all right and here what i like to do. Is i like to turn on the regain focus, timer so i’m, just going to tap that here and i’m just going to put in a thousand seconds and what that will do? Is it if you, if it somehow gets out it will regain focus? You can have that be shorter, but it does do like a little bit of flicker, so i i just put it on to be on and it will actually work after a thousand seconds, and that is pretty much all of the settings that we need to do. So now what we can do is if we go back out um. We just need to um enable all these permissions so we’re just going to tap on ok and we’re going to allow this one allow this wow wow all right and there you can see our screen saver has come up. So that is good and we can just tap anywhere and that will go away now.

We also need to go into the actual app itself and permit usage access, modify system settings. Yeah let’s go ahead and turn that on as well and allow from this source turn that on i’m, just hitting the back button draw over other apps, okay um all of the permissions that it keeps on popping up. You just have to accept them all. Just so. It’S going to work all right, so we have the fully kiosk browser set up. We also have the screen saver set up, which is the aquarium okay. Now what we want to do is we want to add our sharp tools to our fully kiosk browser. The easiest way to do this is actually go over here and we’re just going to backspace all this stuff and we’re just going to go to sharp tools, dot, io and then we’re just going to tap start and then what that’s going to do is it’s going To go to the sharp tools website so i’m just going to go ahead and log in and i’m just going to log in using my phone all right now, once logged in you just want to go to your dashboards on the right hand, side we want to Choose the three dots or the dashboard that we want to use on our amazon fire tablet in our fully kiosk browser we’re going to tap on that at the very bottom. Here it says fully kiosk browser, and that is because all of the settings that we set up this allows this to work, and all we have to do is set as start url tap that alright.

So now after we have chosen that what we can do is we can slide over from the left and tap on the home icon. There go to start url and then it’s going to go ahead and reload and then bam. There is our dashboard. So here you have our dashboard and then we have. I have a couple cameras added to this, and then we have all of our most important thing like our security and stuff, like that now you can easily visualize your smart home. If i unlock the back lock here now, we can see that the back lock is unlocked and it’s red and the icon is flashing that way it gets your attention from across the room there’s something unlocked that i need to look at. Obviously we can turn on lights as well, so there’s all kinds of different things. You can do with sharp tools, obviously, to use sharp tools. You do need to have smart things or a hubitat hub, and that will bring all of your devices into our tools here. Also i’m, not sure if you can hear it, but every time i tap like if i lock the back door now, you can hear that tap and that’s just an easy way to know that you’ve actually tapped and now also, if we wait long enough, then the Screen saver is going to turn on. If i talk it’ll turn off, so you got ta be quiet. So if i wanted to just turn off the screen saver, all i have to do is talk and you can see that it turns off, which is really handy because, like basically every time you walk by you’re going to make noise so it’s going to unlock.

Now. Obviously, you don’t need to use this with sharp tools, but this is the best way to use sharp tools. Have it be on a dedicated tablet, put it on your wall and it’s very easy to set up a dashboard like this all right, and that is how you add, a live screen saver to your amazon fire tablet when using the fully kiosk browser and sharp tool. Now your entire family can see and interact with your smart home. They don’t have to have an app or anything complicated. Just super simple everyone can use it. So let me know if you have any questions or have any problems.