I think im pronouncing that right. Cinda, seven color backlit wireless keyboard that works with uh windows, android and youll, see here. Ios devices were gon na, have an ipad in our iphone both paired to this guy um, something that i really like about this keyboard is its got a built in stand. So, as you can see, the ipad is resting in this built in crevice here in the keyboard, so its an all in one right. Sadly, this is a 2020 uh ipad, air and uh. You know, i think its about pretty close to 11 inches 10.9. I could not get that in a iphone 12 pro max in the same slot. Now i think if you have a smaller phone, you wont have any issues you could actually probably have both in this crevice. Here you can just move this to the far left and then fit the phone in this almost pit its a little too wide for both of these things. So you know im going to go out on the limb say if you got like uh the the pro max and like a 11 inch ipad or greater youre, not going to get both in the little crevice it just isnt going to fit, which is a little Disappointing because i would love to have the iphone sitting in here and the ipad both at the same time. That would be awesome, but not going to be able to do that. So what is the cinder 7 color backlit wireless keyboard model? I sjdjc03 again ill.

Have a link in the show notes: it is just a keyboard that has the sensor switch ultra thin keyboard multimedia keys and its got seven colors of backlit keys and three levels of brightness. If you want the specs, it is bluetooth. Version 5.1 working range is 10 meters. Battery capacity is a 1600 milliamp hour battery uh working current without back lights, 1.5 milliamps working hours without backlight 1000 hours, uh working concurrent with the brightest backlight 200 milliamps, which takes it down to about eight hours with the brightest backlight running, takes about three hours to Charge standby times, 2100 hours, sitting, uh backlight sleep load after two minutes of not use and the keyboard will actually go to sleep after 30 minutes of non use. You get the backlight wireless keyboard, a type c charging cable in this user manual, which tells you basically how to do everything again. Weve got. You know we can pair it to three different devices with bluetooth. 5.1. Why dont i keep saying doing uh ipad, iphone, pairing, uh, huawei, samsung, tablet, with windows and mac. Look at that holy crap. You can use it for everything and it does switch pretty darn, quick and easy. So what im going to do here is im going to get the iphone back unlocked and i dont know who are we paired with right now lets type so were over here with the iphone, so you can see im typing theres stuff going on the iphone, so Heres heres what were going to do holy crap? I think i just this isnt sharing thats whats going on.

I was like how did i get it over here so now were going to actually function and were going to go to the ipad, and you can see here we typed over there now. This is the icloud notes, so, as you can see here, its its syncing across icloud, so thats, why im not actually typing on one and the other, and then theres lag or anything like that? We are actually typing on an ipad. Icloud is syncing it over here to the iphone thats, the magic of apple isnt. That really kick, but but this thing does switch back and forth pretty easy, so im going to just backspace it here and again im on the primary, which is the ipad bluetooth. One lets icloud sync there it is lets do function two. This is now direct to the iphone just like that were now typing on the iphone and were over here, icloud syncing. On this now i mentioned this: has backlit keys, so lets go ahead and show you the backlit key function. So what im going to do is actually kill the studio lights here boom boom all right and now we hit simply function shift, and now you can see some lighting right lets do shift shift. This is the third brightest level, so we can actually have like now. Weve got blue now. If i hit function, enter ive, got purple, ive, got kind of a white red, green blue, maybe a yellowy green lightish, aqua blue and were back to purple and were cycling through the colors of the keyboard.

Is that not awesome? I think thats awesome, it does have an on and off switch uh to turn this thing on and off its not like one of those ones. You cant turn off. You just got ta wait for it to waste battery and time out, so it does have some nice features again, its got multimedia keys, which are like shortcut hotkeys. It has a windows key function so, like i said it works on every os platform out there. You saw that in the manual it works with android samsung windows, mac ipad ios, you name it it works were good, so you got a keyboard that is going to go cross platform with no problems whatsoever. I do want to pick it up here. So let me take the ipad out. I will show you lets unplug it heres. What it looks like you can see. I still get the backlit keys on heres the groove. I really wished again that my iphone and ipad both been in here, but they just dont and again heres the backlit keys very very nice. It is pretty thin on the back side. We do have four little rubber feet. Its got a little hump in here, but thats where the groove is at. It is not super lightweight, it. Doesnt feel cheap by any means it does, does have a little bit of weight to it, so were going to just shut it off and were good and really guys.

That is the cinder wireless, seven color backlit, uh, bluetooth, keyboard and again its got that built in crevice for your tablets, and that way you dont have to carry a stand with you. You can just plop this down now. Unfortunately, you cant really get any different, viewing angles: um, youre kind of just stuck with what you get here. You cant be real picky and choosy uh on what you get for angles here with the the stand. But could you go also vertically with an ipad that might be a question you might ask here so lets go ahead and just tip it up and yes, you can, it can go vertical. Let me just keep this over here on the pad. Its not level give it a fair shake, so there you go, you can have it vertical as well. If you did do it vertically, you could get the iphone in here. Maybe lets see see its its one of those trial and errors. Lets take the case off see. This is why this is a good good demonstration. There you go so i actually have both in here in the vertical mode, not the best for ipads for vertical mode, um, probably more tailored for horizontal, but thats, not terrible. Now lets turn this on and lets see whos compared to the compared to this guy boom. So lets pair. It lets go function. One enter enter, enter, come on ipad. There we go enter lets enter his code boom.

Look at that again got hot keys volume, see the volume going up and down here, brightness, all those hot keys. Just awesome love this thing and im gon na throw it in my bag and actually try to use it for a little while and see where we go from there i mean thats. The only way to really figure it out and say. Is this something thats going to be in my tech bag and ill be rocking and using and go from there, and i do like that. It has the stand built in thats. A nice feature anyway, guys check the show notes, ill, have a link for the scene to seven color backlit wireless keyboard model, isjj djc03 uh as a disclaimer uh cena, did provide this to the show for review. They have not reviewed this video or anything. So this is unbiased. This is my opinions, um and after testing and using uh so its good. This is something i could recommend to you with no problems whatsoever and it works and works well and its not going to break the bank and again its cross platform and multi functional and the built in stand.