Let’S get straight into the video Music before we start in case you haven’t seen my previous video reviewing the secure usb bt. I highly recommend you guys check that out after today’s video now that we’ve got that out the way the secure drive bt is secure. Data’S external portable drive that comes in either a hdd or ssd format. However, what sets this product aside to everyone else on the market? Is the military grade hardware level encryption built inside with xts aes 256 bit to help protect your sensitive files from being accessed and tampered with? In addition, the device is also fips, 140 2 level 3 validated and contains epoxy inside to prevent media removal from hackers. Furthermore, secure drive comes equipped with brute force defense, which automatically erases all your data. If your pin is entered incorrectly 10 times in a row as well as drive security antivirus provided by eset, the secure drive bt also has wireless authentication, which unlocks your drive via bluetooth. Using the secure data app as well as a backup feature and remote wipe function, you also have face and touch id authentication which provides that extra layer of protection. Finally, you also have a step away. Auto lock function, which activates as soon as your mobile phone is a certain distance away from your device in regards to the product breakdown, the device weighs roughly around 255 grams and has a height of 125 millimeters. The material is made from plastic and aluminium, which feels pretty strong and solid.

You get a range of storage available, starting from 500 gig, all the way up to 8 terabytes on front. You have the secure data logo, as well as the led indicator lights towards the bottom. You have the usb b inputs and your device’s unique code, which you will be using later on. Finally, towards the back, you have instructions on how to set up as well as device size and additional information in terms of packaging on front. You have the secure data logo, as well as an image and name of the device. You also have the fips certification, logo device size and compatible operating systems on the side. You have a list of product features and instructions on how to set up. Finally, towards the back, you get the device name and image again, as well as product information and company data inside the box. You get the secure drive bt as well as one travel case, one usb b to usb a cable one, usb b to usb c cable and finally, a quick start guide on how to set up the setup process is pretty straightforward. Start by downloading the secure data app from the google play or apple app store once downloaded, you should then be taken to the home screen from here. Select the plus icon on the top left. The next step will require you to insert your external drive. However, before inserting your drive, there should be a code on top of the usb port, which you will need to write down before connecting to the app insert your drive, and your drive should then appear.

If you can’t see your drive, ensure that bluetooth has been enabled on your mobile phone from here, select your drive and then enter the default password, which is one one. Two two three three four four once done. Your device will then connect to the secure data app, and you should be good to go from here. The secure data app is pretty easy to navigate through once your device is connected. You are then presented with the following screen, which provides you with a range of features that you can enable directly from the app from here. You can change your device name as well as enabling two factor authentication. In addition, you can also enable password recovery and biometric unlock. Furthermore, you can also enable the inactivity lock and set timers, as well as the step away, auto lock functionality. Finally, you can also enable read only mode reset your drive and remote wipe, which deletes all your files from the secure drive bt. Now, for some testing for this test, i will have the secure drive bt plugged directly into my usb 3.0 port, while checking the write speed. The device averaged at around 330 feet meg per second and finally, while testing the read speed the device clocked in an average of around 355 meg. Unfortunately, i don’t have a usb type c input available on my laptop so for now. We’Ll skip this test before we summarize guys if you found today’s video, helpful or just simply enjoyed watching it.

Please show your boy some love by hitting that, like button below your likes, really do help support the channel, and it really does mean a lot to me. Now let’s get back to the video overall. The secure drive bt comes built in with a range of features that provide advanced level protection to help prevent your data from being accessed and tampered with. The next gen technology used here is truly amazing and the hardware level encryption will mean that you don’t need to install additional software for each laptop or pc you connect. Your external drive to the secure drive is perfect for storing sensitive data or personal information and features such as auto, lock and remote. Wipe are super handy. However. The secure drive is definitely on the premium side in comparison to other devices on the market. What you’re buying here is mainly the additional security features, which is most likely. The reason why the price comparison is so different, but nevertheless, if security is your main concern, then the secure drive bt is a device. You should definitely look into in regards to pricing. You can pick up the secure drive bt directly from secure data’s website for prices, starting at around 157 pounds. However, secure data have kindly sponsored today’s, video and they’re, giving one lucky viewer a chance to win the secure usb bt to enter the competition start by hitting the like button below and subscribing to techa reviews. Next follow secure, data’s, instagram page, which i have added on screen and finally comment your instagram username below and let me know what files you would keep locked up when using the secure usb bt.

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