Five. If this video helps you out at all, then help me out by hitting that like button, but lets go ahead and cut this plug and get right into it to start off. I want to bring up how ive played nearly every season since the game came out, and i think that the only season that i missed was season three, but none of that really matters, because you could nearly take all of the information that i learned up until This point and throw it out last oasis, has made so many changes for season five, but im not here to go over all of those changes. Rather, i just want to give you guys my first impressions on what is now last oasis. I am going to do this video in a pro, then con format so lets go ahead and get into it with the first pro for season five, which is that the pve has been completely overhauled. There are maps that are now specifically dedicated to pve and the way that the ai acts and populates the maps has been changed entirely. This has actually already made a huge difference in how ive gone about playing last oasis, which has been spending more time, actually playing the game and less time hiding from the big clans side by side with this. Pro, though, is a con, which is instead of being ganked by clans, you are now constantly being ganked by rupees. These things are absolutely ruthless and they now throw whether its rocks or javelins at you, and they have insane accuracy and those rupu hut things that youre.

So used to looting, yeah well, be super careful around those, because some of them are armed to the teeth, with what seems to be an unnecessary amount of rupees using ballistas and scatter shots, and some of them ive even seen riding on the blue dog things. I cant for the life of me think what the blue dog things names are, but there was a rupee riding on one. I think that what could be done here is that the rupees ranged accuracy needs to be tuned down a bit or maybe just taken away from them entirely, and the amount of the ballistas that are on the medium map just has to be toned down a lot, Because it is just wild, the second pro that i want to go over is that the schematic rework that they did, though it was super confusing at first, is slightly better than the old tablet system. You basically need to get schematics from rupees or looting things to craft anything in the game, which is kind of a pain, but it seems like once you get towards the end game, its going to be a lot less abusive than the tablet system was. It also took me a while to figure out how the schematics even worked, because at first i thought they were blueprint style things like you have in rust, but in actuality they are more or less an ingredient that is needed to craft. Basically, everything so theres like theres.

These tablet, schematics, you can use to craft like the walker legs, but you get this like tool schematic that you can use to craft the next upgraded um tool like from the stone axe to the slightly better stone axe. I cant for the life of me think what its called, if you have no idea, whats going on with the schematic system. Im – probably just confusing you more, but the moral of the story is that the schematic system is just slightly better than the tablet system. The next con that i want to go over is more of a pro and a con, but im putting it in the con section, because the very early game seems to suffer heavily from the fact that the game is seemingly 10 times more grindy. I have played for a good 12 hours solo now and have made very little progress. It took me absolutely ages to get a firefly walker just for me to stupidly. Take it to a medium map which turns out. I was wildly under geared for and then, as i was working my way out of that map onto an easier map, i lost it to 12 of the blue dog things that were chasing me down, which now throw rocks. They broke the legs of my firefly and it was absolutely devastating and i straight up i almost quit, but you know, but i pushed forward spent another four hours, reestablishing myself on a different map and have just now like 12 hours into the game, unlocked the dinghy Walker granted the 12 hours that i spent playing were far from smart gameplay for a lack of a better term and more like a sluggish struggle to adapt to the insane amount of all of the new changes.

But lets move into the next pro, which is that i can definitely see myself playing this season for longer than i usually do in part. Because of how grindy it is, is obviously going to lead to a little bit of a longer play time, but also in part to the pve maps and the unpacked bases, because you cant pack bases anymore. But the pve maps and the unpacked bases basically make the whole season, feel less stressful and more inviting to solo players. You can build up a base on a tile and call it your own. The sun is not gon na burn it up its im. At least super intrigued to see how this first season plays out well see what happens moving on with last oasis, but the last con that i want to go over here is that the walker build restrictions that they make. You have basically makes the random walkers that you see, while youre in the game, turn into more of a copy and paste format, because you are only given specific spots on each walker, where you can place things, and this just really sucks. Because one of my favorite parts of the other seasons was trying to figure out the best way to set up each of my walkers to where i can fit the most amount of things on them now about all the variety youre gon na get is. Oh, you put a scatter shot on the front of your dinghy instead of a ballista or a chest in the middle of your dinghy.

Instead of a fire or oh, you upgraded your dinghy. So now you have one extra chest spot its a strange change to say the least and, to be honest, i was not paying attention at all during their dev vlogs, so i dont even know exactly why they changed this. Let me know down in the comments if you happen to know why they made this change. Also, if you are still here, comment like made it or something, so i can give you an extra shout out, but that is all of the information that i have to go over in this video.