We are checking out the shmoomer’s shepherd’s pie, build for the retro pie. Try saying that 10 times in a row: well, vt evol! Well, we boot up with the custom boot animation, which does look great by the way the build is retropie 4.7 built on playbox v2 by 2play it’s compatible with the raspberry pi 4 and requires a 400 gig or larger micro, sd card or ssd. As i know, i get quite a few questions from viewers saying all they get on builds is a black screen. My advice is just leave it for 30 minutes and if it does nothing by then reboot and try again during this time the build is resizing. The partition to use the full space available – and this can take some time to do so just be patient and let it get on with it once booted up, we can see there’s a nice menu theme, design which looks clean and is fast to browse through. I will start off with going over what systems are included and how many games there are in total there’s 4645 games available for arcade games. There’S 1249 atari 2600 47 games, thomas wave 20 games let’s have a quick look at those Music Music, sega dreamcast, 57 games. Music sega game gear, 275 games, game boy, 77, games, game boy, advance, 374, games, gameboy, color, 152, sega genesis or mega drive; there’s 583 games; Music, sega master system; 259 games, nintendo; 64., 19 games, naomi arcade, 27 games, neo geo 140 games, the rgo cd 40 games; The nes 340 games, the ngo pocket 40 games.

Ms dos two games game ports, there’s 27 games available, so you’ve got everything here from dome, open, tyrion and x. Ray Music. Psp has 36 games available, Music, psp minis, just one game, but a good game. It’S only playstation 134 games, scam, vm, there’s 25 games available Music, sega 32x there’s 35 games available and the sega cd 24 games. Super nintendo has 558 games something new to retropie. I haven’t seen this before is solivus it’s a rpg game engine there’s 10 games available for this Music, turbo, graphics, 16, there’s, 94 games and then we’re on to the categories. So from here, you’ve got things like adventure games, arkanoid series, uh games of estrix, uh, bubble, bubble, crash, bandicoot and donkey kong series; there’s, also a list of favorites which has been made by schumer himself. So these don’t go over your own favorites. These are just like a category, so these are hand picked games by himself and uh yeah there’s some decent games on there. So, overall, there is a good selection of popular systems and games to check out and plenty of categories. If you are looking for something in particular it’s, not the is game camp by far, but these are games hand picked by the author. Next we will take a look at some of the higher end systems and their performance. You may notice that i am showing the emulator loading animations. The reason why is, i think they look great? They are again clean, looking and go well with the overall fame.

I like them a lot i’ll start off with the autonomous wave and metal slug six. The performance is around what’s to be expected, there’s a little bit of slow down in very busy parts of the games such as boss fights, but nothing that affects the game too much up next is dreamcast. I have changed the resolution to 720p, as it was originally a lower resolution and looked like a thumbnail on my display. This doesn’t seem to affect performance too much and the games i tried, run very well a note. Many of the emulators are set to widescreen aspect ratio by default. The author mentions that he prefers it. That way and as such, you set to widescreen it’s easy to change back to 4.3 ratio. You go into the menus on retro arch and you can change in the scaling options and don’t forget to save the configuration afterwards Music back to the emulators. Next up there is the gameboy advance emulator all the games. I tried run great on this. I was not expecting any issues and did not experience. Any emulation also runs very well now and i did not have any problems with lag or glitches there’s. A great selection of games on this build so it’s. Definitely one to consider if you’re a playstation fan, Music playstation portable is, as always a mixed bag of good middle and bad performance. It does depend on what game you are playing, whether or not you will have a good or bad experience.

I haven’t played this game before so i thought i would check it out, as you can see, there’s quite a bit of frame skipping going on and it’s not running at a great speed as Music that – and we finish up with nintendo 64, which has improved a Lot over recent months, as you can see, f0 is flying along, whilst there’s only 19 games in this build. I tried a few and they all work just fine. Overall, i really like schmuma’s shepherd’s pie build. I can see. A lot of effort has been put into the fame from the intro animation right through to the emulator loading animations, which i really like. While it only has a little over four and a half thousand games, they are quality hand picked games by the author and not everything, including the kitchen sink, throwing at it. If you simply want to boot up and pick a random game, you can be fairly sure it will be a good one. If you are looking for a nicely featured build that is fast to load and navigate through the games, then this one is definitely one to consider. Incidentally, there is a pdf file included with the download which contains plenty of information about the build, do check it out. Whilst you’re writing the image to your card or ssd Music that wraps up this retropie build overview, i hope you found it useful for deciding to give it a go or not.