Is your girl, steph aka saga? It is finally time to review scarlet nexus. I have been so excited to play this game since forever and i’m. Finally, here to give you guys my full review on scarlet nexus, if you haven’t already check out my previous video on scarlet nexus, where i actually got hands on preview, and i gave you guys about five to seven things you needed to know about scarlet nexus. So before we even get into this review, let’s open this bad boy up. Thank you so much once again to bandai namco, for not only the review copy, but for skipping me with the recruit kit. Other suppression force scarlet nexus pr package. Now we can’t get into review about unboxing this, and i know you guys love some unboxings, so let’s get into this. So as we open this box bear in mind, this box is actually really nice. I do love the color. I love how they stuck in. You know stuck in theme, it looks like that, so it has a couple like postcard kind of paintings like drawings and stuff, so that scarlet next is here and in the back it has a drawing. So this is nice. This is another one i’m covering it. Oh, these are actual envelopes so i’m, assuming they would want us to put so that’s nice. I might do that. Actually, some of the monsters and like baddies, we have to face you’ll, probably you’ll, see in the full on game.

So here i remember this particular one and then last one here: the original cover art there you go, then we have a note here and it says: welcome to the osf greetings cadet. You were chosen to join the ranks of the osf to fight the others. Alongside the elite, in order to dive into the new hamukah pronunciation and get your first assignment, you’ll need to download scarlet nexus plugin onto your system, reach out to your local liaison officer to get a key that will grant you access to the network. Once your virtual brain link is connected, choose wisely whether you decide to pursue your mission alongside uto or casein, which i always pick are saying obviously she’s a girl, i’m gon na pick. A girl will have an impact on your journey. If you encounter any sas cable connection issues during your experience, don’t hesitate to let your liaison know. We have faith in you, cadet good luck and see you out there. This is so cute it’s, obviously essentially it’s the review code right. So i like the way they kind of infuse that, with like a secret mission, so there’s like three main boxes, so i’m gon na open the top one first, oh, oh, oh this one is a come out when you know it’s, listen what xbox up to what Are xbox options? I could have known what was in here, but i said no. I wanted you guys to surprise me and in doing so they have oh, my gosh.

This is so freaking sick, look at the custom, xbox controller for scarlet nexus. Oh my gosh! This is pretty so pretty. Oh, my gosh wow. This is so pretty wow, so pretty and xbox just recently launched their like lab design um again, and i was able to actually be one of the first in the world to be a part of the lab design. Uh campaign so – and this comes with batteries – absolutely so that’s a nice i’m gon na add it to my xbox collection of controllers. I’M. Definitely gon na do a video on all the xbox controllers. I have if you wan na, see it. Let me know in the comment section down below and like this video next thing. Oh badge oh face mask. I love when game companies like send custom face masks because yeah it’s nice to like obviously wear the you know appropriate one, but sometimes have a custom face. Mask you know, oh, we got some pins there. We go and team osf badge right, love it! Oh this is a nice pin again. I guess i can put this like my hair. This is nice. I can just and that’s it that’s so sick. My favorites are the controller of course um. I just love the way it was packaged the controller. I love the postcards and the letters um. I like the pin as well – and i do like the the badge, the osf badge, so thank you so much to bandai, and this is, i love pr gifts that are so creative and make sure you guys are staying tuned to the end of this video, because I do have a special giveaway.

Thank you. So much to bandai for supplying this scarlet nexus is an anime brain funk, futuristic, rpg game co, developed by bandai, namco studios and jose apologies in advance about the name butchering, but ketia. Izuka is the game producer for this game, while kenji and abuki is the game director who you guys may know from previous tell series games. This game did come out with a demo earlier on in the month, and we now get to see the final product. This game is absolutely amazing and i’m about to give you guys a real rundown on everything you need to know about scarlet nexus and why i would highly recommend it is now available on the ps5, ps4 xbox series, sx xbox, one and pc. I have been playing on the pc and honestly, i will not go anywhere else. This game on the pc has been an absolute pleasure to play on, especially just really falling in love with the graphics and just falling in love with the experience of combat and the mechanics of the game. No, i do not use mouse and keyboard. I don’t think i ever will, but i have been using the custom scarlet nexus, xbox controller, and it just makes the experience that much better. Thank you so much to xbox and the team over at bandai for the lovely scarlet nexus pr package. You guys will find out how to win your very own at the end of the video, so make sure you continue watching so let’s get into the story in the distant distant future.

A unique hormone was discovered in the human brain, which then gave people extra sensory abilities and powers, but with something like that, of course, the yin yang effect does occur with every good comes, every bad evil, mutants called the others have come to try and take over And it’s up to you as the osf, who are the last line of defense to save humanity, so you either choose yutio or cassane as your main protagonist. Now they both carry cykinesis powers, but they are very different. Both have different unique abilities when it comes to their tactiles, but i will definitely get into that later now. The story. It is overall, a pretty solid story, a lot of the times with anime based kind of games. They lack on the story and it does become very overwhelming repetitive and you almost feel very empty after playing it, but with scarlet nexus. They really kept a solid balance in the storytelling and the development of this game. Now it’s, not an anime game. Without the long cut scenes and boy they can get lengthy, but it does help with the flow of the game. You do have the option to skip it, but i would encourage you to follow through and watch the cutscenes. You definitely tend to miss out on some of the funny elements to it or the drama and all the love twists. Speaking of stories did you know, there’s an anime coming out this year, which i’m a hundred percent watching.

I will be intrigued, though. I want to see if this game follows up from the story of the anime or if the anime is basically the game but more in a story. Format overall, the story of scarlet nexus was pretty solid straight to the point and it gave you purpose. Sometimes you can be 10 hours into a game and you don’t even know what you’re still doing or you can lose attention. I think with scarlet nexus. It always kept you on your feet, which is something i really really liked, and it kind of made me want to play even more and even more to the point where i was so addictive. You pick up the controller and six hours in you, don’t know where the time’s gone. As we talk more about the story, let’s go into the character development. Like i said earlier, you play as either uto or hussein either way, you’ll have the main protag in your party. At some point, i love when i play games. That has a good story. It shows me a sense of purpose when playing, and it did me when i was playing as hussein. I like how every character or ally as they call in this game is very distinct. They have their own personalities and it really helps build the story and the character development throughout this game. There’S, this really cool feature in scarlet nexus called bonds. This is where you can play side missions with your allies and build better relationships with them to unlock newer abilities for you to use.

I really do think this is a really good way to incorporate the character development within this game. You can also gift your allies to strengthen relationships, so there’s different ways to incorporate that character, building throughout various characters. I generally can’t tell you my favorite character to have in my party. They all play their part really really well and especially when they give you their abilities to use it’s just so hard to just choose your favorite okay. So, firstly, visually this game is beautiful and the gameplay itself is absolutely stunning. I’M, so glad they made it from a third person perspective. Can you guys imagine a scarlet nexus game from a first person, i can’t as you do progress in the game. You do have skill trees that allow you to unlock newer abilities, so don’t worry, even when you do start off with the game you’re fairly in a good position, but the more you play it. The more you’re wondering wow organizing parties in this game is very easy to use too, and there are powers to your liking, so you’re, never playing in one certain style. This game offers so much variety in play, style, so you’ll never get bored. And honestly, you will become so addicted like every time you defeat a boss. You’D want to look around and see. Oh, my gosh where’s another monster, so i can kill him like. That is how i felt after defeating one of the others.

I wanted to go and find someone else immediately to just test out my skills. There are also various save point locations and places where you can buy stuff from the shop i’m, so glad that it has it, because there are a lot of games that actually don’t have you know the auto save at this day and time in the generation of Gaming, but even when they do have the auto save sometimes it may not be at that exact time so it’s great to just see that there’s a save point where you can just save just before you get into the battle. So, even if you do lose, you can just come back to where you were. I really enjoyed how this game does not leave you lost. They will pull up certain tips when you’re about to enter some sort of fight, so no matter how small or big they are there’s, always some sort of assistance. You can also use tactics in the game, so you can decide if you want to prioritize your health or if you want a certain ally to target a certain monster or if you want to keep it a fairly balanced fight. This is so cool because it kind of furthers the range of gameplay, and it allows me to even enjoy what type of style i like playing in. They did really well the aesthetics of the game. They wanted to give you that futuristic, cyberpunk feel and they kind of had that modern twist to it, as well, even from the design outfits, you can also customize and change the outfits of your party, this genre of brain punk type of games.

I think there’s. So much potential for it in future games. I can definitely see a scarlet nexus 2 on the horizon because of how solid and how well they executed this type of genre of gaming. Okay. So my favorite thing about this game is the combat thing that really stands out for me is just how explosive chaotic and exhilarating it is fighting in this game. I basically wanted to fight forever. I told you guys earlier as soon as i defeated the boss, i was looking around for my next opponent from the basic attacks: combo attacks to the specials there’s, so much life that this combat brings into scarlet nexus, and this is something that really stood out. For me, your allies have different sas or sas abilities to help assist you during battle from pyrokinesis to clairvoyance. To invisibility, listen, there’s, something for you that helps you throughout a fight bear in mind. Some abilities do run out quicker than others, or some are slower to recharge than others overall loved it like. I was so tactical with how i was able to switch between different abilities, who were in my party. I was really feeling the pyrokinesis, like. I just felt like i was some sort of torch and everything when i activated it and i love the specials that came with the certain types of sasses that you use. What i did notice about scarlet nexus and in regards to fighting, is that often you have a bunch of games where you know you have people in your party and they’re barely doing anything they’re, literally just standing there or they’re.

Just hitting you know the villain with like one attack yo, your party is active. I just felt like i didn’t have to do much. You know to really kind of get everyone active. They worked so well and i just felt really accommodated yo the music 10 out of 10., the scarlet nexus soundtrack is 10 out of 10.. I was streaming earlier in the week for early access to my community and the way me and my community will bump into the music. Sometimes i’ll, just literally stop the game and just listen to a good five minutes. I actually went to go and search the ost and found it on spotify it’s, like some sort of playlist album don’t worry guys. I will have the link to it in my description box. But honestly, the soundtrack gives me life that’s, going to be my gym. Music. Sorted from now on, but jokes aside, the music complements the game so well. Music is so important and i cannot express how much music helps boost the game. Experience so big up the team for this 10 out of 10 soundtrack. One thing i look out for when it does come to reviewing games is the music. How well does it tell the story? Sometimes you don’t even need a dialogue, but if the music is that dialogue for you, it really does help the experience of the game. Is there anything i don’t like? Well, you know, no game is perfect and i’ll be honest.

I won’t really feel in the transportation. The type of transportation they had in this game was your feet. Basically, you were able to walk and run, but i would have liked if there was some sort of vehicle i had. Maybe some sort of you know futuristic motorbike or car because after running around for like maybe two minutes or so it kind of gets a bit underwhelming for me in terms of the gaming experience, i do like the fact there are maps and you can fast travel, But this kind of you know brain punk type of game. I think it would have really worked well if there was some sort of brain punk type of you know, vehicle to you know assist you. Maybe you use your brain to like operate it and control it. Overall, this is a solid experience. This may be my favorite anime game of the year. I don’t think there has been that many this year, but i think it’d be very hard for a lot of games this year to really meet up with what scarlet nexus is bringing because scarlet nexus understood the assignment. This is such a new and refreshing. Take that i can’t wait to see what they’re planning in the future if there is a future for scarlet nexus. Like i did say there is an anime coming out, but there’s so much potential to take even further. A lot of people think this game requires a multiplayer, co op, you know couch co, op experience, but it honestly doesn’t.

It is perfect as a standalone experience, and i would highly recommend this to you guys so overall, i think i’m going to give this 8.9 out of 10.. I know i know it’s high, but guys please play this game because yo, i feel like this game is gon na, be up there at the top. For me, when it comes to the end of the year and we’re now deciding what the game of the years are, this could potentially be up. There got ta, give credit to bandai namco anime based games, anime rpg games, they’re, normally a hit and miss. For me. This was a big hit, the fact that it caught me from the very beginning when they first announced this game to me. Getting you know early previews to just how consistent this game has been in regards to what it brought to the table. I love the new. You know genre that they’re bringing as well and they really experimented – and i feel like this – is something that so many people will enjoy whether you’re somebody who loves story based driven games or if you just want to smash some stuff. They have a bit of everything in scarlet nexus, so now we’re at the end of the video – and i know you guys have come here to still hear my sexy voice. I am joking, so my lovely friends at bandai namco knew i had to hook up my community, so i am giving away a scarlet nexus, recruit kit that i got last week and when i tell you the recruit kit is so banging like they put so much Love effort and thought into this pr package and now i’m able to give it to one of you guys.

First and foremost, this competition is global. In order to win this amazing giveaway here’s, four steps, first and foremost make sure you’re subscribed to this channel. Secondly, like this video, thirdly, comment down below with the hashtag scarlet saga and fourthly, share this video via twitter, instagram anywhere with socials, and make sure you tag me, then that way, i’m able to actually see who’s entered this giveaway will be out for a week and Then i will choose the winner in my next video next week and that’s. It guys good luck to all of you. I cannot wait to give this to someone because, honestly, i cannot enjoy this on my own. I want to make sure that i give this to someone in my community. So good luck. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Make sure you guys are commenting down below make sure you guys are sharing retweeting liking, subscribing every little helps as we’re trying to get that 10k by the end of the year. Also make sure you guys have followed the instructions that enter the giveaway i’m so excited to give one lucky person. You know a little something special special once again. Thank you so much to ben dynamico. For our you know, review code, the press kit and enabling us to give away something to you guys in our community, make sure you guys like comment subscribe.