As you may know, I've been looking at thread Ripper Hardware recently for my new computer I'm, currently using a computer that's, almost seven years old now and it's, pretty bad slowing me down quite a lot and I've been looking at thread rippers the solution as it's got A lot of CPU cores for a fairly good price. The problem that I've been having with this, though, is that a lot of the components I need for a thread Ripper build, are fairly expensive here in Australia. Now this is for quite a few reasons in Australia. We have a tax known as the GST all goods and services tax. Essentially, this is a 10 tax on top of any good or service sold. So, for example, if I wanted to buy a 500 graphics card, you would put 10 on top of that and it would sell for about 550 in addition to GST. That still seems to be an additional charge on a lot of the hardware sold here. So, for example, the motherboard that I'm looking at buying is 879 Australian dollars if I were to buy it from a shelf here in Australia. However, if I look on Newegg for the exact same model of motherboard, it's, 690 s, Tralee and builders, now of course that's before shipping, the shipping is actually an additional 60 on top of that, but still even so, 690 dollars, plus 60 is 750 dollars. Australian so I'm still looking at a massive saving there on that motherboard and that's just one piece of hardware.

So, even if we were adding the 10 GST that items in Australia is subject to to that 69 motherboard it's still nowhere near 879 dollars, which is the price I'd, be paying from an Australian shop. So I can only assume that perhaps the Australian retailers want to take more money, or maybe they're, just charged more for the parts – I'm, not exactly sure, but either way. It definitely costs a lot more money here, and this is where I've been saving a lot of. My money with this new PC I've been buying a lot of the parts internationally. Now you can't just do this with all of your parts. Unfortunately, there are some caveats, for instance, if you do buy anything internationally over 1000 at any one time the GST will be applied, so you'll have to pay 10. On top of that order, now, with a site like Newegg, it will warn you before this happens. When you get to the checkout page, it'll show you the tax that you need to pay, but as long as you keep the order under 1000, you should be good I'd really like to know why we have it so bad here. Why are we get ripped off? So much compared the US I'm, not sure if the people that live here are willing to pay more. So perhaps people just take advantage of that or maybe the retailer's legitimately just get overcharged as well, and then they have to put their prices up to compensate regardless.

I'Ve been able to save over 500 so far on the motherboard graphics card and RAM. So this is the graphics card that I ended up. Picking up from you egg. It was 747 Australian dollars with 38 shipping, but in Australia this thing costs 950 dollars, that's just insane that's such a huge difference, it's so much cheaper, just to buy it from the US. So there are a few things that you need to consider when doing this. As mentioned, you want to keep your order under 1000. If you go over 1000 you're going to have to pay at least 10 GST, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of buying internationally. Another potential issue could be dealing with warranties. If you buy a piece of hardware and it fails, you might need to send it back to the US, which can take a few days and will probably cost a bit more to ship it's. Also, generally not worth doing this for parts under 400 Australian dollars. All sir, I found that the shipping cost for small items from the u.s. to Australian Newegg is about 40, so in that case, you'd be adding 10 on top of the price. Just for that so it's not really as worthwhile. Additionally, I found the lower priced items to not really differ that much in price in Australia or the u.s., so you don't really save as much there. The savings are definitely with those bigger items by just remember: you can't go too expensive, for instance, I can't buy my thread.

Rip is CPU from the US because it still costs over a thousand Australian dollars, so the tax is another 10. On top of that plus shipping, so it almost ends up being the same, so there's, basically no point in me buying it overseas. Another thing to consider is that the GST walls might actually be changing next year, so in this method might not be around forever from what I've read online, it sounds like they might start charging GST on all items, not just those over 1000 in an order. So I guess get your parts while you can so I bought a few parts from you eggs so far and I even had any problems it takes about four to five business days for them to ship from the u.s. to Australia, which isn't too bad the delivery Price is buried anywhere between 40 to 70 dollars depends on the parts and how heavy they are. Despite this, they're definitely still savings to be had so it's worth checking, so I don't think it really takes it that much extra time compared to buying from within Australia. On most of my orders from you got another three to eight dollars to get Express shipping which would speed it up by a couple of days, so that's, basically how you can save, potentially hundreds of dollars on your new PC I've done this for my ram graphics Card and motherboard and I've saved over five hundred Australian dollars so far compared to blank from shops within Australia and that's.

After spending more than a hundred dollars on shipping from the u.s. to Australia, it's just worthwhile, I did have to buy all three of those items in separate orders to keep the price under 1000 per order to not get the 10 GST, but it's still worth it. Even when I paid over 100 and shipping total between all three packages, so if you're in Australia looking to buy some PC hardware, I definitely recommend checking out some international sellers like Newegg in the US. Just remember these tips and you should be able to save quite a bit of money, now I'd, be interested in hearing your tips down in the comments of this video. So make sure you let me know, and let us know how much money you saved doing this thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe for future tech.