Today, im going to tell you all about my experiences with it, and we are also going to do a transfer test and see how fast this drive actually behaves to do that before that. Before doing that, i just want to show you what youre going to get in the box. This is the box itself. I actually have the two terabyte capacity option, and one of the things that you will see on this box is that its mentioned that youre gon na get up to 2800 or 2800 megabytes per second read speed, while using this device, so thats really high thats the Highest declared read speed that ive ever seen on an external storage device. One of the other characteristics that you will see with this product is that it can handle drops up to three meters of a drop and also uh top pressure on the device. Its also mac ready its, not really a thing in my case, because i dont use a mac and im gon na test this on a windows device and the speed rating is really crazy were going to check it out, check it out now. This is the storage itself, as you can see its uh. Basically very compact. I really like the design on one side. We have the thunderbolt 3 cable, which is connected to the usbc look alike: port, its, not a usbc port, its a thunderbolt port, its really important to distinguish this and also uh.

We have the led over here, thats, going to tell you that you get uh power on the device and that you are transferring files. So its really neat, you have this bluish tint when looking at uh, the storage from different angles and uh looks good. I, like its design, lets uh try to do a transfer right now, so this is basically what youre gon na see uh, especially on my laptop because im doing a file transfer test. As you can see, i got a read speed on crystal disk mark of 2866 megabytes, which is very high, and the right speeds result. I got is 2480 megabytes thats, really what i wanted to see when using a device like this, while copying files formed the device from the storage, i got a read speed of 1 000 megabytes 1230mhz, its really fast, its good enough for me to upload and download My videos off this external storage and when copying files to the external storage thats, where i saw different results, i got around 600 megabytes as youre gon na see right now, so its not the fastest in terms of write, speed for some reason on windows devices. But im guessing that on a mac im gon na get different results and i hope im gon na im gon na be able to test that test it for you in the future. It is enough, it is high enough speeds for me to do what i wanted to do with this storage device, so it gets the job done.

You do want to make note, however, that you will use a thunderbolt 3 port and not a usbc port. I really tried to get this working on a usbc port with usbc cables. I even used uh, i think around five usbc cables. Um one of them was a 10 gigabit um capable cable. The other was a 40 gigabit cable. It never worked. You need a thunderbolt 3 cable from what i tested with a thunderbolt, 3 um adapter or a connection or a card whatever you want to call this on your computer. I have one on my laptop, so for me its sufficient enough, but you have mo. If you have multiple devices you want to move this device move this storage between computers. You need to have in my at least on my test scenario. You need to have thunderbolt on both of these devices, but all in all, after youre gon na do that you are going to reach really high transfer speeds and read speeds uh from this external storage. Its really good to use right now in this day and age, where youll see that there are so many um ransomware attacks where people are hacking. Uh different storage devices having an external storage thats not connected to the internet, is probably the safest way to go in terms of backup, um, another type of backup in this day and age, so all in all its a its a neat device. I, like the design, like i mentioned, i think its small enough for me to carry anywhere with the computer with my laptop and all in all.

You get high speeds thats the most important thing im. Sorry, for my english, if i butchered the language its not my uh um im doing this in multiple languages, so thats, why its not the best, but i really hope you enjoyed my review im gon na see you on my future videos. I hope so. I have a link over here for you to subscribe to the channel, so i can see you on my future videos. I have two video recommendations over here for you to watch another one over here. Thank you very much for watching and see you soon.