. The freestyle is an impressively dinky portable projector, which works as a standalone stream. Otherwise, you can hook up your smartphone, your pc. Whatever you fancy, the freestyle is running tizen 6.0 os youve got instant setup with keystone correction and autofocus, so its bugger all effort on your part. Despite the dinky size, it can pump out a massive picture full hd. A resolution youve also got a 5 watt audio blaster in there as well with 360 degree. Sound youve got four field. Mics for voice assisted support, all kinds of fancy pants shenanigans. Basically, so what im going to do is take on a full on tour of the samsung freestyle? Show you exactly what this dinky wii bugger is capable of, and a massive thanks to samsung for sponsoring this hands on video cheers guys. So lets start with the design and, of course, portable projectors have been around for a while, but the samsung freestyle is easily one of the more compact and lightweight efforts that ive clutched in my sweaty mids weighing just 830 grams. This fist size device with its curved form factor should slip into your luggage without too much bother. The stand part of the samsung freestyle is made from metal, but then youve got a lovely rubbery. Soft touch finish for the body of the projector and, as you can see, there, youve got a swivel design for it, so you can get that picture lined up wherever you want it, and by tilting this thing straight up, you can even project an image onto the Ceiling for when youre kicking back in bed or in the bath, or something like that, you just want to watch a little bit of anime or something and of course, because this is a samsung device.

Youve got a lovely crisp white finish to it as well, which pleasingly matches my desk. Just dont go spilling your vindaloo on it because thatll probably be a bugger to shift and when the freestyle goes on, sale, youll have a choice of four different colors with more to follow later and samsung is also planning on releasing a dedicated waterproof case and battery Pack for the freestyle, as for the port situation, well, these are all housed over on this side of the samsung freestyle. Very straightforward youve got your micro hdmi for providing input. Youve got your type c, usb port, which is for power and youve got a little mic. Switch just to mute those when youre doing them on and yes, you will have to have the samsung freestyle plugged in at all times when you are using it, because theres no room in that very felt frame for a battery. But, of course, if you are using it out and about when youre, not at home, where you can just plug in some sort of power pack or portable battery in order to keep it juiced up, that just happens to be exactly what im gon na do. Right now, all right so lets dim the lights and see this. We move four in action. It plays a merry little tune when it starts up thats very cute. Now, first of all setting up the samsung freestyle absolute piece of pie. You can do it using the bundled remote.

Otherwise, if youve got your smartphone to hand, you can just get samsungs smartthings app and do it that way its pre installed on most samsung galaxy handsets. Otherwise, you can just download it from the google play store and one of the major usps of the freestyle is that instant setup feature just pointed at a wall and the projectors, auto, keystone, correction and auto focus abilities mean you will instantly get a crisp fully aligned Picture no mucking about now, as i mentioned before, the samsung freestyle does function as a standalone streaming device. You dont have to connect your smartphone or anything else to it in order to stream content from a wide variety of different services. Youve got samsung tv plus on there, which offers a huge selection of content, including the likes of good old teletubbies, how we love them stuff for everyone, no matter what youre into be it sports or dolphins. And if you are a subscriber to one of the many many streaming services out there, chances are youll find it on here. So youve got the likes of prime video from amazon. Youve got disney plus you can access all these just with a quick click up on the remote, as you can see, there, theyre all neatly housed up at the top of your netflix, your prime video disney plus apple tv good on youtube. Of course, my personal favorite – and these are just the ones that are pre installed on the freestyle as well.

If you dive into the app store, youll find some more on here that you can grab as well neatly sorted into genres, not much in the way of music and radio stuff at the moment. Unfortunately, it is just spotify on there, which does come pre installed, but of course, if you do want to expand the support for the samsung freestyle, all youve got to do is plug in your phone and then back in the main menu youve got some more funky Features tucked away in here like the ambient mode and, as you might have guessed, ambient mode allows you to project some sort of ambient scene onto your wall when you finally get tired of teletubbies. So if its someones birthday, you can get a neon style side, projector on the wall, get the party really kicking off in style or, alternatively, you could project a fake window onto your wall with some stunning scenery. So you can momentarily forget that you happen to live in middlesbrough or if you fancy something a bit more trippy, you can get a psychedelic prism effect on the go. Now, if you want to start streaming from your smartphone instead thats nice and simple just dive into the casting feature there on your mobile device and youll see the samsung projector appears as one of the options in there and there you have it a few seconds later. You can mirror the content on your smartphone to stream, to your surface of choice and if youve got yourself a samsung galaxy smartphone, where you can get something called tap view on the go as well for even more seamless, quick and easy pairing up.

All you need to do is dive into the smart things app then go to menu and settings and youll see if you just scroll down a little bit, theres a tap view. Option just make sure that is enabled. Then all you have to do is tap your phone against the back end of the samsung freestyle, the two will pair up or, alternatively, if you wanted to get your laptop or whatever hooked up to the projector. Instead, you can do that using an hdmi cable, its going to swap to the hdmi source and away you go again. Just a nice, simple, easy way of sharing your screen and ive got to say. I really really love the bundled remote as well. One of the dinkiest remote controls ive ever clutched, its got all of the functions that you need. Youve also got fast access to like some netflix disney plus and prime video on there too. Alternatively, just dive back on into that samsung smartthings app on your smartphone, and you can use this as a fully fledged remote control as well. And this again has all the controls you need in order to skip through all of the various channels and apps and change the volume and whatever else you need now lets talk about the picture quality here on the samsung freestyle and again, i was definitely impressed by This thing its a nice bright image, even when i had quite a lot my studio lights on, i could still clearly see what was going on.

In fact, the freestyles output peaks at over 500 lumens around 550 to be precise, so right now in the studio, ive got a couple of lights on just to illuminate my pasty mug, and yet that picture remains super super clear. Those colors are still rich and poppy and vibrant. This will really help with the overall portability of the freestyle as well as you can use it in all kinds of different environments. Its a full hd picture resolution, so youve got a nice crisp of visuals on there as well. Even if you want to blow up that picture, make it fairly big and for a projector as well. This produces quite punchy, colors ive got to say so yeah. If you are enjoying a bit that teletubbies action well, youll be wowed by the extremely luminous ass on la la and poor and all the rest of them and yeah youve got the built in speaker here on the samsung freestyle as well. So you dont have to worry about hooking up your own sound system, its got a 5 watt blaster built into it with two passive radiators, and this can produce 360 degree sound, which automatically adjusts to suit the environment that you are sat in. So whether you want to kick back with the movie or just blast, some of your favorite tunes while youre getting on with some work or whatever itll, do the job. Now, if you happen to think that controlling stuff with your fingers is very old school indeed.

Well, no worries because the samsung freestyle has several far field mics built into that surface. Youve got full voice assistant support as well, and yes, it is good old samsung bixby by default, but you do have support for alternative assistants as well like alexa, if you prefer them so when you want to take a bit of a bathroom break or go grab Yourself, a cold one at the fridge or whatever you can just say: hey bixby pause, the video and there you go absolutely no hands required and there you have it. That, in a nutshell, is the samsung freestyle, a very cute and lovable dinky, portable projector. That works really well as a standalone streaming devices absolutely packed with features as well, so you can hook up to pretty much any device gone and if you want to learn more about samsung freestyle well, therell be plenty of information and links down in the video description. So if you go give those a little bit of a pork to find out more, but do you recommend the samsung freestyle, though it would be great to hear your own thoughts down in the comments below. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more.