A8 10.5 ive had a bunch of viewers asking about this tablet, so i figured id go ahead and pick one up and take a look at it, and this is their newest 10.5 inch budget offering ive seen these going for 200 up to 260, depending on the Storage variant and with the storage variant its also going to change up the ram a bit. They also offer a few different colors, but i opted for the silver version. Weve got a 10.5 inch display quad speakers, android 11 and well get into the full specs in a second, but, along with the tablet inside of the box, youre also going to receive a user manual. Youll get your usb type c charging cable and a 2 amp power supply when it comes down to it. This is priced right around where the amazon fire 10 tablet is priced right now, at least the plus version, with 4 gigabytes of ram, but instead of running fire os. This is running android 11, with one ui three taking a look around the tablet. This does support a micro, sd card and ive personally tested a 400 gigabyte card, but they claim a one. Terabyte will also work. This tablet also has quad speakers built in and it does get really loud. Ive always been a big fan of these galaxy tab. Speakers that samsung has added so over here weve got two of our speakers. On the other side, we have our usb type c port.

Our other two speakers and theyve also left the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. It also has a fingerprint sensor which doubles as our power button. Plus we have our volume control over here and around back. We have an 8 megapixel camera. So when it comes to the specs of the new tab, a8 10.5 samsung opted for a totally different chip and weve actually seen this on some chinese tablets. They didnt go snapdragon, they didnt go mediatek, they didnt even go exynos. What we have here is a unisoc tiger t618, eight cores up to two gigahertz. The gpu is the mali g52 mp2. You can get this in a couple. Different variants, with three to four gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of storage. Up to 128 weve got those quad speakers, ac, wi, fi, bluetooth, 5.1, a 10.5 inch tft display at 1200 by 1920, and it just doesnt look as good as an ips 7040 milliamp hour battery with 15 watt, quick charging capabilities and is running android 11 with one Ui 3.. Alright, so here we are, and overall ui performance seems really snappy, i kind of figured it would be. They do a lot of optimizations and this unisock soc. I mean isnt a slouch, its definitely not the fastest chip on the market, but it does work great for tablets, especially media playback. In 2021, we saw a bunch of tablets powered by the same chip, and i was actually surprised to see that samsung jumped on board with this and when it comes to those tablets, one of the main things they always lack is widevine support, which is basically drm For hd content with the new galaxy tab a8, we do have level 1, so we can get hd content from our favorite streaming apps.

So we do have widevine support here and even though we dont have the highest resolution display on this unit, things like netflix do work in hd and its just a big plus when it comes to a bigger screen tablet. So weve basically got the full tablet. Version of netflix, instead of the phone version and from here we can do 1080p, playback from our favorite shows and movies, and when it comes to video playback, this actually does a pretty decent job at 1080p. Well, head over to youtube real, quick and from here ive. Just got a 1080p 60 video stats for nerds is on screen and by the end of this we did have 12 drop frames, but its really not that bad its something youd, never notice, unless you had stats for nerds on screen. So when it comes to the tab a8 for 1080p 60 playback, its gon na handle it just fine that unisock cpu does have more than enough power for video playback. Another thing i always like to do when testing these devices is run a couple benchmarks and first up, we have geekbench 5 single core 361 multi 1227. So its actually not looking that great, we are getting a lot of prepaid 99 phones with the mediatek demincity 700 chip, and it will outperform this unisock cpu. The other benchmark i ran was antutu and we got a total score of 200 128.. Again, still looking on the lower side of things, we beat one percent of all other users now its time to test out a little bit of native android gaming and with the lower end stuff, youre gon na be good to go.

Heres minecraft were at eight chunks. I do have fancy graphics off, but its perfectly playable like this and by the way im using an xbox one controller connected over bluetooth. Next on the list, we have call of duty mobile im, actually at low settings with the frame rate set to maximum, but i think were sitting around 45 fps here, not bad, but this game is actually really good on a lot of different devices that have tested And, as you can see here, its definitely playable Music. Another thing i always like to test on these devices is cloud gaming via geforce, now stadia or even game pass otherwise known as xcloud running forza ryzen 5. Here from the cloud, and it seems to be functioning really well, we do have ac wi fi built in, so we can pick up that 5 gigahertz network and so far, ive had really good luck with cloud gaming on this device. Music now its time to move over to some emulation and this isnt going to run the higher end stuff, ps2 gamecube, even 3ds. There might be a couple games for each of those that you could play, but you dont go and buy one of these specifically for those emulators. But when it comes to stuff like dreamcast, which you see running here, marvel vs capcom 2 using the redream emulator its functioning fine and anything under this is going to work out really well. You want to do some nes, some neo geo cts, some pc engine, even playstation 1.

This new tab a8 definitely has enough power for that, even in 64. heres a harder one to emulate. This is conkers bad fur day im using the standalone version of moo pen, 64 plus fz from the google play store and with this im, getting really great performance even with something like goldeneye 007 and, as you can see here, conkers bad fur day and finally, for Emulation testing we have psp using the standalone version of ppsspp heres tekken 6, using the vulcan back in at 2x resolution. This isnt the hardest one to emulate and it isnt the easiest either ive actually had this struggle on lower end chip. So i figured id go ahead and test this one. I also tested a few other easier to emulate. Games like like family guy and daxter. I could go up to 3x and 4x with the vulcan back in on those games, but when it comes to the harder to emulate stuff like chains of olympus or ghost of sparta, you will have to drop it down to 1x. But i was really surprised at the kind of performance we got now, youre still going to see some dips down from 60, but overall this is actually pushing through a lot better than i thought it would. I also tried opengl, but on this chip vulcan does perform much better Applause. So, in the end the new samsung galaxy tab – a8 10.5, performs similarly to the amazon fire 10 that was released in 2021.

The gpu theyre using in the amazon fire 10, does outperform this, but i mean in real world performance, theyre, really right on par with each other, and both of these tablets do support widevine. So you will get that hd content, but the amazon fire runs fire os and you can always install google play, but it doesnt give you that real android experience like we have here now. I know this is skinned over with one ui 3.0, but ive always really enjoyed this. I personally use a galaxy phone, so im used to it, but in the end, its really up to you, if you can deal with fire os and installing google play or not even installing google play and using the amazon app store, then thats totally up to you. But if i had to make the choice, i would probably go with the tablet that already has google play and android pre installed out of the box. With this one here, weve got a really snappy experience with android 11.. I love the quad speaker setup. It does get plenty loud for a little tablet like this, but the screen does leave a lot to be desired. I really wish they would have used an ips instead of a tft. Viewing angles are still pretty decent here, but throwing an ips in this would have made all the difference in the world. Battery life is actually pretty decent running this on loop, 50 brightness, just a youtube 1080p video.

I got seven hours and 10 minutes out of it while gaming, if youre doing something intensive, you can probably expect around four hours. You know continuous use if you were to sit there for four hours to kill the battery. Its got 15 watt, quick charging, which really isnt that quick nowadays, but it will get you up much faster than it would if it didnt have any kind of quick charging at all. So yeah for a low end mid range tablet, its really not that bad. I have seen these on sale for 199 and, if youre interested in picking one up, i would go with that 199 price tag and thatll get you 32 gigabytes of internal storage and three gigabytes of ram or you can up that with the more expensive model. With four gigs of ram 64 gigabytes of storage or you could spend a little more and get 128. personally im fine with 4 gigs and 64 gigabytes of storage. If youre interested in learning more im going to leave a few links in the description but thats going to wrap it up for this one, i really appreciate you watching if theres anything else, you want to see tested on this tablet.