Both models of the watch 4 series come with an incredibly durable strap. You can pick from more than 40 unique watch faces right out of the box, as we showed you earlier this year at google. I o and the mobile world congress weve been working closely with google to create a new unified platform, introducing wear os powered by samsung youll, get seamless access to your favorite google apps, like google maps and top tier fitness apps like strava,, adidas running and golf Buddy smart caddy on this new platform, youll also have a better experience with android smartphones, with improved access to apps on google play were also bringing you advanced hardware and an even more intuitive user interface, and that starts with the samsung health experience. Your watchfor and galaxy smartphone can work together to track your snoring and breathing patterns continuously. This means your smartphone detects the sounds of your snores and your watch checks your blood oxygen levels once every second and today were thrilled to introduce another incredible experience that will make your health tracking more holistic, its called body, composition, measurements. You can easily check it anytime, anywhere all with two fingers. We built the watch for with our most advanced health capabilities yet including samsung bioactive sensor. The watch 4 series has blood pressure and ecg rhythm monitoring that helps you keep tabs on your body to catch anything out of the ordinary and now were extending these capabilities to even more customers, bringing blood pressure and ecg monitoring to more than 30 countries.

Your health data, including body composition, blood, oxygen, blood pressure and ecg is easy to understand on the samsung health app and with all this info available at a glance its simple to track. Your health im so excited that the galaxy watch 4 series lets you choose from a wide range of workouts to find the ones that suit you best and help. You reach your health goals. Now you can enjoy team based competitions on your watch with friends and family. Keep each other motivated check on everyones progress with in app posts and messages, Music and celebrate your victories with badges and points lte connectivity on the watch. 4 gives you that freedom? You can stream spotify on your watch. Even if you dont have your phone, you can also track your time and map out your routes all right from your wrist. Now you can more easily navigate your watch 4 with two buttons located on the side. Thanks to its circular design, the galaxy watch 4 series delivers unique bezel interactions, just swipe the bezel like this. You can check notifications and various apps, its so easy answer. A call by waving your forearm up and down or dismiss alerts with just the shake of your wrist. You can get your own galaxy watch for from 249 and watch for a classic from 349 dollars. Starting august 27th were introducing two new foldables that you will love, starting with galaxy z, fold 3.. When closed z, fold 3 looks and works like a standard smartphone, you can glide across your screen as you scroll through with 120hz refresh rate and with a dynamic amoled.

2X display these high quality visuals continue on the main screen, which has the same refresh rate and dynamic display at 7.6, inches z. Fold 3s main display delivers a tablet like experience introducing the worlds very first foldable, with an under display camera galaxy z, phone 3 stereo speakers deliver multi dimensional sound with incredible spatial effects. Weve enhanced how you experience your apps now is optimized for the large screen, like a tablet, see how the chat list pops up on the left and your messages appear on the right youre, seeing everything at the same time before the menu disrupted. Your view now the menu takes up less room on your screen. With the z fold, three multitasking is effortless. Thanks to the taskbar, pin your favorite apps to it for quick access. Just like you would on your pc. You can even use it to open multiple apps without returning to the home screen and with your recently used apps right there, its more convenient than ever to switch between them so were teaming up with third party app services to make your favorite apps easier to use. On your foldable, with the additional dspan to the 4 series, we have introduced a whole new way of taking advantage of the default 3s larger display both the 4 3 and flip 3 have an ipx8 water resistance rating. The main dynamic displays on both the fold and flip are strong and durable by redesigning the layer structure and using a new protective film made out of pet a sturdy yet flexible material.

When closed the auto body is protected from everyday scratches with a gorilla glass victus. All this is protected by our strongest aluminum frame, yet armor aluminum its lightweight, so it keeps your phone safe without weighing it down introducing the galaxy z flip 3., its our most stylish smartphone. Yet it has a sleek body and a compact design when closed weve integrated the cover screen with the front camera, creating a truly seamless look z, flip 3 comes in four eye, catching colors cream, green lavender and phantom black, and you can get even more color options. Like pink white and grey exclusively at, you can add a personal touch across the cover and main screens or coordinate your look by matching your wallpaper from your phone to your galaxy watch. It has a cover, screen thats four times larger, so you can conveniently access your favorite apps and widgets. Even when its closed, not only can i check my messages more clearly, but i can simply swipe to check out even more widgets, thanks to my z, flip 3s. Larger cover screen, i can preview my images and videos before i take them to take an incredible photo, just open your z, flip 3 and place it upright on a flat surface. If youre with lots of friends, you wont have to worry about anyone getting cut out of the frame in flex mode, your camera will use auto framing to optimize your shot. It can recognize up to four people from up to three and a half meters away in wide angle mode and when youve got more than five friends in the frame.

Your z flip three will automatically shift to an ultra wide angle, capture shots by using voice commands or, if youre, wearing a galaxy watch. Just a tap galaxy, z43 and z. Flip 3 will be available from august 27th for one thousand seven hundred ninety nine dollars and nine hundred ninety nine dollars. Respectfully, you can pre order both starting today. If you pre order galaxy z, flip three, our z fold, three youll get a year of protection from the samsung care, plus our premium support service. Your phone will be protected from accidental damage, including a one time screen replacement with galaxys z, fold 3. Youll get an amazing viewing experience and thanks to an all new under display camera water resistance and the first ever foldable s, pen with galaxy z, flip 3, you can do more with a larger, more versatile cover screen. It also comes with stereo. Speakers were proud to introduce galaxy buds 2.. These earbuds are an update to our buds, plus they come in soft natural colors. That spice up every single look on the outside. The case looks like any other, but inside its filled with one of our four beautiful color options, but two deliver a super secure, fit theyre the smallest and lightest buds weve ever made. They use a two way speaker, a woofer for more powerful bass and a tweeter for cleaner high notes to block out all that background. Noise. Galaxy buds 2 come with best in class.

Active noise, cancelling with anc on your battery will last up to five hours with anc off your battery will last up to seven and a half hours, and your case will keep your buds to working for up to 20 hours with buds too. You can use ambient mode to choose from three levels of ambient sound buds. 2 deliver advanced cool quality with butt 2. You can call a friend while youre in a noisy area, and your friend will still be able to hear your voice clearly and if you pair them with your galaxy watch, you can switch to ambient mode with just a tap in your buds controller app and with Auto switch moving between your smartphone tablet and watch is easier than ever. Galaxy. Buds 2 will be available for 149 on august 27th in select countries. I hope the innovative experiences we shared today inspire you to live more openly and to re.