Its s8 ultra look at the size of this box. This is by far the biggest tablet i have ever come across now. If you remember a few days back uh, we did uh the preview of the tablets. All this s tab s, tab s8 series tablets and we told you almost everything about it, but in on the outskirts of it. Now we have the hardware in itself: weve got the samsung galaxy s8 ultra with us and were gon na unbox. It find out how it looks, how beautiful it is and what all power it packs to make you productive and creative and bring the best out of your creativity out so dont go anywhere press the subscribe button on the notification icon and on facebook, instagram and tick. Tock as well do the magic press, those follows and subscribe buttons over there and the plus icons and like share and comment on our videos there as well, because we could use a lot there on the web. We are on, so lets not facetime rip. This out and get creating with samsung galaxy s8 ultra see you soon, Music, hello, guys. This is your friend great lobbyist and i am back weve just finished unboxing. The new samsung galaxy s tab ultra now before i go on to tell you whats inside about. Let me just show this beautiful thing to you now: ultra stands for it name, look at the size of this screen and it inside the box.

We have the tablet, the s pen and the charging cable again, no adapter, but that you have, you can always buy it from the samsung store online. Now, look at the size of this beautiful thing. Now. Ive turned this on ive set it up, and this is gorgeous. Looking look at the size and the s pen, there is for the s pen theres a special charging slot right at the back, so you dont lose it it. You can also buy an optional cover as well. Uh keyboard cover, so you can uh that can make it even more easier im using a bluetooth keyboard to work on it since last couple of days uh since ive unboxed, it so uh, really enjoying the experience to be honest with the size of screen as good As having a laptop to work with, let me turn this around. While i show you what i tell you about it now, look at the body of it now slim as you can see very very, very slim uh. You got the uh sim card slot right here on top along with couple of microphones volume toggle and on off switch. You got speakers on both sides, stereo speakers and then usb charging port here and microphone here as well and at the bottom. Youve got the magnetic slot right here where the keyboard sticks in so a great looking tablet from the physical feel of it beautiful. Looking one uh at the back uh in the front, youll see dual camera as well.

Let me show you that before i go move forward and at the back as well, you have a dual camera setup right here, so whether its the front or the back youve got dual cameras to get you. The images and the video conferencing calls that you plan to do using this tablet. Uh first thing i notice – is that the bezels are quite slim, so giving you a great deal of space to work with 14.6 inches of super amoled, 120 hertz of refresh rate. So, as i scroll through, you can see 120 hertz hdr 10, plus the watching videos has been fantastic: 90 screen to body ratio, giving you 1848 by two nine six: zero pixels of resolution on a 16 to 10 aspect ratio and 240 ppi density. Another thing that i loved is i loved about. This is the freestyle multi window mode? So let me see if i can do that. Im not experienced this. I click on here, uh open in split screen window heres, two of them and then i can adjust the size of each one of them freely, as you can see. So if i want my screen top to be here – and i open the calculator app right here – i can go. I want the calculator on the side and i want to face the youtube so free free flowing instead of just fixed spots, which you should normally see. This is a fantastic piece id say this is great tech.

Uh, you know giving you the flexibility to choose the size and you can choose up to or you can do it. I think, open up to four windows. If im not wrong um, let me see if i can here we go and i go one. Let me just set it up: Music, so freestyling those ill show you in the video footage. You can see it here that how free flowing is now how you can open the four windows as well um, its got samsung notes uh. So all the memory sketchings drawings uh – you know that and turn handwriting into notes. Fantastic stuff. There, its got uh clip studio, paint, x, uh, x, uh, plain text, which means you use the s pen on the phone to select the colors and draw it on to the tablet, which has been a fantastic experience as well as pen, has been fantastic. Now i have used pen up, which is the third thing i want to tell you about which has been a great experience of pinup coloring. You can pick it up and do coloring here, so this is great to bring out that creativity out of you. It is a fantastic pen. I love the pen up one, i it keeps my mind engaged and even for kids, i think its a good way to keep them busy if they want, if they want to be on screen, might as well be something creative that theyre doing so so coloring a Little bit of red on the eyes here we go so creativity out and boredom creativity and bottom out, so fantastic sub, lumafusion so and it gives you an option to uh to edit the videos as well.

So for me it makes it even more handier. So it gives me the flexibility in case. I want to make those short, quick edits. I uh you know when it comes back from post production, i can do it on luma fusion quick share as well, so you can easily connect it with your smartphones and transfer files from one device to another swiftly, specifically from snap to pc uh under the hood. All this is powered by android 12 and one ui 4.1 qualcomm snapdragon gen, eight snapdragon 8 generation, one uh fantastic piece of hardware: uh chipset there octa core chipset, giving you asp, giving peak performance at three gigahertz uh adreno 730 on the gpu to enhance your graphic Performance and the visual experience of the phone uh of the tablet as well um its a 52 percent, far faster gpu and 24, faster cpu, 5g connectivity, bluetooth, 5.2 and wi fi 6e. All that power pack dumped into this beautiful large screen tablet multiple options available from 128 to 256 gb of storage from 8 gb to 16 gb of ram main camera. Dual camera is 13 megapixel uh and six megapixel 13 megapixel is wide angle. 26 mm and six megapixel is uh is an ultra wide angle and it can do 4k videos at 30 frames per second um, and it has auto framing as well so in case youre. Using the sure, using this to shoot its gon na keep the person youre shooting in the middle, keeping that auto focus on selfie camera into battery theyre 12 megapixel of a wide angle, camera 626 mm and 12 megapixel of ultra wide angle, camera as well.

Again: 4k. Videos at 30 frames and 60 frames per second, and all this bundle up together with providing power to that is an 11 200 mah battery with 45 watt fast charging again that 45 watt charger you need to purchase it separately and that, but again, 11 200 watts. Now this was charged uh. We are currently on 87 and ive been using it since morning, so you can imagine, but in case i was to run out of it. I can quickly charge it its zero to 100 in only 82 minutes, thats a huge size battery. So perfect, a beautiful piece of hardware, guys i love it and im sure youre gon na enjoy it as well, so get it out and start playing with the tablet start using it as a primary device. If you want to, i have, i wanted to give it a try to be honest with you to see, if i can use this as my primary device for a couple of days and to be honest with you and after connecting with the keyboard, i have not Seen any problem now this is a keyboard which is got uh. You know, along with um, just not being a standard keyboard, it has all the shortcuts for a shortcut for androids, and so i just keep it connected and i go back to the home screen and use my scroll buttons to open and browse through the apps and Inside the apps so guys loved, it im sure youre gon na love it as well.

Please do like share and follow our video subscribe to our channel so that we keep getting all the motivation and you keep getting all the notifications uh. So please enjoy yourself. If you have any questions, do let us know in the comments as well and ill be happy to have them on.