9 inch. Now i love this device, but really what makes this a game changing device? Is this keyboard cover? So i couldnt review and give a proper full opinion on how usable the samsung tab s8 ultra is without first unboxing. This case, so lets just have a look and see what we find now just from a practical perspective, ill just wrap him up here. Thats just details there, i dont need that um from a practical perspective, i didnt actually pay for this device um. When i paid for my tab. S8 ultra, i forgot the knife. I need to focus where i paid my tab sa ultra. This came as part of the deal included it, so i had to wait about a month or so about six weeks and we can see here quite a big cover, but its quite a big device. So its a little look so whats the easiest way actually im. Just looking here, theres some marks there a little bit of rubbing. I suppose it wont really matter now lets just get rid of this here now i have to say there we go im assuming thats the end of the knife. Go back to this side here, its quite heavy uh everything seems there we go so we open that there bit of light paper there now so this okay, this comes in completely two parts, uh, i assume its in the back nicer nicer feeling than the apple case. It feels its all quite hard plasticky, but something more dampened and softened here has a nice set.

Texture on the outside lets move that knife, so we dont scratch anything, and then we take this off here. Just some more paper between the two and weve got the keyboard side, so thats it lots of paper. All seems absolutely fine. So, unlike lets go up to that, unlike the apple keyboard case, magic keyboard case uh. This comes in two parts, which is interesting now that was really nice and quick and easy to unbox lets see what happens when i put this into a three dot connector here and there we go so that connects really powerfully there. That doesnt look like its going anywhere, so obviously that way now i dont really want to do it the other way as much, but that is quite when i let go thats quite strongly stuck on, so i wouldnt want to dangle it upside down all day long, But it will hold, and it will certainly hold that way. So that covers like that now this comes with the samsung pen, which goes here, and that way it needs to go in that orientation to charge. So presumably that just goes over. Oh just goes on like that nice and easy to access the pen and put back, gives protection there and then actually from a protection point of view. That does seem like it gives quite a bit of extra protection now, just from a weight perspective. Its very odd that its in two pieces, just something im not used to but thats.

I dont, know how much this weighs. Oh, oh, so its got a kickstand here, so lets have a look at that in a minute, actually thats, all very good. Ah, so the reason that didnt pull off is i wasnt pulling it. I was putting at the kickstand so lets try and fold it there. Now. You dont really want it to come off easily, so its nice thats quite difficult to come off now ill put on the screen. How much this keyboard case weighs, but just just feeling it. The tablet is definitely heavier but id say not by that much. It does add quite a bit of additional weight, but, to be honest, as you wont, be holding it id. Imagine very much um as long as youre able to carry it around easy enough to put on there and easy enough to put on here. So nice and simple, so the pens access there now its funny going back to the comparison with the apple um thing. The apple keyboard case its very odd, because that will just fall. So you need to hold it the whole time. But as we discovered a second ago, you can pull that out there and, from a practical perspective, tap that there tap that there mouse there now. I think you can get some some decks to work with this lets. Just do click on this. This is just a Music, so from a practical perspective, without setting anything up, this just works and it feels comfortable.

It adds protection and i will do a more detailed review at a later date. Im sure. But you know, certainly, if youre considering getting the tab. S8. Ultra, i would advise you to get a case because it feels sturdy enough, but it is a big bit of glass and i wouldnt want to drop it. It is quite heavy – and i suspect this is gon na significantly increase the functionality. So if youre interested in the unboxing and seeing how it works just out the box, then hopefully this has helped. If youve got any thoughts or any questions, any ideas you might want to see test in another video. Please leave them in the comments below if youve liked.