So if you watch the video that i did the other day about my experience with the tab s8 ultra then youll know that i got this for free. They were doing a deal where you pre order, the tab s8 ultra and you get this for free, so um thats definitely the way to go about it. I dont know if they still have that deal going on, because the price on this is 350 bucks, which i would definitely not pay 350 bucks for this, but it does help you take. You know your user experience and your productivity to the next level with the tab s8 ultra, because trying to use a tablet of that size, just handheld 100 of the time is not very realistic, so this thing definitely does help. Now i dont know if thats going to be the actual price you know later down the road or, if theyre, just pricing it that high to encourage people to do the pre orders and everything. So they can feel like theyre. Getting a really good deal by getting this keyboard for free, so yeah, if you can get it for free, absolutely its a no brainer but 350 bucks yeah. I probably wouldnt pay that i would probably invest in just the regular samsung cover that has the kickstand and then get just like a regular bluetooth, keyboard off of amazon or something because youll save a ton of money going that route. So the installation process is super.

Easy everything is magnetic, so all you have to do is take the first half pop it onto the back of the tablet, and it has this space specifically for the s pen, which is really nice, because it keeps it nice and secure whenever youre, not using the S, pen and you dont have to worry about the s pen falling off the tablet uh when youre putting it in and out of a bag or something of that nature. And then it has this flap for really easy access. Whenever youre ready to use the s pen as far as the keyboard, you just pop it into place, and then you have the kickstand on the back to prop the tablet up. So the keyboard, as well as the trackpad, are a really good size. So its pretty much like a full size, keyboard uh using it, feels very comfortable uh. It feels very natural, so im able to type just about as fast as i can on any other keyboard and the keyboard is backlit in case youre typing in a low lit area, or something like that and then, as far as using the track pad its really Easy you can swipe down to quickly exit apps or you can swipe up to get to your recently used apps. You have a ton of different shortcuts that you can learn to make navigating easier and faster, and then it even has three customizable keys so that you can assign different apps of your choice to open whenever you press the function button along with those customizable keys.

So right now i have one of those keys set to just open a google browser. I have another one set to open lightroom, so i can edit photos and then i have another one set to open outlook. So again, you can customize these to open whichever apps you want. The keyboard also works really well with samsungs dex mode, which is designed for the tablet to give you a windows, type experience as if youre, using a desktop or a laptop, i mean even has a dedicated dex button, so going in and out of dex mode is Super easy, so this setup definitely helps you. Take your productivity to the next level compared to just using the tablet handheld now. One thing i will say is that you definitely want to use this on a tabletop or just a flat surface. The majority of the time it just doesnt seem stable enough to use like just in your lap. You can get away with it, but it wouldnt be my preferred way to use it so definitely use a table or a flat surface if you can so right now, if youre looking for the whole setup the cover and keyboard all in one that just connects everything Together, this is really your only option due to the size of the tab. S8 ultra. Nobody really makes aftermarket accessories for it just yet um. So if you want something like this, then this is your only option. Uh otherwise, like i said, just get the regular samsung cover with the kickstand and buy a bluetooth keyboard to go along with it.

Youll save yourself a lot of money and get just about the same functionality so thats. My video on the samsung keyboard cover for the tab. S8 ultra. Do me a favor if you found the video to be helpful, go ahead and give it a thumbs up as well as consider subscribing to the channel. You can also follow me on social media.