You go that’s a pretty good tablet, but nah, dare i say, it’s a damn goods tablet i mean productivity. Wise you’ve got a turn of features there. Uh that really prescribes to something you can use on a day to day, especially now that we’re all kind of stuck at home right you’ve got a 12.4 inch display. It’S 120 hertz display now we’ll get to that when it comes to gaming. But what that also means is that, when you’re riding with the s pen, which has now a nine millisecond response time, it feels so smooth it is. It feels like you’re writing on uh. You know a book which is nice it’s, that that aspect is great and also just the productivity uh functionality with the keyboard, which is nice, it’s. A solid keyboard uh the trackpad i’m, not too fond of, but it works well and all those things come together quite effectively. Now you want to see more on the productivity side of this video. You can definitely check out my buddy, the unlocker and also my buddy danny winget, who i did a video chat, while wirelessly connecting via decks. Now when it comes to gaming. This is what we care about, and some of you going okay, i’m gon na buy. This tablet, for some entertainment purposes might do some work with it. But what do i get as a gamer? Well there’s, a ton of features for you to enjoy on this tablet.

Snapdragon 865 plus processor you’ve got 68 gigs of ram. It trust me it’s enough. The eight gigs is quite enough for all the things you need to, especially even when it’s running decks and then you’ve got uh 256 gigabytes of storage. Now this also supports a 45 watt. Charger comes with a 15 watt charger, so you do get an s pen and also you can get the keyboard case separately. What do we get in terms of gaming? What i’m going to show you here is something quite unique, because gaming on this device is not just your typical tablet games. It expands from that for for you to be able to play your android games on here, but you can also play games of xbox game. Pass now xbox game pass will be available september 15th i’m, currently playing those games off microsoft, project x cloud which allows me, which is basically the beta program for xbox game, pass streaming now, we’ll be playing games both on the tablet, but also we can do that Directly from decks so without wasting more time check out some gameplay Applause. Applause. Rebuilding cover me cover me: Applause, Applause Applause, so cover me, 23 yards, but that’s the case here, first down so on the other side of the field. Now, it’s, first and ten as they’ve got things rolling on this drive. It won’t be a sag, but it’s no gain, and it brings up second down Applause round two fight: Music Applause, so wow, Music, Music, turn left Music; okay, so that was pretty cool, uh being able to plug in a controller an xbox controller, for example, and gaming.

On the tablet alone is great way to android games, there’s fortnite, pubg um, you know call of duty mobile and also we ran on its highest specs there for you guys to see. So that was quite clear because of course, the snapdragon 865 plus right but being able to also stream those xbox games of game pass and there are ton of games now. Somebody said the only 36 games. They are 104 games currently through project x cloud. So i presume xbox game pass will definitely have at least that on a minimum uh but being able to select a lot of games, like devil may cry 5 madden 2020, which i would never buy a madden game. But now i can play um. You know playing some forza horizon 4 gears, you name it. You can do all that and of course tekken 7, as you clearly see, but the other cool part is the ability to wirelessly cast that through decks. Now you can connect this via hdmi, cable and i’m. Sure your connectivity will be much better, but if you don’t have cables or like i said you are in another video if you’re visiting family and you they’ve got a tv, you can cast this directly for the samsung tv it’s, even better. You cast it to your tv and it’s, so seamless, just the the ability to hit that wireless connection and boom the tv picks it up and there you go and then you can start playing your games directly there.

You know playing some tekken 7 on there um. I can also play my android games on there as well, so it’s it’s endless opportunities now. The other thing to note is the speaker: it’s called dolby, atmos it’s got four speakers. Quad speakers all around the system, so take a listen. Music audio sounds great. It is clean, it is clear, beautiful stuff. I really like what i’m seeing here with this and the reason my title says: this is samsung’s ipad pro game edition. Is that seriously what i have here as a total package for gaming? I don’t think that’s something the ipad can do at this point. Ipad’S a great device, it’s great, got great functionality and also has some great gaming experience with apple arcade. But we don’t have things like game pass, or even things like google stadia uh, plus we don’t have that ability to wirelessly cast yet. So there are some limitations that this clearly does better, and i am definitely impressed with how samsung has taken this forward. One thing i would say that they should do, and i kind of mentioned it with my buddy. The unlocker is you know what, since the android tablet, ecosystem is not a great place. I think the os for this should be just decks, not um uh, an android operating system, but just the dex operating system. It looks and feels so much better uh and again, if samsung could bundle it with a keyboard and mouse or at least keyboard and s pen, or make it a cheaper price.

If you will, then you have a gold mine on your hand and again the ability to have this in just game. I mean the fact that we’re all stuck at home on different levels – and maybe somebody else in the family is using the tv. You can still play uh your android games on your tablet. You can still play your xbox games on your tablet to me, it’s great. So all right there you go guys. That is what gaming is like on the galaxy tab: s7 plus it’s. Truly fantastic you’ve got all the functionality you’re looking for with connectivity, uh performance with that snapdragon 65 processor wirelessly casting through decks being able to play xbox games and also just a premium, build hardware that feels solid uh and gives you just great visuals overall. So if you have any questions or comments, let me know if you enjoy these kind of videos. I know you guys come here for the gaming videos.