This is ectotech preacher, so ill be using the galaxy tab, seven plus for about a month and its almost my real computer replacement. Let me explain, sit back, relax and get your popcorn ready and follow me on this journey lets go whats up guys. This is back with another video, so as a business owner. What do i do on my real computer? Word documents excel spreadsheets for my p, l and payroll powerpoint presentations for my vendor meetings: microsoft, onenote business emailing photo editing cloud server, programming browsing the web and much more so as far as my personal use. What do i do on my computer for personal use? Well, i watch youtube videos. I edit youtube videos. I watch netflix and i play games and much more so thats the bulk of what i do as a business owner and in my personal life. What? If i could tell you that i could do all of that on the tablet thats portable lightweight and i have all day better life, you know what my dream have come. True look. I have ipad pros and they work great. I have real computers and they work great. I have a chromebook nah, chromebook dont work for me. Listen man, im, sorry, chromebook doesnt fulfill my needs as far as getting work done. Im. Sorry, but a chromebook just dont do it! So when i got the galaxy tab s plus it was a match made in heaven. Look we all know the specs of this tablet.

865 processor, eight gigs, around 256 gigs of storage. We got sd card support. It has the power to run everything you need. It got a beautiful design, beautiful display its fast and efficient. It has a great battery life with a 10 090 milliamp battery. So i could do everything in my business and personal life with this tablet with no problems. So lets talk about some of the things that i like about this tablet. First, the display man look at this display the galaxy tab. Seven plus has a huge 12.4 inch super ambulant, 120hz hdr10 screen of goodness here. One of the best displays ive seen on the tablet, yet the galaxy tab s7 plus, can give you very good, vibrant colors and deep blacks, a beautiful display. I mean absolutely gorgeous display next, the pen and pin software look using the bigger display is really good for reading text and signing pdfs its great for business. Even when im doing photo editing, it works great with the pin everything that i could do. On my galaxy note, i could do on the galaxy tab at 7, plus with no problems. Look. I love this tablet when it comes down to using the s pen and s pen software, i have no issues with that. Everything works great on the tab. S7 plus next lets talk about performance and all, i can say, is wow no matter what i do on this table. I cant slow it down even a little bit when im doing my excel spreadsheets using multiple monitors, the tab, s7 plus just laughs and acts for more the performance on this tablet has exceeded my expectations.

I mean look using decks using everything else in between this tablet runs great with no problem. Next lets talk about the external speakers on the tab. Seven plus these speakers are among the best ive ever heard, but you know what let me give you an example of what im talking about the sound thats coming out of this tablet so check this out: Music, oh Music. Lastly, dex, as you know, im a huge fan of decks. Decks is the ultimate business solution for me that give me an almost pc, like experience, so look for all yall that havent experienced decks and yall have a question, easy, whats, the difference between decks and a tablet. Well, let me give you a few examples of what im talking about from using a tablet, an android tablet or even the tablet mode thats on this tablet versus decks. First, the desktop experience is different when using a android tablet, its more like a blown up smartphone with some features like a smartphone right. So when you get a tablet, it looks like a blown up smartphone and you know when you pull down the notification shades, you get your notification and all that good stuff like that, and your whole screen look like a blown up smartphone and the multitasking that you Do on a smartphone its the same thing that you do on the tablet right: opening up three apps or minimum control and stuff like that. Well, dex is different: texas, like a pc experience, open it up as many apps as you can right.

Opening up many browsers. You have full control on where you wanted to put it on the display right, not only that, but it gives you that ultimate experience ultimate pc like experience like no other. So if you use a a real computer going into decks, you will be very familiar of the layout and look multitasking is totally different from dex versus a tablet. Next apps, as you know, some apps on a tablet is again blowed up smartphone apps and some of the developers havent fixed. Some of the aspect – ratio of some of the mobile apps, for example, instagram right instagram on the tablet you stuck in poultry mode, and you cannot change that, but in decks you can view it in landscape. So these are some of the issues and look theres a lot of apps like this, that you open up the app it will be stuck in portrait mode, but in decks you can use it in landscape and portrait mode, so the difference is like night and day When it comes down to using apps and using web browsers and stuff like that on decks versus the tablet, using the tab at seven pluses, its kind of the best of both worlds, if you want a tablet experience, you can get that with the tab at 7. Plus, if you want a desktop experience, you could get that using decks, so you do get the best of both worlds with the tab at 7 plus.

So in this video i talked about how great the tab, seven plus, is right. So yall guys. My extra question: are there any kinds with this tablet, and the answer to that question is: yes. Lets talk about the kind, the probably the biggest kind, with buying tablets in general, especially high premium tablets like this. This tablet costs 849 dollars. Now you can find great deals and you can get it at a lower price point, but at retail this tablet is very expensive. Also, you have to buy the keyboard in order to get the best experience using the tablet. Seven plus you have to buy the keyboard. Well, the keyboard would set you back 229. Are you willing to shell out over a thousand dollars for the complete experience, knowing you could buy a real computer or buy a macbook at that price point? So yes, youre paying for portability youre, actually paying for long battery life, yes, youre paying for a beautiful display, but all in all, if you want to get work done, do you want to shell out that type of cash? For this experience thats the question you have to ask yourself: these are the problems that i have with tablets of this magnitude of of this premium high price point its very hard to justify paying 1200 bucks or 1100 bucks for the complete experience 849. For this tablet is very expensive, so my one month, experience with the tab, seven plus has been great look.

I highly recommend it if you want to drop the cash look for a tablet and decks. The experience is great. Speed performance build quality battery life is a1 on this tablet. So far, i have no issues using this tablet full time instead of using a computer for business. This is like the tech preacher. My one month in i love the tablet. I really do love the tablet, but you, let me know down in the comments below what you think about the tab.