Seven plus, you know – and i know that i have loved spending time with this tablet. Over the past six months, i’ve been using it for uni i’ve been using it for entertainment for note taking, and so many other things it’s been a great multi tasker. But now i want to do an official review of what’s been going right and what’s been going, not so right. So if you are excited, stay tuned and let’s get on to it. Alright, so let’s first talk about handling of the tab and my usage on a practical level. So what i’m saying here that is it too heavy to hold? Is it awkward to hold in your hand, because the dimensions are significantly different to any other tablet or ipad we’ve, seen in the past, it’s, more of a kind of portrait shape and it’s kind of longer, rather than wider and in terms of a weight perspective as Well, i always have the keyboard boot cover on it constantly i’ve never taken it off, since i put it on so with that. Is it heavy and uncomfortable to hold in my hand, well gladly i’m here to say that the answer is no i’ve. Never noticed me being kind of uncomfortable with holding the tab. The s pen is lovely on it: it’s a nice kind of a4 ish size in terms of entertainment, watching films and things, and even video calls it’s absolutely perfect, like genuinely i’ve, never felt that it needs to be any bigger or any smaller, or that it’s kind Of weird or strange in any way shape or form, and in fact i think that sometimes when we compare the 2020 ipad, i think it was a 12.

9 or 13.2 correct me if i’m wrong, but i feel like that’s too big and like holding it in my Hand if i’m going somewhere or like walking in the hospital or like walking in the lecture rooms or so on, like i think that that would be quite an uncomfortable size for me personally, because maybe that’s, because i have small hands. But the tablet for me is a perfect size for my hands for me, holding it holding it in landscape, holding it in portrait. I’Ve not had any issues with it and it’s been a really nice experience. Okay, so the next thing i want to talk about is any of the wear and tear aspect over the last six months. So has my keyboard been scratched or affected? In any way, has my s, pen nib needing to be changed? Is my screen not now working as smoothly anything like that? I just want to talk a little bit about that and the answer to all of that is no. The tablet has been functioning exceptionally well and the keyboard still works exactly as it did on day. One. You know, i will admit: i’m, quite a careful user when it comes to technology. So i’ve not been. You know very, very rough with it or anything like that either. But um you know, i’ve not dropped it or anything. So i guess that’s kind of a good thing on my side of using it, but even with the s pen that i use every day, and i have to use every day for note taking like the s pen nib does not need to be changed.

It genuinely is how it was on day one. In my opinion, a lot of you have been commenting that your nibs have been needing to be changed and so on, but i’ve personally not had that issue and it’s still working really really well and that’s. The same with the screen and the display it’s not got any scratches on it, it’s still working as smooth as it was um as it was in my first month of using the tablet and like genuinely when i say that i’ve been careful with the tab. You know there’s only so much you can do to be careful with the tab when you’re using it every day for long hours. So, although yes, i am a quite a careful user, i do use it every day and you know i can’t be so protective of it um. I haven’t put a screen protector on because i was quite scared that it might tamper with the s pen function on it and especially because we have that lovely 120 hertz uh freak um late. Why did it say free latency, then? What that means is that um, the s pen, is really smooth without a screen protector, so i was kind of scared that, with a screen protector, it would mess that up and obviously with note taking that’s, not something i wanted. So if you guys are using any kind of screen protector that you felt is really nice with the s pen, please do tell me down below in the comments, because that’s something that i want to look into: okay, so that’s, the kind of practical and um you Know the physical stuff out of the way.

So now i want to talk about the actual power and my usage of the tab over the six month as in has it slowed down? Has it glitched on me? Is there any kind of bug problems? Any of that – and the answer to that is no – it has literally not slowed down how i think anyway, um in my opinion, it’s really running quite smooth, um multitasking is still really on point. You know i can have video calls samsung notes and another samsung notes open all at the same time, while i’m kind of talking and multitasking – and you know, it’s not slowed down, it’s not crashed on me. Even once there have been some apps that kind of crash on me, but i think that’s more of a app bug rather than a android issue um. So on that front, the tab has been doing really well. Okay, so now on to what apps i’ve been using on the tablet, well it’s pretty much the same as what i was using in my two month: review, um, so samsung notes being my main usage on the tab, that’s, something i use almost every day for most Of my tasks, zoom and teams because of coronavirus, has been a big thing on the tablet as well, and video calls have been super smooth um up until now at least uh other apps are anki. I i’ve been making loads of flash cards on anki i’ve got many decks now.

Maybe i can do a little anki update for you guys as well. That’S been really useful doing that kind of revision based stuff on the tab and on the topic of revision. The anatomy app that i used complete anatomy 21, which, by the way, i did a little review on so please do go check it out, but that has also been an absolute joy to use on the tab. The way you can just kind of navigate through things with the s pen, zoom up on things, the display is brilliant. The speakers are brilliant. Watching netflix on the tab is a joy. To be honest, you know it’s just that feeling that you have this great tablet and it’s not only for work but it’s for like play and entertainment as well. It’S, not only limited um to what you can do on it. So i’ve had a really good time with the tablet. I just also want to specifically talk about note taking. I know i’ve done a lot of stuff on note taking but um. That is my main usage on the tab. As a medical student, we have a lot of work to get through, so you know using samsung notes to bring in powerpoint make notes annotations, making mind maps, revision, resources and all that stuff. I do on samsung notes and it’s been so great because you can sync across your devices, and that was one of the reasons i bought the tablet in the first place and not an ipad, because i have a samsung phone and i have a windows pc.

So i can sync across all my three devices um, no matter, you know where i am what i’m doing i can have access to my things, um on any of my devices and i’m actually yet to try the feature where you can sync with one note, because That’S something i definitely want to try out, because i didn’t really like onenote and i tried it for a while in the beginning, but it wasn’t for me, samsung notes – was definitely the thing that ticked all the boxes for me, but i do want to sink to Onenote and see how that is because then that would mean it doesn’t matter if you’re on an apple device as well, you can still access it. Okay, so um samsung, dex, very exciting. It was very new. Well, it is still quite new, but the thing is i’ve not actually tried it out yet um. So what you need is a little c cable to hdmi, converter and that’s, something that i need to get my hands on. So i can do a samsung deck video for you, guys um, but it’s, not something i’ve really tried. I have put the tablet into dex mode um, so i can kind of use it as more of a pc style, interface um. I do that sometimes when i’m multitasking and i can have different tabs open and it kind of makes it more like a laptop like experience, but to be honest, mostly i’m in tablet mode and i’ve, not really gotten the most out of the samsung dex capabilities.

Just yet, but um do bear with me i’m trying to get my hands on a c cable to hdmi converter, so i can get that kind of video out for you guys but um. I think i did a video just a few weeks ago, where i made the tablet into a second monitor and that’s something you can easily do with just the charging cable that you plug into your pc or laptop um. So i will leave a link to that. Video up there as well, so you guys can go check out how the tablet is really good at multitasking with us, um being a second monitor. Okay, so now to try and conclude the video let’s answer, the actual question of: should you buy the samsung galaxy tab? 7, plus in 2021, my answer to that would be yes, it is still very worth it, regardless of whether the tab s8 comes out later this year or not, i probably won’t, be upgrading to it unless i think that there’s something major that they’ve changed, the taba 7 plus is a real game, changer in the field of tablets and ipads, and if you want to say um, it is really is in terms of the android market at least it’s, the best and it’s really an underdog i’ve not seen anyone else use it i’ve, Not seen anyone else use samsung notes, even i don’t know why people don’t get the capability that these tablets have um.

The hype always seems to be around ipads, and i hope that through my channel i can show you guys that you don’t need an ipad to take brilliant notes. You don’t need an ipad to do amazing zoom calls you can have the tabber 7 plus, which in its own right, is actually quite expensive it’s, not even that cheap um, in fact it’s very expensive and for students i know it’s an expensive buy, but i really Do recommend that you do go check it out. This is not sponsored um i’m, truly saying this from my experience that i’ve had a blast with the tab and there’s, nothing that i would change about it and there’s. No improvements that i have in mind. That could be done with the tablet: the performance, the display the work element, the play element. You know the note taking the app usage. Everything has been brilliant, so i really do recommend that you at least go check it out and um do go watch my tablet. Seven plus series, as well and i’ve, done many videos with the tab, and i hope that the six month review further emphasizes to you that i still love the tab. I still use it on a day to day basis and i don’t feel there’s anything that could be improved all right guys. I hope you have enjoyed this little update on the tab s7 plus, and if you have any video suggestions for me, that could be medicine related or tech related or tablet.

7 related. Please do leave them down in the comments and i’ll make sure to note them down and reply to you guys as well and loads of exciting videos coming soon.