Yes, i know that this tablet came out in april of 2020, but i’ve seen some people still have them up till this day, and i feel like, of course, if you’re a little bit more on a budget, and if you just want to look for something that Is not that expensive? I definitely recommend going with the tab. S6 lite, so that’s what i’m going to be reviewing for you guys today for anyone who still wants to check it out now before we get this video started. Please make sure you like comment and subscribe and click that notification button, so you can get notified every time. I do post a new video, so without further ado, let’s get started, okay guys. So the first thing i always like to do. If you guys seen my videos for a while now, i always like to start off with colors. So the colors that you do get is oxford gray, angora, blue and chiffon rose. This is actually my mom’s tablet because she wanted to go ahead and see. You know how the older generations are doing at the moment, so she did get chiffon rose and i think it’s such a beautiful color, so i’ll go ahead and show you guys that later in this video and from the looks of the samsung website, all colors are The same price, so that’s a good thing now for your internal memory. You do have 64 gigabytes and 128. I am not sure which, which i looked from the website.

I did see that um for all colors. It did come in 64 and for all colors. It did come in 128 gigs now, of course, if you want to go ahead and get the 128 gigs it’s gon na add an additional eighty dollars to your final total, because again the more internal memory you get the more expensive the product is later in this Video it’s going to get a little bit more beneficial if you just stick to the 64 gigabytes, but i’ll explain that a little bit more in this video now with pricing on the look of pricing, it does start off now with 274.99. It was originally 349.99, but that being said, samsung did go ahead and give you a starter discount and saving you 75. So after going ahead and putting taxes and location, the price at the end was 363 dollars and 19 cents, which of course, you might think that’s not a difference at all if it was with that 75 starter discount, but it actually did make a difference. So, thank you samsung for that. Luckily, for me, i was able to help my mom as well, because i did go ahead and give her a samsung credit. I did have a hundred dollars off in samsung credit when i did purchase. I believe my tab s7, but i did get a hundred dollar samsung credit, so i can take off a hundred dollars on the next purchase i made on samsung also i did have my student discount so really really look into that.

If you’re a student, if you’re in military, i believe they have other types of discounts, definitely take a look at those because it will decrease the price, especially if you are on a budget so ending up with my samsung 100 credit and my student discount, my mom Ended up only paying 86.59, so this is why you should really really take into consideration of those discounts. If you are lucky, you get a samsung credit, it’s really up to samsung and they see if, like okay, she bought an expensive device. Let’S go ahead and give her this credit for the next one, so i definitely just recommend just looking at those discounts and that they will definitely help you and also samsung likes to throw in freebies while you’re at it as well. When purchasing devices, we did go ahead and get a two month free of youtube premium. Sometimes they even give you spotify and youtube premium. I believe for four months: if they can, it just depends on the device and also they will give you an xbox controller again. It all depends on the device that you do end up getting okay guys. So i went and go ahead and decided to show you what comes inside the box. So you do have your really nice samsung galaxy tab, b6, light box and the first thing inside the box. Is your samsung tab s6 light with this protective cover over it when it comes to protecting it during shipping and when you open it, of course you do.

Have your beautiful tab, s6 light, even though this tablet came out in april of 2020. This was my first impressions just looking at it, and i really love the way it looks especially that rose color. It might not look so good in the camera, but trust me. It looks amazing in person the next thing that’s in the box. You do have your usb charger head, and that is a fast charging at 15 watts and the charger head port goes from a usb type, a port to a usb type c port. And of course you do have your usb type c. Charging cable – and this is supposed to last up to 13 hours on a single charge, so that is good honestly, especially when it comes to you. If you’re gon na use this device a lot, the charging is not only fast, but it will also last you a long time and also you do have your terms and conditions and also your instructions again. You can always take a look at those as your own time. Sometimes again, i just like to go through the instructions to just see what’s up and lastly, samsung did include a sim card tool, so you can go ahead and replace your sim cards or your micro sd cards. And lastly, you do have your samsung s pen now, overall, first impressions, the texture was really nice. Also, the precision point was really nice as well, but overall just to let you know that the pen does come with the tablet in your purchase.

Now the main display screen is at 10.4 inches. You do have a tft lcd at 2000 by 1200. This is a 4 gigabytes of ram and it weighs about 1.01 pounds so it’s very light and the tap has a really nice slick. Matte finish in the back, and it is very slim, so it can fit anywhere in your backpack in your purse and it won’t take up a lot of room now, taking it back again to the s pen, you do have again a beautiful layout. You do have your s pen function button, as always where it is placed, and you do have the samsung logo. On the bottom. Now i’ve heard that some people have had an issue with this tablet, just by where the magnet is strongly connected to the s pen, and that is on the right side. People believe that it’s, in the way, when you’re holding the tablet or just want the overall look at work, and i even went and go ahead and tried the tablet on other parts with the s pen and the s pen, just didn’t really connect so good. With the other parts that i did try, so this is where i recommend that you should really invest in a good case that will definitely protect your s pen, okay, guys. So when it comes to the problem of the s pen that it only connects on the right side, i do recommend that you get some really good cases that will hold your s pen somewhere else, and this is by the brand batuve.

And i really like. First of all that you can switch like this, so you can actually hold the tablet in different ways. You do also have a stand here and i just think this is really cool, and this is where you would put in your s. Pen and the cool thing is that this is like a screen protector already, so i think that’s really really awesome. But of course, if you do insert your s pen through here, then it’s not going to be charging as it is connected to the tablet, because when you do connect it on the right side of the tablet, it’s already considered that it’s charging. But since this it does not charge because it’s on a case, but i still feel like this is really convenient and overall it does protect everything. But now my dad also has the same tab s6 light. But his is in black, as you can tell, because the s pen is black, but it does have the same rotation and it does have a stand as well again. I do recommend getting cases that do hold your s pen very securely and it’s. Just gon na help it overall, i believe they do have other colors and he did get these cases off amazon. So i’ll go ahead and link both in the description box. You guys can go check them out now, we’re going to go ahead and move to the sides of the tablet, so you do have the right side where it does have your power button, your volume button and also your micro sd card slot now.

This is why i say that you should definitely invest in this, because you can go up to one terabyte, so you can basically order the 64 gigabytes on the tablet and still increase it to one terabyte. Just from the 64 gigabyte price, you will save some money with that and on the left side you pretty much don’t have anything it’s, just a really nice view of that rose color. Now on the bottom of the tablet. You do have your first speaker and that is by akg, so your speakers are going to be very loud and you do have a charging port, which is a usb type c port. Now, on the top of the tablet, you do have your 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Yes, this does come with a headphone jack and you do have your second speaker by akg. So again, speakers are going to be loud and headphone. Jack is just there if you need it. Moving on to camera, you do have your front camera, which is a 5 megapixel camera. It can record up to fhd 30 frames per second now me personally, i don’t think the steady mode is that great when it comes to recording, but overall, i think overall, just the pixels and the color of the videos and the pictures. I think they’re really good, especially for the price that it is under now on the back camera. You do have your 8 megapixel camera and i personally believe that the back cameras are always better than the front cameras, so, as you can tell by these pictures, they’re so much better and yes, i am wearing my harry potter slippers.

Please comment down below what house you’re in, but overall i think the video quality is so nice again. Steady mode is not that great, but it can zoom up to 4x and you can record fhd 30 frames per second, so i personally believe that the front camera again is so much better and i just think it’s really really nice. I personally believe that this is one of the most amazing functions that samsung decided to go ahead and put into the tab, s6 lite, and that is samsung dex now samsung dex is where you can turn your tablet into a mini computer. So i think that is really awesome, because back then the six light was not included with dex, since it was considered a lower generation of the regular s6. So basically you can turn it into a mini laptop. Take it on the go and especially very convenient because it’s very portable, there is a lot more videos about samsung decks. If you really want to go check them out, the only disadvantage that the s6 lite has is that it does not have sensors on the bottom. Just like the s6 and the s7 to activate samsung decks with its own keyboard, you would have to purchase a regular bluetooth keyboard and take it with you on the go. So i just think for me personally, it’s not an issue but overall that’s the only problem, but i feel like there are some cases where you can just have that keyboard connected to a case and there would be no problem there.

But overall i was really really impressed and i just love this bluetooth keyboard. I will put it down in the description box below now, even just typing, on the screen. I just feel like the screen overall is really good, there’s, no delays or nothing like that. Even when it comes to writing, i feel, like it writes very smoothly, very good for hand note taking, but if you’re a person who really would like to start taking digital notes. This is a tablet for you, especially if you are on a budget and, like i said before in this video, i am a huge harry potter fan so comment down below your house and let me know who your favorite, wizard or witch is, and yes before you Ask it does have the same functions just as life message is one of my favorites, where you can go ahead and just make a live message and send it to a friend to a family member. You just design whatever you want to design and then it just records it for you and from there it will send you the message on how you wrote it down, as you will see in the next clip. If you didn’t understand what i was saying, okay guys, so if you guys made it to the end of this video, thank you so much. I really do appreciate your support. Please, please make sure you like comment and subscribe and be a part of the kitana fam.

We would really love to have you here and if you guys want more videos about this specific tablet, i’m willing to do that, for you guys just make sure you drop it down in the comments, i can even do more videos about the s7 if you guys Want me to, or i can even do a comparison between both tablets. Please let me know i can do all those videos for you guys. It excites me to do technology videos because again, as you know, i love technology, and this is my passion. So please, i hope you guys have an amazing day evening or night whatever day you guys are watching this on.