Probably why you’re watching it. Of course, these Samsung Galaxy Tab s 5e. Now what the e stand for, I would say, maybe the economic version or the down version. You could say of the tab s5, which we know absolutely nothing about, but we can assume that that one will at least have SPN support, which this is lacking and perhaps a high end Qualcomm chipset in here. So this one has a mid range. It has the Snapdragon 670, which yes, is actually faster than the snapdragon 616, though Qualcomm’s naming scheme lately has been a little bit confusing. So I’ll try and do this in one take here that we have the tablet in a nice little sleeve and yes, that feels just so slim and light very nice and eat you charger of course. Now this is their adaptive fast charging and I wonder if it is actually rated to Qualcomm quick charge: 3 spec, no it’s, not it’s, actually a bit lower, so there’s such as 9 volts and the 1.6 seven amps with that one right there. So this, hopefully, will be either headset or okay, the cable, but hopefully they’re – going to include a 3.5 millimeter adapter for me, because there is no 3.5 mm in adapter with this don’t think they are unless it’s in here. Okay, this is for the micro SD card tray or descent ray. If you haven’t had the sim model – okay, there’s, the adapter that I wanted.

So you can see that right is right inside there buried in there deep we have that 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. So why did they remove this it’s really stupid and more so, I think on a tablet. Okay, so I’ll get this out of the sleeve now and we’ll take a look at just how thin this is so obviously this is the silver version there’s a black version in the gold version, so we have like an embossed Samsung logo on the back there. This is a light alloy the antenna lines which are a little bit ugly and you can see you’ve got a cagey branding here because it does have those for firing, AKG speakers, so this camera right here, which does stick out a little bit I’ll measure the thickness. This is 13 megapixels and I’ve roll the duldul, but it feels really good. I just give it a bit of a flex here. It seems like yeah that does. Actually. This will be very easy I think, to to bend, and I haven’t even started to try to bend it is that perfectly straight, it looks to be out of the box at least so that’s good, although it looks like it almost might have a bit of a Bend to it a little bit, and no that was not me that did that alright, so let’s take a look at the thickness, so they claim it’s five point: five millimeters when in fact it’s about five point: six five, so they’ve rounded down to.

Of course, a nice looking figure there that’s what about the camera bump there. So if I put the camera back there, that brings up two then six point five, five, an extra millimeter over there claim, but it is super super thin, and here is oh wait. So this is under the claim, four hundred grams, which is good. This is three hundred and ninety six grams, so it is super fun and super light. So, at the top of the tab s5e here we have two of four AKG speakers top firing, so you shouldn’t be able to block both of them. At least you can only block just one, of course, what, if you’re holding it in landscape and we’ve, got the antenna line, which yes is a little bit uglier, wish it wasn’t there. But I guess we do need that, of course for improved wireless reception and then we have a secondary mic there. That would be used in video now on the right side or the top. Depending on how you look at it. We have the fingerprint reader here. So this actually is the power button within the fingerprint readers. When you press it, you feel a little tiny. It presses in just a little bit and that’s a power button and then below that metal volume rocker, which does feel good no problems with that. A little tiny hole there is actually our second mic, so there’s two mics on this, and then you can see the SIM tray and micro SD card tray here now it doesn’t have a guest get around it and the tray itself is made of plastic.

So it’s not super high quality. You can fit a micro SD card in here. Only on my version, you can see the other space is blocked off, but that’s where your nano SIM would be if you did have the LTE version and in the front of the tablet here. So look at how slim these bezels are. This is really nice. This is only eight millimeter bezels that they have around there and the front facing camera there that’s an 8 megapixel one which does support, face, unlocking now compare those bezels to the typical Chinese tablet that I normally review in the channel. So this is a 10 point, inch tablet and you can see those bezels are huge and it does look very dated now compared to the likes of this here, which yes looks very similar to the 2018 iPad pros down the bottom. The other two side of firing AKG speakers we have in a 10 align and I’ll type C port. So this type C port supports video out and, of course, Samsung’s decks, which is their desktop mode, is also supported with this particular model, which is great like their high end flagship mobiles and, of course, what is missing that 3.5 millimeter headphone jack? I promise I won’t mention it anymore, but it’s a real shame, it’s, not there and finally, the bottom or the left side of the tablet. Here we have a pogo port pins here, so it’s a 4 pin connector – and this is for the book cover which currently is not available here in Spain.

Maybe I will get it later on and feature it in the channel. I really hope to so. I can see with it on the table, but it is not bent this no bend in this whatsoever, so I’ll power it on for the first time so just holding down that combined fingerprint and power button so give it about 4 seconds, and you can see there That the blacks look quite deep, although this angle, you can definitely distinguish the difference between the black at the bezel and the black of the screen. But if I hold it up like that, you can probably see it. Hasn’T really changed too much on camera here, but in person. It is a very nice panel now to test out the face, unlocking, so you can double tap to wake and then you need to look at it and use biometrics to unlock so for some reason: it’s. Maybe because I’m talking, it shouldn’t, be the problem so I’m about 60 centimetres away from the screen, and you really need to be about thirty for it to work. Well, so that’s not gon na work. Now a fingerprint reader so I’m, not too happy about that face. Unlocking, but the fingerprint reader at least is a lot more secure and much faster. Look at this so I’ll touch it now so they’re out one to one and a half seconds, or so, not quite as fast as a mobile phone, a flagship one, but I feel for a tablet.

This is actually pretty good. There we go so that is fine. The fingerprint unlocking, but the face, unlocking not so good, so it does ship with Android 9 the latest version and it’s one UI version 1.1. There is no patches at the time of this videos. I did check for any online updates. Nothing’S come through and it does have a March the first security patched level, so that is good it’s only a month old and taking a look at what bloatware. We have typical Samsung that you do actually get quite a bit, but this is the same with all manufacturers, so we’ve got Spotify errs on. There are Samsung notes there, I’m kind of bloatware as well. So all the samsung apps you’ve got notes on there vertical. So this does not support the s stylus, which is a bit funny here. So this is just a couple of there things on there. It does actually look a little bit tamed down for Samsung we’ve got Google bloatware on there as well. So here are some of these apps. I know they’re practical they’re useful, but perhaps you didn’t want them, and at least they could just give us the option and we’re going to play, store and install it if we needed it rather than just following the phone. Sorry, the tablet up with it already and the keyboard so it’s quite easy to type on holding it in portrait mode like this I find is best and, of course the keyboard will flip around and work in landscape without any problems.

So now, taking a look at that screen a little bit more detail here, so you’re probably going to be asking about these bezels being so slim. Is it gon na be a problem with miss touches and things like that we’re gon na have accident or touches with the screen? I feel it’s okay, so when you’re grabbing and holding it in landscape like now, you can see my hand there and when you’re holding it in portrait, it’s just enough basil to be okay, not an issue if samsung had gone with five millimeter bezels around it. Instead of eight, then we would have run into some problems with accidental touches, so it has a maximum brightness of the screen it’s a super Element AMOLED panel of 614 it’s, which is very good, so you will be able to make it out and sunlight on the Maximum brightness setting you can adjust the scaling so the default dpi. The scaling is six 360 dpi, but you can adjust that and tweak that the font size as well. So if you need it larger, you can do that it’s. All in the settings you can adjust. The white balance as well, and everything like that, so you can see real world images here, very, very good. To me, this is one of the best screens that you will find in a tablet and it’s. Only the third tablet to have this screen we’ve got the tab is for we have the audio cube X and now, of course, this one.

The tab is 5 E and possibly the tab is 5 whenever that’s released and then the screen gamma comes in about 2.3 or 2.4, so that it’s not too bad the closest or on to point two is more correct and that would be better here. But overall, this is a really nice top in display and just to prove that you can see it in some line here it is lying on the grass directly in the Sun and I can make out everything no problems whatsoever here. Would this and then what about the touch performance of the screen? So the touch digitizer definitely is running at the same 60 Hertz as the screen and I’ve noticed that sometimes, when you slick things see that animation there, that was a little slow, hopefully you’re. Picking up on this now not recording in 60 frames per second don’t have a 60 frames per second 4k camera. Not yet, but you see there is a little tiny bit of this stuttering happening with their animations and micro stutters. Now I picked up and saw this at Mobile World Congress as well, so it’s, not the fastest smoothest tablet out here, but you can see. This is chrome, of course, now with my own website, and it is very good. This performance so I’m just going to touch this one right here and we’ll get that to load in you can see how quick it is or how slow it is that should have loaded in a little bit faster than that.

It seems that my servers lagging behind there I’m. Really too sure. Why does up there? Okay, there we go wow that was slow, considering the wireless performance so get onto in just a minute is actually really quick. So there was a fault of my server. I believe there there we go: okay, that’s loading a little bit quicker, so you’re going to see some animation stutters here and there when you go between different and various apps and yes, I know a lot. Are you gon na, probably ask me this I’ll just conclude it that yes split screening that’s in here and the ROM? Of course it works fine. It will run a little bit slower, depending on what you’re actually doing then you’re able to adjust. Of course, the window size he can make one a little smaller and the other a little bit larger there. So this is a typical Android, since I think it was Android 7 features. I wanted to dis clear through some of the questions I have been asked. I posted on this on my Twitter that’s. The only other social media account that I do have GPS no non existent, not there at all, at least not with this particular version. So the wireless version does not have GPS, and here is our DRM info. So the good thing about this is that it is actually little one cert. You can see right here level, one, and that means that netflix is going to with HD Amazon Prime streaming services.

This is really good here to have that, because a lot of the Chinese tablets I review they don’t, have level one security cert there at so native all three and you get Amazon, Prime and distended definition. What just looks terrible, especially with this display, so wireless performance. I tested out various different spots here in the studio, so the spot number five was me on the other side way away from the router and the performance still managed to get over hundred megabits per second, so really there. Wireless on this is actually really impressive. Take a look at the top speed as well nearing up to four hundred megabits per second really really good for a tablet, and this particular chip set these Snapdragon 670, and that then brings me to the internal storage. Sadly, this is not ufs 2.1 spec. This is only MMC, so that’s 5.1, and if you have a look at those speeds they’re I mean they’re, fine up to 300 reads and then 200 writes there. This means that it will not be bottlenecking. This particular mid range chipset and it wouldn’t be one of my videos without, of course an end to to school here for you. So this is less in fact. Yes, less than half of their snapdragon 855, so it’s, not a powerhouse of a chipset, as I mentioned. So I guess Samsung’s, reserving the true performer, the one for gaming and one that’s gon na have much better performance and the s pen, of course, that’s gon na be the Galaxy Tab is five whenever they announced that one and yes ebooks, do look really good on This because it’s a sharp screen with a good PPI and the ticks looks great.

No problems. You’Ve also got built into the tablet. Of course, the blue filter and you do have reading modes when you’re, using something like Google’s books here and here’s a close up or what the tick’s looks like there. You can see it’s good if you see any like grain tour or anything like that that’s. Just on camera, now what about those four speakers so AKG tuned speakers, and yet they sound good they’ve got bass really good. In fact, I think these have to be some are the better speakers? Definitely that I’ve heard I’ll give you a quick demonstration now with just some voice here with your favorite YouTube channel. Now, YouTube will run in 1440p. So no a problem there with that doctor, because this is a true successor with the latest flagship chipset in it. So it has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 eight gigabytes of RAM, and I had 128 gigabytes of storage – is my particular version: Music Applause, Music. Okay, so it depends on what you’re listening on speakers or headphones or something. You could probably hear that these speakers do sound, really good they’ve got good meds, a better bass and even treble, is in there as well, so very nice. So we’ll briefly show you gaming performance. This is the elderscrolls blades, a beta game at the moment and it’s very demanding the graphics, but it auto sets the graphics you can actually adjust it, so it has toned it down differently from the flagship phones that I’ve been testing with this particular game and performance Seems good play ball now.

I think it’s only running about 30 frames per second, but it’s enough to actually be able to play the game just fine and with these really loud speakers it adds to the emotion. So I think it’s still gon na be a good tablet for gaming, it’s, just of course stating the obvious here not going to be the fastest, of course, and yes, no video would be complete without, of course running pub G, so I’m gon na test it on Hdr ultra the Ultra HD setting is not available, and I doubt it could run it. Okay, so frame rates looking decent, I won’t say it’s the best, because I can clearly see that it’s dipping below 60 frames per second a few times here. So when you go in there with the scope zoom in a little it’s, not bad you’re, gon na be able to move around and aim. I feel effortlessly, at least without having huge amounts of lag, causing you to miss a headshot or not get the kill. I don’t think that’s going to be an issue here, but just don’t expect it to be the smoothest experience, but at least with the 60 frames per second sitting. I can see that definitely playable here and not really going to be a problem, and this title here, which is shadow gun legends. You see a little bit of stutter here in there, but actually overall, the framerate is surprising me. This is on the auto settings.

It still looks good and it’s running, really quite fluid, as you can see moving around here, no real lag, just frame dips that’s. All I wasn’t supposed to throw this in here, but I will here’s a couple of photos and 4k video from the tablet. It doesn’t have any electronic image, stabilization or optical. As expected, the quality you know, it’s kind of average, not exactly the best. So your phone will probably do a much better job than this, but it’s there if you need it and here’s the front facing camera, so typical Samsung quality here with the microphones it’s, actually very good, the jeweler, a mics I’m in the Sun at the moment. So very good lighting, but this is going to be perfect. The camera quality they are getting on the front and on the back for using things like Skype and just like the galaxy flagship phones, you do have Samsung dicks now that’s de X I’m, not saying something else, that’s their desktop mode. So you can see right here with my VIN pop split I’m. Getting touch supports, you touch the menu right here and I can bring up all your apps and the performance that that seems quite quick, not bad. So I’m gon na need a follow up. Video to give you the exact battery stats but it’s, looking very promising, so for 23 percent battery lost more or less you’re, looking at two hours of on screen time. So to me this is going to be a 10 hour tablet screen on time.

That is, if not even more than that, but this is the wireless version so on the LTE version with a SIM card, then you probably expect a little bit less but it’s, looking like it’s going to be good there’s. Also this right here, which is a kit safe mode where you can lock down and completely control what they see. So you know that your child’s, not gon na, be looking at anything they shouldn’t be in order to get out of it. You need a password to so. This is an impressive tablet to me, especially compared to the Chinese stuff that I review, that sells for about 200 us and even 300 us for the all DQ X, with this exact same screen. But this is just so much better for an additional 100 us over the all do cube X. You have amazing speakers on this with some base with some meds and some tribal better performance definitely way better performance than the Holly or x27 chipset, even though that’s a 10 core one, this is far superior, so the fingerprint reader on the side is good. It works. Fine, it only takes one to one and a half seconds to unlock the face I’m. Looking from the front facing camera poor, you have to be about 30 centimeters away from it, and even then sometimes it can be a little slow can take two seconds so hopefully, with software updates. Samsung can improve that there now.

What is sorely missed on this tablet is: where is the SPN support, so there’s no ESPN support on this? That is why Samsung want you to pay an extra 200 or 300 us, whatever it’s going to cost to get then the faster chipset for improved gaming, improve performance, improve multitasking and, of course, the s pen. That is why, and what they’re going to do, they’re going to market it like that, so this is how it’s going to be, or which I kind of agree with, because some people won’t need the s pen. They don’t want to pay so much money, so that’s. How they cut down on the price and again I get this model, which is just as thin now the battery life. This is estimated in my two hours of on screen time, because I didn’t have to actually reset this. Otherwise, I would I had probably about four hours of on screen time you’re losing about what I calculated about 20 so 10 every hour, but that included a little bit of gaming as well, so it’s a different at 1000 hour 1100. Maybe even 12 hours of battery life possible on this and the build of it is really impressive. How slim this is okay, so it might be easy to bend and a super light and the bezels okay, very slim bezels. If Samsung had gone any slimmer than us, then we would get those annoying accidental touches. So I really I feel that that is the absolute limit.

You don’t really want to go any slimmer than the eight millimeters that put around us and, yes, they are probably copying Apple with the iPad pro, the one that came out in 2018 with the slimmer bezels and the squarish kind of design, but it’s, not a four. By three aspect – ratio – 16 by a 10, so amazing screen the better life – is good the charging times. I will be back with an update on exact battery life exact charging times. I will show you some camera footage there as well to what you can expect from it, so it does take a decent photo. A video quality is 4k on the rear and you get 1080p up front so for Skype, and everything like that it’s gon na be good. I feel for most people that have already ordered one. Perhaps your wedding delivery on this, and maybe, if you’re looking to buy any new one they’re one of the best Android tablets it’s under 400, us this is it. I think this is it. I mean I’ve seen a lot of tablets that a lot of crap tablets as well, and this is definitely one that impresses me overall and I just just really wish they’d kept. Their orders had SPN support and 3.5 millimeter headphone jack is a huge area that they removed it. So thank you so much for watching this.