You know on my iphone 11. It runs flawless and that’s um second to highest settings. They don’t want to go like that, the hdr max or something like that settings. Yet this is coming soon to my advice, but the highest setting is pretty much how you can go. I guess i do run it on smoothly now, because just that was what’s recommended by some pretty uh high level pub g mobile players on this tab. A7. I’M. Getting i don’t know a little bit of performance issues like that those trees, they look all the same from a distance, and then you get up close to it, there’s that one that i’ll point out right there see that, and so that just happens you got ta Get going seems like my performance, a little bit messy too, like getting intense gunfights like when i wasn’t recording this. It was running smooth as better and now it’s still running, smooth it seems like, but when i get in a gunfight it seems a little wonky but we’ll see. Overall, i like, i prefer um the iphone 11. for playing pub g now the screen i wish it could be bigger, but it’s comfortable actually, and it makes you be able to play pretty aggressively. This tablet i’m, having a little bit of difficulty playing as aggressive as i want it’s a little wonky, maybe it’s, just the controls for me, which i don’t know you know i just can’t can’t hold this thing as tight and aggressively i’m trying to get my hand To the right place since i’ve messed with a bunch on tuesday, i got a new case coming for us and that might help make it thicker managed to get top 10 here almost let’s see maybe there’s karma.

So we’ll have this. So you can see anyone running. I paid 250 bucks for this tab. Hopefully hoping i mean sorry hoping that uh it’d be a great performance, a bigger screen. It would kind of be like everything i wanted, but i know i don’t know what i think not exactly what i thought it was going to be. I was gon na perform a little better, but it’s not bad. I don’t know what frame rate we’re getting right. Now battery life on this, though, was really good. Okay, let’s see that’s weird, the quad speaker is sometimes a little confusing figuring out where they’re shooting from or where the sound is coming from. So you got to kind of look to your screen right down. There we’ve got a ghillie suit, come on dude, no, no holy got his ass let’s see that’s god damn it. Ah, you cannot tell where they’re shooting from with this tablet that sounded like it was right in front of me so that’s a bunch of right. There that’s another thing with the tablet. Overall, i don’t know i mean i’m, not terribly impressed with this tablet. 250 bucks. I don’t think it was well well worth it sorry for my language, i’m. Just being honest, it pisses me off if i would have known where that guy was firing from from the sound. Instead of having a look, then i probably would have been able to turn around and get him, but no it’s, just gummy it’s, just like slow.

When i record, like, obviously i can’t even record and let you guys watch and play the game because you watched how i shot that last guy before i died, and it was just frame rate – drops there so whatever so that’s that’s my experience with the tab. A7 samsung tab a7. I don’t recommend it if you’re going to buy it for pub g spend more money. I guess, buy the 600 500, whatever s7 s6 i’m – not i’m, not impressed with this thing.