It is the end of june, almost july uh, so you do have a few other options in about the same price range. So this is a bit over 200 dollars in the us around 230 in usd uh, whereas you have the ipad 10.2 inch base model for 330 ish, and then you have the new 2021 amazon fire hd 10, which is 150 and then hd 10 plus, which is 180, so this falls in mid, mid range. There uh pricing, wise uh. This gives you three gigabytes of ram and then 32 gigabytes of storage, which is expandable with the micro sd, just like the amazons, whereas ipad you are stuck with whatever storage option you get. So this is a very good device for the price uh. It is going to be a little bit quicker than the amazons, but not as quick as the ipad uh and but you can do multitasking and everything else uh, which you can now do with amazon’s as well, uh, so i’m gon na show you guys some. How quick it is here, so you can run amazon. We can go back home here. As i said, for normal usage, this is actually rather quick, trying to find something to click on here. Sure why not all right let’s see how quickly that loads. If we go to google, we can look up some images uh. The image is on here. Are nice and sharp? I don’t know why you take a beta out of water unless it’s not a real one.

Oh it’s, resin, that’s, really cool. Actually, uh images. Look fantastic on here: the blacks are pretty dang, black whites are nice and white. Colors are pretty poppy, so there’s a very nice display. This is a 10.4 inch display and you guys again, you can see how quickly this loads everything so for normal internet browsing usage. This thing is fantastic for it again, the display is very nice uh. Of course you can get any game or whatever else you want to get off of the google play store here and again everything loads, pretty quick uh. Of course you do have the camera. I and me it’s, not the worst of cameras, but i don’t know who really uses tablet cameras, especially since everybody now has phones uh. This does have four speakers on it: uh there’s two on either side. They do sound very, very nice. I can’t really show that off in this video since we’re doing a screen recording here, but they are very loud and they are very good sounding uh for the 200 and some odd dollars they’re going to be paying at least in the us and 200 more dollars. They are nice and loud, so you can watch youtube. You can watch videos netflix whatever, and you will have no issue with that. They are better than amazon and way better than ipad. Ipad gives you two, but they both on the same side, which to me is a really dumb dumb idea: uh, whereas amazon has them two of them, but they’re up top and they’re on ones on either side uh, so they actually sound better than ipad.

Does the a7 is definitely the best sounding and also the loudest, which is quad speakers here? So definitely very good. Sounding uh next we’ll go into some roblox i’m going to turn down the volume, so i don’t get trouble for it. Uh let’s show you guys some gaming uh. You can do some gaming if you guys really want to see the gaming on this just go to my gaming channel. I do have a bunch of roblox videos here, uh this. It gives you no issue. I mean you. Can go into roblox. It takes a few moments to load, but once you’re in it it works just fine. I don’t wan na get in trouble for playing a roblox game on here so i’m. Sorry am i going to actually show that off, but you can see how quickly it did load in roblox uh, you know most of those games would will get you uh will get your mark against your channel or is demonetized for some reason seems like every other Video on roblox to do gets demonetized or gets in trouble on my other channel uh. So but i mean again, but you can do like asphalt so this we can actually play without getting in trouble. Once i have the volume off show you guys that real, fast uh, this is a pretty it’s, a pretty game, pretty pretty game good, looking game once we get involved in here, i might have to download some stuff okay, so now we’re.

Actually in the game. I had to download some stuff since i have not played in a while let’s see swish through that’s a really cool looking car never heard of that one uh so see it. Changes through the cars really quick. Do a quick game here. Well, do a very quick game here: here’s, the dodge, dart gt, let’s, see how quickly it loads in here again will be a little bit quicker for you guys if you’re not doing screen recording at the same time as that does take away some of the power. But even while using mobizen it’s pretty quick man, this is a nice looking game as well. Hopefully you guys won’t be here too much noise for me. Moving the screen around here so let’s see. If we can take somebody out real fast, all right, maybe not imagine doing – that to your real car in real life, not be good yeah, so it plays excellent. Though this will play most games uh some games, you might have to lower the resolution on uh. That is possible, but most games just put it in auto and it plays just fine like roblox and a lot of people play roblox and i mean they’ll play games in auto mode right with some games like the open world type games, you do have to lower The graphics, otherwise stuff just kind of pops out of nowhere, you’ll, be walking, and i was trying to run into a building or something uh, and then it was also it’s, very, very laggy.

If you keep it in auto mode on some of the heavier open world games than that in roblox yeah, i mean this is an excellent device, though guys uh. This is again it’s, mid 2021 um we’re almost into july uh. This tablet is probably about a year old. Now, i’m, okay, come on, say well, i guess um. So again you do have the amazons, which are a bit cheaper. They also have the ipads, which are a bit more uh. For me, though, this is, this would be my choice of a tablet uh, unless you did not want to spend the 230 and you just wanted well cheaper tablet, then just at amazon, uh, they’re still good tablets, but to me they have the samsung is going to Be a bit better than the amazons are, or if you wanted the most power from a mid tier tablet, then you’re probably going to want the ipad 10.2 inch. That is a bit of a quicker, faster device. But personally again i rather have android uh over ios that’s, just my own personal preference and or something like ios. If you like, android just depends on what side of the fence you were on on that one uh but yeah. So this is an excellent device. Just like i’ve said in all of my other reviews on this on this tablet. This is a fantastic device. I highly do recommend it a lot of times. It goes on sale for around 200 bucks in the u.

s and at that point it’s even better. When i got mine, i actually paid 150 uh that’s, because i had some best buy reward money and then it was on sale at the same time. So yeah. This is a very good device again. I would recommend it over the amazons and over about ipad. If you’re not into ios um, if you’re an ios go and get yourself, the ipad is gon na, be a bit better but it’s also more money. Uh. Let me know what you guys think again: fantastic device. This is very usable in 2021, now you’re not going to be able to do anything crazy, like edit 4k videos or anything like that, that you will need the the s7 or s7 plus or the ipad pros, or your actual computer, so yeah, but for what it Is this is a fantastic device? I highly recommend it. You can play games. You can of course, do normal internet browsing. You can do watch videos as most videos or videos. I shouldn’t say most videos – videos in general sound very good and they look good on this. 10, 4 10.4 inch display uh. Yes, let me know what you guys think in the comments below. As always, i appreciate you all watching hope you guys have a good one.