Ive bought a lot of displays in the past, but was looking for something that i could use in my home. That was not only 4k but looked clean and modern so that it wasnt an eyesore for our windows pc and this not only fit that but blew. My mind with the crazy amount of capabilities while having a relatively low price tag, especially for its features starting off with the design. It looks like a really clean all in one with super slim bezels on the top and the sides and a thicker, but still thin chin at the bottom, with a little piece at the right side for your wireless connectivity, an ir blaster that is used for the Included minimalistic remote that gives you controls and shortcuts and its also rechargeable via usb type c. Of course, you can also control it using your smartphone with the smartthings app, which is also used for easy setup. The m8 is mostly made from plastic. That is surprisingly, fingerprint proof, especially the back, which has a herringbone pattern that makes it look more premium and interesting. The back is also the only part of the monitor that has a small, clean, looking logo. The stand is surprisingly heavy with a full metal base at over five pounds, and it is height adjustable, so my kids can lower it for themselves and then i can raise it for optimal height. All of the ports are hidden right behind the stand, which is a nice design choice because it makes routing and hiding cables a breeze for connectivity.

We have two usb type c ports, one of which will provide up to 65 watts of charging for connected devices, as well as the displayport signal and taking data from the webcam and the microphone to your pc or your mac. Theres. Also, a micro hdmi port with an included cable that connects full size, hdmi devices, now being a smart monitor, you can also connect a bunch of devices wirelessly, including apple devices, with airplay from a mac ipad or iphone whats. Even cooler is that you can wirelessly connect to your samsung phone or tablet with dex and remotely use your mac or windows pc and since the m8 can connect to keyboards in mice, either wired or through bluetooth, you can get a full desktop experience without having to Have an actual computer connected or just open the built in web browser and use the m8 by itself as a computer, which is enough for basic day to day tasks that are done on the web or access office 365.. This is something that i would love to see. More monitors include especially ones that have powerful hardware already built in and are capable of way more than what the software allows. This makes it a perfect computer to have anywhere in the house because it looks good and because it doesnt become useless. If you dont have a computer connected to it. Of course, its a full on smart tv with netflix youtube, apple, tv, disney plus and many more apps, including a ton of free channels with samsung tv plus.

So when youre not using it as a computer, monitor you could stream anything you want with it or to it from your smartphone, and the display is actually surprisingly nice, but well get into that in just a bit on the back. We have magnets and pins for samsungs slim fit camera which just pops right in place and connects automatically. This allows the m8 to have super thin bezels without having a big forehead while having a really nice large sensor and lens for their webcam. Now most people just talk about the resolution of their webcam, but the quality can vary, no matter what it is, but because of the size, this 1080p webcam looks better than most on the market and it also has face tracking and zooming capabilities built in. You can also tilt the webcam up or down to get the right angle without having to tilt your full monitor, and what is even cooler is the small magnetic privacy cap that stays on the back when you dont need it or when you do, it will just Literally easily magnetically attached to the front of the lens, you really cant think of a better webcam solution than what the m8 has. It has really the best of everything and the webcam and mic shows up and works without having to install any software on your windows. Computer or your mac, or you just use the built in duo app for web calls without a computer.

I have to commend samsung for making it so easy to use and giving people so many options without locking us in, for example, you get to choose. If you want to use bixby as a voice assistant or amazon, alexa ive been using alexa for many years controlling my smart devices, so i added it to the m8 and it pretty much turns it into a huge echo show. So when im across the room, i can ask it anything and it will respond and even show things on the display itself and since it has adapted picture, both the screen brightness and the color temperature will adapt to your room so that its not way too bright And cool at night, when you choose to watch a movie, which is something that is always an issue with regular monitors, especially ones that make you dig deep into a menu to get to the adjustments. Now, if all of that wasnt enough, the m8 is also probably the first display that has a hub built in for smart devices to connect to and to be controlled by. So a bunch of devices, regardless of the brand, can be connected to it and controlled. Using the smartthings app without having to use dedicated, separate hubs now sure it is a large 32 inch size with a 4k resolution which gives us a ppi of a hundred and forty. Now, if youre somebody thats coming from, say a 1080p 24 inch display.

That is 92 ppi, so look quite a bit sharper, even though it is much larger 27 inch. 1440P monitors are about 108 ppi, so this is still sharper, but i personally am used to a 5k 27 inch display, which is up to 218 ppi. Now, of course, those are way more expensive and they dont come with any of the smart features. So as far as resolution, you cant really complain, especially for the price point. As far as brightness. It is rated at 400 nits, which is above average, but to our eyes and even our cameras meters. It seems to be reaching brighter levels than that the display is matte to combat glare. So i was a bit worried about contrast, but to our surprise, it has better contrast than apples best ips panel paired to glass instead of a regular matte film. Now that is because samsung is using a va panel that has lower viewing angles, but much better contrast, which makes blacks a lot deeper. Giving your highlights more pop as well as far as color accuracy. It has a billion color range and 99 srgb, so it will work for a lot of people and, as always, i would suggest getting a calibrator for serious photo or video work. The speakers get quite loud, so you can use it for playing music watching movies or anything else across the room, but being that this thing is so incredibly thin, it does lack bass.

So if youre gon na be watching movies – which it is really good at, i would suggest adding some dedicated speakers like most would be for their computers or maybe some kind of a sound bar other than that. The only downside would be the external power brick because of the ultra thin design of this monitor, but even though i prefer internal ones for a device like this thats supposed to be sleek, i think they probably made the right choice. Overall, the m8 is an absolute killer value offering so many features for the money, and it is perfect for a home office, a dorm room or really anywhere, where one device cannot only be a monitor, but also your main tv and so much more. Let me know your thoughts about it down below and check out the link in the video description to get more info click above to subscribe and check out one of those great videos right over there.