Finally, back with another another video and in this video i have the samsung intelligence, m732h and it’s compatible with samsung decks. You can use that wireless you’ve got a galaxy it’s compatible with windows. So if you got a laptop and then it’s compatible with all apple products, you have apple airplay too. So if y’all ready to unbox it, you know we can get right to it. But before we start this video give me a thumbs up slap that subscribe button. If you’re new here uh leave me a comment, give me some video ideas too. Let me know how you like this video turn your post notifications on hit that bell hit all so you never miss when i drop bangers like this one. So if you ready i’m ready let’s go Music, let’s get it cracking got my famous knife. I know you’re like where your head at no hat today, no hat shawty and this monitor bigger than i thought. And yes, if you uh wonder why do i have another monitor because you’ve seen the uh lg gao? What is the geo 850 monitor? I use that in my room and that’s what i be gaming on. So i end up bringing my xbox out here to play. It on a bigger screen, because i play it the most and then i use that the playstation anything i’m playing on playstation right now is granted the photo line. I mean that’s right, you know playing on playstation, but in this video i’m gon na be showing y’all.

You know the little steps of this thing and all they can do because the the point i got this for is to edit use samsung dex um. It has a built in where you can use microsoft word without a computer, the whole office without computer, so that’s. Another thing i wanted it for, but yeah i’m. Finally back to doing videos, everybody been writing me like where you been there i’ve been moving. It took me. It took a lot to move man if y’all know y’all moved recently or last whenever it takes a lot to move, not just a move to pack. Oh, my goodness, it’s, like a curve, got almost like a curve to this all right. We’Re gon na move this to the side for a second see what else comes in here, the base base plate a bunch of cords, hdmi c usb type c cord, because it this monitor does give out power. So you can hook your macbooks to it and charge up 65 watts, hdmi cord and then has a remote. I have this remote for my 65 inch samsung tv, and this works with alexa too, because i have i’ll show you a bunch of my uh in another video, a bunch of my smart home stuff that i have it’s got to be a separate video. But this thing is, it does everything but yeah like that, like i said the lg i got for strictly for gaming, i mean you can ask the game on this because it is a 4k monitor.

So you can game’s number bunch of paperwork. You can game on this i may hook. I don’t know maybe, since this is 4k and it’s, not like 1440p kind of thing, but you can uh, i might hook it to the playstation because it’s 1440., i mean that’s a 4k at 60, so i may hook it to the playstation. My xbox stand on this 65 inch as of right now, anyway. So let’s get this all unboxed and then i’ll show you on the next clip um. This is the email say: okay got a bunch of packages coming today. Y’All know how that is. Okay, got your little. You got this little core thing, so you can use like your cable management. I don’t know if you can see that, but like the cable management thing, so that’s cool this part of the stand and then screw so i’m gon na need i’m gon na get my drill gun hold on. I don’t use a screwdriver for nothing. No more. I don’t care if it’s simple, i got ta get the drill. Let me move this off my screen. Why is it still on my screen all right, these things, nice? I think it’s, nice let’s, look at the back. Let me show you i’m gon na bring this closer to you see. I can see the porch on the back has three usb a fast ports, this a and then usb c, two hdmi. Oh, can you see that usb c two hdmis and just the power part and that’s it? I guess that’s all it needs put it down again for a second Music Applause.

Music Applause Music has has netflix. Here you got netflix, prime everything. Your tv could do this thing can do but it’s a monitor, slash tv. So if you, edit in or while your video renders or whatever it is you’re doing, you could be watching a little tv at the same time in your office or wherever you got this at that’s. One thing i wanted for this: it does so much especially like decks. I don’t know how many you guys really use dex, but i like dicks, some people, say it’s a gimmick or useless nah it’s sweet. If you really use it that’s the sweet only can i turn my tv on with this yup, so i really didn’t need to use this remote, because the other remote that i have for this tv clearly works for this too, all right. So the next clip i’m gon na have it set up because i got to do a lot of moving around so for me, it’s gon na be about half hour. Okay, i got ta do some moving and stuff to set this up, but for you, it’s gon na be insulin, so see y’all. The next clip all right youtube, i’m back, and i want to show y’all how this thing works: i’m, going to plug up the macbook in a second. But this is because, like i say, it’s a tv slash, monitor that’s what make it you know, that’s what it costs intelligent, smart, because you got the samsung remote.

They look just like the one that come with my samsung tv and uh. It has come with speakers. Like 5 watt speakers, 4k ssd storage. The xbox series x has one terabyte. Speakers are chris wow that playstation 5 has 825. So you said, that’s not really a big, so you can watch, but really it is because youtube netflix. You can watch all your regular apps, so huge if you put movies on here. You put any other type of file on your download apps on here, so you can go to let’s, see where is it at remote access and you got office 365 samsung deck screen mirroring i ain’t trying to go there now screen sharing uh remote. If you got a computer, you could you could tap it to your windows. Computer remotely screen share whatever you want. Samsung dex, i’m gon na show you guys in a second office 365. All you got to do as long as you got a office account and you can get an actual internet over here, too that’s the good thing you get on the actual internet. I like to go through this number, but this is how you get to it. See y’all see that let me see yeah, i don’t know if i can see that now, but this is how you sign in your microsoft office and do it that way, i’m going to show you how it looks the whole point of what i bought these things For is this: you take put your usb c come on usb c core too, put that in there boom go to your hdmi source, usb c.

If y’all can see, and then you can close this down, i put mine in like a little stand like this. Y’All can see this put it over a little bit, so you guys can see that put mine a little stand like this and then boom. I got a little keyboard and this keyboard. I can use uh three different things, so i got the tv is connected. Just the tv itself is connected to this one. This one is my uh samsung tablet, seven plus i’m gon na show you how decks on i’ll show you our decks on that in a minute, and this is connected to the uh macbook. So now i got an actual computer set up without having to use my macbook, and i can go over here, go to photoshop edit these thumbnails, like i’m, about to do for this. Some of the stuff i did like this is a thumbnail i did and the colors are accurate, like really pretty colors, you know perfect colors, so it’s good for photo editing good for video editing. You know stuff like that, so i just want to show you how it is for macbook. So let me take it out here and i want to show y’all wireless decks. Somebody can’t see me. Let me move this back now: i’m, going to show y’all wire wireless decks and i’m going to show you how you know hook decks hooked up to the core, so Music open this up and then let’s get out of here.

So i can show you how wireless decks – and this is what another reason i wanted this so any for all the android people. This is perfect. It works for apple too i’m. Gon na show you that in a second too uh let’s see office monitor here. So it should just kick in the decks. Oh, let me get my other mouse out yeah, so i don’t know if y’all can see this wireless decks and you can use this as a second screen, so i can actually go over here and start opening stuff up. So see that open up right and then i can go up here and say: uh youtube, open up youtube, let’s, go to uh, of course, brandon’s work let’s go over here and the connection is pretty good. It ain’t that bad go here and you can use decks play view to video from here, and this is wireless. No, nothing attached to it! That cord is still the csbc that’s coming from the back of this is still attached to the actual macbook. So that’s that you know so you got four decks. Support. Put it right. There, it works. Wireless decks is cool. You know i got a terabyte of internet, so it works pretty good, but i still like to hook it up through the usb c to here. It works flawless, so that’s just that. I just want to show you guys something real, quick, i’m sure y’all seen a lot of time, but on different stuff.

So now – and i got this hook to this too – i ain’t showing you that all i got ta do is press two and this you know converts over to that and then now i want to show you guys, um Music. I already showed you the core to show you that i can just mess around with this. I already set up none of the apps or nothing on here, but you got three usbc’s that you can put like a flash drive in if you have movies music that will play on here, so that’s cool and you can open up. You know the files and play all the music movies and stuff like that. You got all your streaming services and you don’t even have to buy, monitor speakers that’s another thing and it’s loud. I didn’t think this thing was loud and of course, if you got alexa i mean i said it ain’t too loud. You can hook her to this too, because i got mine hooked up. Let me show you alexa turn off office monitor, so you got that. I got my usb c hub on here. I think this monitor. I got it for 329. I believe 319, something like that from best buy and that’s a good deal because i think it’s 3.99, but this monitor is a – must, have and got apple airplay 2 on there. So you can uh mirror you know anything that’s from your iphone.

You mirror anything from it, so it works for android. It works for windows, it works for macs. It works for, if you just want to be on here, use as actual computers, 32 inches 4k. Even for gaming, if you guys want to see a gaming, give me a thumbs up and leave a comment. Let me know if you want to see the playstation 5 on here xbox series x on here and do some gaming only the highest, it runs is 60 hertz. You know what i’m saying, which is whatever, but still, if you want to do it, you could do it. You know a little bit of gaming, so it’s all around you could do everything from this thing got the usb c port. It has three hdmis on the back or two, i think it’s two hd miles in the back uh yeah, two hdmi in the back usbc and three usb a’s. So the plug, like i said, flash drives, are here. If you got a little movies and stuff on here, boom you’re good to go and uh yeah. This is my little work office when i’m in here i work from here all my little stuff in here and um i’m gon na give you a little tour of uh the gaming, how to do the gaming stuff and more of the little work office and everything That’S in here stuff like that and apparently in the several videos that we all want to see it, but yeah this this monitor is a must, have, i definitely recommend it.

I still have the lg monitor. So if you didn’t see the beginning of the video you fast forwarding it. Yes, i still have the lg monitor. I use that for playstation 5 or the xbox series x, even though i’m using xbox x on my 65 inch samsung qled tv, so that’s. Why i’m? Using that on that now, because i do a lot of gaming on that, but um i’m starting to play the playstation more again but it’s still i’m playing grand theft auto online whatever. But i recommend this monitor if you guys looking for a monitor – and you want to spend four five six hundred dollars on the monitor. You know it’s cool now, if you want to get into some gaming – and you still don’t want to wait for the hdmi 2.1 monitors to come out. I recommend that lg monitor. You know that does the same thing too that’s beautiful too. So i like that. But i like that one strictly for gaming, this one, you can game on it and it is bigger than that when that one is 27 inches. This is you know, um 32 inches. So if you playing like grand theft auto on loud and something that just run at 60, hertz like most games on, i won’t say most games on um game pass well yeah. Some of the games i was 30 frames per. Second – is not 60 i’m getting past. So you can use that on here too, but if this runs at 120.

Of course you can’t use that on here, but i don’t know if it do 1440 at uh 120. I don’t know they don’t do that at all. It only do probably 14 40. At 60, or something like that, but if you were doing the graphic designs like i said you was doing video editing if you’re doing samsung dex from your phone, and it has another feature that i don’t actually have my phone right. Now that you could tap the side of here, just tap it boom and you can mirror your galaxy s. 20. 21. Note, 20 z, fold, uh, z, flip any of those phones. I get, i think, after the from the galaxy s 20 up on. As far as the flagship, i don’t think i do like the 852 and 71 stuff like that, but all the flagship phones out there you got to get 20. You just tap on the side and, like literally you tap it all my other phones in the room. I don’t want to go. I have to go through all that and then still in the box anyway, and just tap it and boom, you mirror casting so that’s cool too. I definitely like that what’s even here. I definitely like that too. So yeah, if you like this video, give me a thumbs up, make sure you subscribe turn on that bell. Hit the post notifications tap all and uh yeah, so you will you’ll be notified every time i drop.

The video leave me a comment. If you got any ideas of any videos um that you guys want me to do like a personal video, you want me to do. I definitely look for more ideas. I got some more playstation and xbox funny videos and some entertaining videos from that. Coming and uh.