6 inches 120 hertz refresh rate just over 3k. You really cant ask for much more for having a nice little second display that you can just take with you on the go and it works great hi guys. My name is brian raider, and this is raider tech. Thank you so much for stopping by. I really do appreciate your time. So in todays, video were going to be taking a look at three different solutions for sharing your laptop or desktop screen with your galaxy device. Were going to be looking at samsungs second screen were also going to be taking a look at a product called space desk and were going to be looking at a page solution. Thats been out for a long time. That has a cult following including myself, and that is super display. Super display is awesome. So first up guys lets talk about the free solution, thats included with samsung devices, and that is samsungs second screen now weve done a video on this in the past ill link. It down in the description, but lets talk about it a little bit more here, so you have a good side by side comparison with how this equates to the other two solutions that were going to talk about so second screen is basically like wireless mirrorcast, which were Used to seeing from windows devices for a long time now, let me show you how to set it up real, quick, its really simple and thats the beauty of this particular solution.

In order to enable samsung second screen, you need a windows 10 or a windows. 11, pc all right its compatible with most of them. However, it doesnt always work and well talk about that in just a minute, but to go ahead and get it started. You want to go ahead and swipe down on your galaxy tablet and youre, going to see a second screen option and its going to give you some verbage here to tell you exactly what to do all right. So youre just going to press windows key on your laptop and you have two different modes: drawing gaming for a faster response and video for smoother playback well go ahead and stick to the drawing gaming for a faster response. Well go over here to the galaxy book. 2, pro 360., you press windows k all right. My available devices have showed up all right, weve got a device in my bedroom and we have the galaxy tab. S8 ultra well go ahead and click on that youll see the screen flicker a little bit. The audio is now coming from the tab, s8 ultra, and we now have a second screen, so some pros and cons of using samsungs second screen so lets talk about the cons. Real quick. The cons are, is that this doesnt always work so on my desktop pc. I have to switch my network connection from being automatic to a particular other setting in order for this to work, so it can be very frustrating for a lot of you that are using non samsung laptops non samsung devices to get this up and running another con.

That i noticed theres quite a bit of latency lets, go and take a look thats. Why ive got this mouse out here guys, so i can do some fast back and forth for you, so you can really see what its like. So here i am ive latched on to this youtube window right, so lets go ahead and go back and forth just a little bit of latency, not too bad, though not too bad as long as youre in this faster response mode see its going pretty good here. If you do notice that it doesnt take up the full screen, i do recommend you just go out to the microsoft store and download samsungs second screen its a little app thatll run on your laptop and you just fire it up one time and what thatll do Is thatll stretch the image to fill the screen entirely, alright, so theres a solution to make sure you get it to be full screen on your tablet. So the pros are its free and its super simple to utilize. You just do a toggle right here right and then press windows k on your machine and you just pick the device and youre good to go and most of the time thats going to work, and you also have the ability to switch your mode right. So we can go here and press windows p and we can switch from duplicating extending second screen only and disconnecting from the display.

So you have all the usual options that youre used to when using a second display, so that sums up using samsungs second screen. Next up, i want to talk about space desk, so space desk is another free utility that can use, and this is basically a client server based way of getting second screen functionality. What you want to do is just go onto google and download the space desk service right, so thats just going to be a service that runs on your machine and you can fire it up right here. You see ive already got it installed. This is what its going to look like. This is just a driver console we can enable and disable it. You can pick the ip address. You have some different connection settings in order to get it working over here you just going to go over here to space desk there. It is open up space desk youre, going to turn space desk on on the laptop right. So youll see we have it as an option. Right here were going to click on this boom. There we go. We have second screen now on our galaxy tab. S8. Ultra. Let me talk about the pros and cons of space desk. I want to start with the pros this time, so the pros of space desk is like samsungs second screen. It does have audio. We have audio right here and you also have an on screen keyboard and you can minimize a little toolbar, which is pretty nice um.

You also have the ability, if we go back over here to our laptop the galaxy book 2 pro 360.. We can change our presentation modes just like before right, so we can go to duplicate, watch ill, go ahead and do that real, quick, you see it just switch the mode to duplicate. We can extend do all this type of stuff, so lets talk about the cons or things like this disconnected by server air. You know its not very reliable. So let me click okay out of here now i got to reconnect thats, not cool, so reconnected, um and theres, quite a bit of lag. So let me let me go and show you that real quick, if we grab this screen here, a lot more lag than samsungs second screen. Let me just look at that. You can see where im moving my mouse im dragging that window just pay attention to the mouse movement. You can hear it too me wiggling it back and forth. Yeah though so i mean this is cool to use in a pinch. If you want to use it on any android type device, this is great in a pinch. But, however, as you can see, the lag is a little its a little much um kind of seems half baked here and its not exactly the most reliable connections so of the three solutions that were talking about today, space desk is, by far my least favorite, its The one i use the least um, but the reason we are talking about it is because it is a free solution that will work with all android devices, not just samsung, but everything you have so thats about all.

I have to say about space desk again: im, not a big fan of it, its just kind of there in a pinch and its free all right guys. Next, i want to talk about the third and final solution by far my favorite solution. At all of these, i mean this solution, quite honestly, just blows the other two out of the water, especially space desk, its not even a comparison. So what were talking about now is a very infamous super display. Super display is not a free product. You can download it on any android device and use it for three days and after that, its going to be 9.95 to 14.95, depending on when you get it and if they offer you, the promotion. Youll see it within the app on your android device. Itll have a little nag screen thatll come up, giving you an offer to buy it for 10 bucks snag it. If you see that screen because 10 bucks, it is definitely worth it lets talk about super display, real, quick and well dive into looking at it. Super display is a wired and wireless solution for using any android device, as a second display for any windows based machine windows, 10 and windows 11, and it is completely compatible. I have yet to find it not work with any device, and i have yet to have any connection problems with it at all. I prefer to use it in wired mode. Ive got a usbc cable running out of the table.

S8 ultra going right to the laptop. So, in order to get super display, you just go to their website download the service just like space desk. All you have to do is type in super display and google youll go right. There itll be the first link and then you just look up super display in the play, store and download it real, quick, its a free download and, like i said its after three days, that you have to pay for it. So well go ahead and cue up the super display settings on the laptop and its just a little tiny window here that basically allows you to enable or disable the service and then, when we open it up over on the tab, s8 ultra or any other android Device and there we go were all set, so you can minimize this window all right. You can have a run in the background, and now we have a second display for our galaxy book. 2. Pro 360.. If i go back over here and grab a window, i want you to look at this latency now. None there is none. When youre connected with a usbc cable, it is basically zero latency. It is real time. The other cool thing you have with this is you have three different display modes up here. We click on each one of these by default. They dont do anything but watch this. I can take this so instead of switching from landscape to portrait having to do all these keyboard shortcuts, we can switch this to move mode here.

Look what i can do. I can literally rotate the screen like this to where, if i have the tablet like this right, we can put the screen. Let me get it in view here for you. We can get the screen to move around. However, you want – and you can change your resolution settings on the laptop to make it fit in here more tightly now, youre thinking well thats kind of silly now i got got ta what do all that pinching and stuff to move back? No, not at all. Let me show you so now its saved, as as the second view, so i can switch back to this one switch back to this one see what i mean. Look how awesome that is, and then you have a third view to do whatever you want with so thats really cool youll, see here too, that we have this back button. This actually is like doing a control x on your machine, and you can do this by setting up different shortcuts. You also have the ability to have touch input, have it locked and then have the move, ability right for moving. The screen like we did like this. Can zoom in right its so cool thats awesome, so if youre having a hard time seeing something you want to, if youre working with some artwork or something you can literally zoom in and rotate its going to be so awesome right for, for those of you that Are doing artwork, but the cool thing too is: if we go back here to touch input, we now have full touch input, sensitivity for your s pen as well, now keep in mind.

Samsungs second screen also allows s pen input, but its not as robust as a feature set in here. This has a full pin pressure sensitivity as well as your strokes, and you can go into the settings and really fine tune it. Let me show you that real quick so now that were into the settings, we can pick our pen type where it says here native stylus s pen. We can pick the action right, click alt. We can basically specify what we want. The button click on the s pen to actually do we can toggle our different modes. We can show the bar that we talked about earlier with the different view settings. We can also customize the toolbar that we talked about. We can add additional shortcuts down here right. If i click on this, we can basically put in any actions that we want, give it a name and save it as a shortcut for clicking on the screen, while youre using super display. So some really awesome built in functionality into this app um connect automatically. When youre connected allow automatic error reporting, you can pick your sample rate. So basically, this is going to adjust the quality and increase and improve the latency. You can also connect via adb, if youre doing some troubleshooting or, if youre, working with a custom rom on your android device, and you still want to use second screen functionality. It totally supports it. You can pick the transport resolution coming from the source you can leave.

It on the default that way you can switch with the settings or you can come in here and manually pick it right up front right, itll always stick to that. Every time you connect, you can also use a wireless connection as well. If you choose to so all in all super display is just an all encompassing screen sharing application. I really do recommend it. It is totally worth the 10 to 15 and keep in mind guys thats a one time purchase for all your android devices as long as youre signed in to your same account on google play all right, guys so of all three of the solutions that we talked About today, super display is by far my favorite. You have super low latency. You have multiple connection options right: wireless usbc, adb. You also have a ton of resolution options. You have the ability to zoom pinch in and move the screen around. You can save your settings for each one of your views. You can add custom shortcuts, so list goes on and on and for at ten to fifteen dollars. You really cant beat it thats a one time lifelong purchase that you can use with any of your android devices, all right guys.