So let me know what you guys think: does it look better or does it look worse and i’m just kind of relaxing in my chair right now because i’m using the galaxy s7 plus, which i just purchased last week, i’ve had it for a week now and I’M really enjoying using it in this video we’re going to do a quick, unboxing i’m going to show you what comes in the box and i’m also going to install the book cover after prime day. It was still on sale and i went to best buy and they were happy to match the price for me, so i ended up getting it for around six hundred and fifteen dollars or six hundred forty dollars. I can’t remember, but it was a really good price. So i bought the book cover two and we’re gon na do an unboxing for that right. Now, guys and i’ve got a new product to unbox. Today this is the tab s7 from samsung. This is the 128 gigabyte model comes with the tablet: the s pen, the wall, charger, uh it’s, a slow charger, though it’s, not the 45 watt, fast charger, it’s. A really nice tablet, amoled screen 12.4 inches, hdr 10, plus really nice technology in this octa core processor, and you got some graphics processing, really big, really sleek. Looking tablet, i thought it would be cool to take a look at for the channel. Okay, very nice packaging. From samsung got the tablet in this uh wax like paper with the samsung logo.

Tab right here. My baby noticed that i can pick up the tablet with that. This is the original adaptive fast charger for the usa, and it just uses a usb. A port we’ve got here the s pen, which feels pretty nice very smooth in the hands fairly clicky it’s a little bit. Mushy, though, got some paperwork, and we should have a usbc cable here, not the best usb cable, but hey for 800 bucks. This is what you get guys going to take your charger plug in the a port, and if you do have the fast charger that comes with the new samsung phones, then you can already fast charge this let’s open this bad boy and magnetizes so that’s. What it’s, showing in the photo there just take that off? Okay, so very big tablet and, as you can tell, the fingerprints are already getting there. I ordered some screen protectors for this, but we have not got them yet. With the s pen, there it’s a little hard to grip so that’s, where you’re gon na pop in your expandable storage. What samsung does include with this tablet and then you’ve got the usbc. You got one two three four speakers, so that’s pretty awesome, it’s a little crying there; okay, so it’s starting android and i’m going to set this up a little size comparison for you, that’s, the galaxy s20 ultra i didn’t go crazy. I just got the uh book cover here, just right off like this open it up Applause, and it just has a little notch for the s pen.

So this is the book cover guys and it magnetically closes and somehow it magically sticks to the tablet like so the pen flap stays there and does not stay that all that great. But this actually folds like this, and then you can put it in different positions and i’m gon na plug this. In now that i have it gon na put the screen protector on, i can probably do another video for that. The book cover is interesting. I kind of wish i got the keyboard now. I thought this would be more stable, everything’s loading on up okay guys. So we took a look at the galaxy tab. S7 plus. What do you think of it? The build quality? Are you guys impressed for the price or do you think it’s overpriced, and we also took a look at this book cover? I also have a video where i’m gon na put a screen protector on this bad boy and it’s a cheap one from amazon tempered glass. So, if you’re interested to watch that leave a comment down below and if i get enough interest, i’ll definitely upload that video as well guys using this thing is pretty awesome. It has some pretty beefy specs. I love the screen. I love the build of the tablet. My first impressions really are with the s pen, i hate it. I don’t really use the s pen – often i’m, not very i’m, not a very legible writer and i’m, not an artist, so i don’t really enjoy using the s pen and just the placement on the back of this device.

I think, is a horrible place for it. Every time you pick up the tablet, it falls off. I really don’t like it. I don’t know what they were thinking with this particular book cover case. It does have a place to put the s pen, but it just ends up falling out guys. I don’t know if the magnets aren’t strong enough but i’m, really not enjoying using the s pen, but the same deal with this book cover right here. All you have to do is put a little bit of pressure on it right here and, as you can see it detaches completely falls off, so you always want to make sure you’re grabbing the tablet itself. I would not suggest leaving the house that much with this, because i can already tell it’s definitely going to fall off on me when it’s closed it’s, not bad. I, like the book cover because you can stand it up and it protects the tablet a little bit but guys if you’re going to be moving this around you’re better off closing it don’t pick it up like. I just showed you because it’ll be a disaster. It is really cool because, as you can see, you can take it and you can close it like this and then you got yourself almost like a little tv stand. I really do like that design, guys i’m using it right now to check out myself make sure i’m focused in camera.

You know i do like it, but for traveling i would get a case guys still. I would get a case that still allows the tablet to be able to stand up if you want it, but that’s. Basically, all i got ta say guys nitpicky, but the s pen i’m, not in love with it. I do not like it, and this book cover is not really good for travel.