Amazing. For me, it is working really really great and the name is perfectly fine and the speed is very fast. As you can see, I have so many acts in the tab and it doesn’t lag at all. The quality is very good, very bad issue. I had with this tag: does the iPhone was not good, so so in the night? Even if I you know, do the brightness at the minimum bare minimum it used to take my eyes and had them, but now with the new software update, will have solved the issue and Now works perfectly fine in the night to the screen is very good and Very reflective the I haven’t got any light scratches anything at all. I haven’t got any tempered Glass on it, but I have that I got this very good quality cover. If you want to check Discover out, I will have the link in the description so talking about the battery life. It gets completely charge in nearly like to 2.5 hours and like battery can go for more than like 7 to 8 hours. If you use it continuously and extreme videos on YouTube and join zoom sessions and your college classes, so I guess it’s pretty good, because you don’t usually like stream for straight for 7 hours. If I use it continuously for the whole day it it goes on. For the whole day, and if I like, occasionally you doing it for like for over an hour or so I have to charge it after one, two or three days and if you are not like streaming videos and you are just reading books in PDF for just Taking notes, then it can go, the battery can go up to like 13 to 14 hours and that’s completely awesome, and you can like charge it really fastly.

One problem that have noticed with the battery life was like it’s, not really a problem, but I guess it will affect the long term thing ki like in the starting when it was on the 8 person. It used to look like half an hour to go from 821, like if you are not using it like, if I am the scrolling Instagram of stuff like that. But now, if it is 8 – and I am using it for anything from 821 – it takes like 10 to 12 minutes. So it goes. The battery then goes really down but like if it’s at full, it will work really well. One thing I am not taste is like: I used it a lot for different purposes like I have added my video in this. I have used for screen, recording, painting and not making and power use and dining room cause and teams. Meeting meeting on Microsoft, team and a lot of different purposes of when I use the screen recording like and it is continuous for like half an hour or so it will, it will heat up really, so it really fast so that the 100000 issue. The great thing about this is, if you want to increase the storage, you have the external SD card support. So another great thing is the pencil magnet I’ve had died out after sometime, the magnet will get leaves, but it is still working very, very fine and it is still great.

So the amazing thing one issue I have noticed is when a using the Autodesk SketchBook it gets like, sometimes hands, and it sometimes like ekdum se and the ab. So, for example, this was something I was making and when I was using it for the purpose, it was not working very well for me, so here it lacks so here it lacks so that’s that the issue I had with this Tab. But apart from that, all the other apps I had, for example, you can see. I have used notion that movie Pawan not and all the different kinds of have squid is very good abs and even WhatsApp. All work really really well enough, so that the flash point so that the plus point you can also use it to cast screen on your smart TV and that will work really well and smoothly. Checking out any YouTube. Video on like casting it onto another device, works. Very smoothly and the and the and the speaker are amazing and you can never listened to it and I have to stand for. You can get unlimited cloud storage on discount on your laptop, so you can see. The screen is really good and I will show you the sounds that how education see the quality is really good. I never felt the voice is really low, even an on your zoom meeting or anything. So it was. It is great overall, I feel ki. It is a quality product and its worth money, and another great feature about this cover was that all the other covers didn’t have any particular section for the pencil, and I felt maybe I will brocket so if this cover had the particular section and that’s, why I Was very happy with the cover, as you can see, I just have to like open the cover and it will open up that.

I have and the face recognition is also very good. So, overall, it is working really well for me and I hope it works really. Well for you to so, you want to get extra discount on this product.