Now all models in the notebook 7 has been refreshed, with a metal frame and some of the upgrades. So today we are going to be doing a laptop review for Samson notebook 7 spin. So without any further ado, let’s dive right into it. First let’s talk about the specs. Our unit came with AMD risin 530 500. You processor, 8gb ddr4, Ram 256 GB m2 SSD hard drive, no optical drive a toe 2.11 AC Wi Fi, bluetooth, 4.1 15.6 inch, touchscreen LED backlit, Full HD display AMD Radeon, rx Vega, 8, graphics, backlit keyboard and weighs only 4.6 pounds. The Samsung notebook 7 spin body is full metal, aluminum chassis. It is lightweight slim with sleek design. It is nice looking nicely built. Mainstream convertible laptop first impression from a visual standpoint, are more impressive when compared to other laptop in this price category, the body feels hollow and not as firm as it could have been on. The Brightside freaking is minimum and the base is fairly rigid around the corners. When considering is entry level category, the laptop weighs only four point, six three pounds, so it can easily fit in a bag or backpack and carry around school or college campus Samsung. Notebook 7 spin is equipped with latest range of course, including one USB to type a port fingerprint reader enabled power button shoe block webcam privacy shutter. On the other side, we have one USB 3 type, a port, two USB sea ports, and you can plug laptop USB C charger into USB C port, one HDMI port and one combo headphone microphone jack.

The laptop has 480p front camera. The camera picture quality’s enough for video calls like Skype or other applications. The camera does not perform face recognition, but the system supports windows, hello, sign in via finger reader, building to the power button and the true blog privacy should have let you close the webcam, while not in use overall, the Samsung notebook, seven spin convertible laptop – has a Design that is simple and clean and smooth texture hides fingerprints very well. The Samsung notebook 7 spin, two in one touchscreen convertible laptop display, has thin bezels and our unit came with 15.6 inch touch screen with Full HD resolution. The screen is not as bright as it should be. Considering its IPS panel, the panel supports 108 srgb and produced 218 it’s, which is not good for outdoor use. The display also has good color reproduction and accurate white balance. 1080P display showed an exceptional amount of detail when I watched different trailers or 4k content. No dick 7 spin display did very well in lab tests, but competition displays are even better. The 10 point multi touch display, works very well when you flip screen 360 degrees to use the laptop into tablet mode. The user has an option to use notebook into six different modes. Whatever is convenient for the users to use, for example, tent and stand mode can be used to watch YouTube or Netflix, and, of course, you can put in a tablet mode, since it is not too heavy, it makes a great tablet.

The touchscreen response is great and fast and makes it very versatile. You can also use the active pen and it supports Windows. Ink the Samsung spin, 7 visuals are handled by AMD Vega, 8 graphics, watching YouTube or Netflix. 4K content looks very good, and this display works very well in low light conditions. As far as the brightness cuts on it comes in around 280, nits means laptop screen is only good for indoor use. The Samsung notebook 7 spins keyboard is good for longer. Typing experience. This is a fast quiet and reliable keyboard. The pressure point is only slightly noticeable and there’s a pleasant, audible bump that provides a good amount of tactile feedback. On the other hand, the key size and arrangement are very good, and our unit came with backlit keyboard. As far as the touchpad concern, it is a big touchpad. Samsung includes a few extra apps there’s Samsung. This app, which lets you send receive messages on your computer or your phone there’s, also Samsung, Studio Plus, which allows you to produce personal movies from your photos and videos. The Samsung link, sharing app also makes it easier for Samsung phone users to send and receive files across devices there’s also a security folder which lets users keep their files private. These are all great features that are not usually found by default on Windows. 10 in the performance section, our Samsung notebook 7 is equipped with AMD risin 3500 processor. The processor has four cores with base clock, speed of 2.

1 gigahertz and a maximum clock speed of 3.7 gigahertz. The processor is rated for 15 watts and based on 12 nanometer technology. The processor is used in mainstream and 2 in 1 laptops. This performance is sufficient for everyday general usage and office tasks. It can also handle very well some more demanding stuff as well such as video editing. Our unit score 1316 points in Cinebench multi thread, CP performance benchmark running at 2.1 gigahertz, which is on par with intel’s, eighth generation, Core i5, 8 to 5. 0. U, i5, 8 to 6 v! You! The processor, is slightly faster than his previous Rison 5 2500 processor. As expected and in cpu z, benchmark laptop CPU, score 1933 points in multi thread and 378 points in single thread in the storage solution, samsung notebook 7 offers great, read and write rates that are well over average in his class. Our unit score 489 megabits per second read and 466 megabits per second write in SSD benchmark thanks to its MDOT to 256. Gb SSD in the graphics laptop is powered by AMD Vega, 8 processor, it’s, not powerful as dedicated video card, but Vega. It can provide a very decent gaming experience in many of the popular titles, but also great for popular multiplayer titles. Like fortnight overwatch rocket League, the Samsung notebook 7 comes with 802 11 AC wireless card with supports for 2.4 gigahertz and 5 bigger dual band with the max speed of 867 megabits per second in the audio department that Samsung notebook 7 spins speakers are passable.

They get loud enough to fill a medium sized room, but the sound. The output is hollow and lifeless. The Samsung notebook 7 spins stayed remarkably cool during over testing. The hottest location on the laptop is the underside which reach 85 degrees Fahrenheit after we played full HD YouTube video for 15 minutes that is well below over 95 degree. Comfort threshold, the touchpad reached only 70 degrees in the center of the keyboard, hit only 80 degrees. In the battery life Department, Samsung notebook 7 has 54 what our battery unit the 54, what our back, we can provide between 7 to 8 hours of runtime, but Samson claims battery issue lasts nine hours. Seven to eight hours of runtime is plenty enough for daily usage or students for on campus projects or taking notes during classes. Laptop comes with us PC power supply capable of charging 80 in one hour due to its rapid charge technology when it comes to upgrade ability. Samsung allows you to upgrade most of the components you can access the notebook for the board by removing four hidden screws from the back cover. You need to be careful by removing the back cover with proper tool, but the process is very simple. You can replace or add bigger m dot to form, factor hard drive or upgrade or replace ram with available RAM slots hidden under the metal cover which you can access by removing three screws. In the CPU cooling Department, we have single heat pipe with heatsink and a single fan.

You cannot hear the fan noise during general usage, but temperature never cross 90 degrees, which means cooling, is sufficient enough to keep the laptop temperature under control during gaming or CPU intensive workloads. Samson notebook 7 spent two in one touchscreen convertible laptop, is a good overall performance machine. I wasn’t expecting very much from notebook seven going into this review, but I’m pleasantly surprised by the performance of the system. The AMD processor, in particular offers similar CP performance to Intel Core i5 processor, all while being significantly faster in GPU performance. Casual gamers, who like to throw in a game or two of rocket League or lol in between classes, will find this AMD bigger it to be much more powerful for their needs. Samsung notebook 7 spent two and one convertible is a decent buy for under 600.